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Mom Shocked When School Sends Her Son's Lunch Home For Being 'Unhealthy'

Many schools are responsible for feeding children all over the world. While some schools push healthy alternatives, many children have to pay for lunch from schools.

Not all families can afford to provide healthy and nutritional lunches.

Some parents and guardians try their best, but, cannot provide the necessary choices to make lunches a "healthy" meal.

However, some kids are sent to school with pretty horribly packed lunches just because they can.

You might have seen the news story about one parent who was caught sending her child to school with a Red Bull can in their lunch.

Some send leftovers that are cold and unhealthy.

There was also the report of another parent who sent their child to school with a leftover Happy Meal from McDonald's — which can be bad for a child's health.

Lunches like those should definitely not be sent with children to school.

Schools have every right to monitor some of those high-fat, high-caffeine and overly sugary foods.

But, sometimes, schools go too far with monitoring children's lunches.

While making sure that kids aren't eating straight sugar and sodium is important, it's also important not to single kids out.

One mother commented on a post shared on Facebook about unhealthy lunches, stating her son's nursery school sent "his lunch back home."

Facebook | Laura Lee

The mom, Laura Lee, commented sharing a photo of the lunch she had packed for her son, which was colorful and full of veggies.

The reason his lunch got sent home? Three cookies.

Facebook | Laura Lee

The mom said:

"I sent my 2.5 yr old son to school with this and the cookies got sent home because they’re unhealthy - there was 3 MINI Cookies."

Clearly, this lunch is healthier than most lunches even provided by schools.

There are veggies, fruit, cheese, crackers, and sandwiches. The three mini cookies are clearly not the end of the world— or a reason to send the entire lunch home.

Often times, kids cannot tell what's in their lunches.

Schools provide lunches that are hardly "nutritious" or healthy — mostly fried food and leftover from the day before.

Not to mention, many children cannot afford to pay for the school's lunches when they charge high prices.

Children who come from single-income homes often suffer the most.

Many people online shared in Laura's outrage.

One commenter said:

"Looks like you took time and effort to his lunch ‘fun’ and appealing. Absolute rubbish that he wasn’t allowed to get those small cookies. Everything in moderation surely."

Another said it's absolutely ridiculous.

"I would kick the F*** off big time! Food is taken off a child and made to be hungry rather than the child eating. Since when was that healthy."

Other people pointed out that lunches provided by schools are way worse than "three cookies."

"Amazing, when a child's free school lunch can have syrup sponge and custard for a pudding. Not complaining as my child does have free school meals at the moment and to be fair they seem ok and she is having lots of veg and fruit but if the free school meal children can have cake and custard for afters then why can't a packed lunch child (with a lovely lunch as above) have some cookies! Its not like its a chocolate bar. Seems to me the dinner ladies are thinking above the pay grade. I would be requesting a 'lunch date' with the headmaster asking him to provide a proper packed lunch as a way of example!"

Others commented on the post saying Lee should be proud of how amazing her lunch looked.

"Your lunch would be a thing of inspiration here you would not believe what some of our kids take to school for their lunches you are a hero keep up the good work with your child as you can see you love him dearly."

One person said that the school has no right to decide what is healthy.

"What right does a Teacher have to deny a child the food their Parent has provided ? Why does this teacher still have a job ? Child Abuse ! Home school your children if you can. This is deprivation and bullying."

A previous teacher even said that she's seen "way worse."

"I work in a nursery and believe me, I have seen some terrible packed lunches in the past! This looks perfect to me! Some settings are quite militant with the healthy packed lunches, and it sounds like your sons setting is one of those places! Children need a bit of sugar in their diet! I’ve seen children who were quite badly behaved in the afternoons in particular, actually improve in their behaviour after being given something sugary after lunch. You’re lunchbox looks perfect to me!"

Putting healthier snacks and menu items will help all students.

Providing lunches that have fresh fruits, veggies, and even healthier snacks can help contribute to a student's overall health.

Maybe, instead of denying kids cookies, schools should provide healthier alternatives and better lunches.

No child should go hungry or be stuck eating food that is inedible because of budgeting or funding. Every child deserves a well-balanced meal.

And, making lunches affordable for all families is important.

Remember that not all families make the same income and students shouldn't have to suffer if they cannot afford certain things. Food is not a luxury.