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Woman Opens Up About Losing Friends Over Being Too Pretty

Friends groups have different types of people who are in them. But, many groups of friends always have the one friend who is the "pretty friend." Sometimes, this friend is just one who was born with good genes and is a bit "better looking" than the others.

Sometimes, it can make their other friends in the group feel insecure or even bad about themselves.

No one can control their genes and DNA.

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Everyone is born without a choice—and born to parents they did not choose, either.

Obviously, some of us might wish we could change something about how we look, but ultimately, it's not a choice.

Sometimes, when you're the "pretty friend" it can be hard for your friend group.

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When you are the one friend in the group that is deemed the "pretty friend," it can make friendships hard and sometimes even complicated.

When you get too much attention or too many compliments, others can feel insecure and bad about themselves, causing them to want to distance themselves.

One London fashion assistant is going through this herself.


25-year-old Lily Pitfield says that she has always been the "pretty friend" in her friend group and that it has put a rift in some of her own friendships.

The blonde fashion assistant says that her friends have "opted to end friendships" because of how she looks.

She first realized her "looks" when she was 18.

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"I was at a club and a man sent over a drink. I didn't do anything to suggest I was interested in him so I was really shocked. I waved and said thank you and was genuinely chuffed," she explained to The Sun.

It was a huge "confidence boost."


The 25-year-old said it did give her a bit of a confidence boost because she was unaware how your looks could influence the way that people see you and also treat you.

But, now she knew that her looks could impact this entirely.

Her looks have gotten her a lot of great things, though.

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Pitfield says that when she goes out to clubs and bars, bouncers let her cut the line and let her in immediately.

And, whenever she goes out with friends, guys always send free drinks over to her, too.

She even gets invited on yachts.


"In 2016 I was in Greece when the owner of a super yacht spotted me on the beach and invited me on a cruise. The whole day I was showered with amazing food and drinks.

He wasn't after anything in return, he just said he hoped me being there would attract the ‘cool crowd,'" she explained.

Pitfield says that although she gets a lot of attention, some she doesn't want or ask for.


And, because of all of this attention, she's lost some really good friends.

“I’ve lost some pals in the past because they didn’t like me being the center of attention, even though I really didn’t want to be,” Pitfield told U.K. website, The Sun.

Many of them are mad they don't get the same treatment.

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She shared that her friends oftentimes get mad that she gets treated differently and that people give her so many things, but they also don't get the same treatment, too.

"It's caused a stir with my friends as they don't get the same treatment, but I can't help it," she explained.

Some friends have chosen not to invite her places, too.

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“Some refused to invite me to their birthday parties as they were worried I’d steal the limelight," she said.

Some friends don't want her to be at specific events because, having someone so "pretty" there could make the entire night about her, and not them.

However, Pitifield says that it's hurtful.

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"Girls can be super mean and b*tchy. It’s frustrating because I'm kind, goofy and humble and was raised to be beautiful inside and out," she explained.

It definitely has to feel somewhat bad that people ice you out over something you can't control.

How sad!