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7+ Design Geniuses Who Seriously Give Us An Amazing Visual Experience

There's nothing better than stumbling across designs out there in the world that make you want everyone to experience for themselves.

Thankfully, people have done just that. These pictures show us all the design geniuses out there in the world so that we don't miss out on their amazing-ness.

This wet floor sign is in the shape of a peeled banana!

Reddit | freshwithemphasis

Get it? Because peeled bananas left on floors are slippery!

At least that's what Mario Kart taught me.

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The shutters on this music store looks like a giant guitar amp.

Reddit | davevw9898

Even with the shutters up and tucked away, the sign itself would still impress me!

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Can you guess what kind of building this is based on the tile?

Reddit | ligbag4

Yep, it's a post office! These tiles alone would make me want to send more mail. I just need to find some people who I can send postcards to.

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I really don't support bottled water, but I hate to admit, this design is super cool.

Reddit | RocketSquidFPV

The indentation at the bottom is in the shape of a mountain for the Swiss Alps.

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This soy sauce dish is already neat on its own, but it becomes 10 times cooler when soy sauce is poured in it.

Reddit | Kore624

The way the artwork in the plate is carved out creates different colors and textures. That's wild!

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This giant coat rack allows you to choose your items' placement and height.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

And its design is super sleek and minimal, too.

This structure belongs in all of our homes.

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The way the brick is laid out on this building makes it look like different colors of wood siding.

Reddit | SoDakZak

Imagine the time it took to just plan where the different shades and colors of bricks needed to be placed just to create the illusion that its wood.

A+ architecture right here!

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These urinals in a plant shop make it look like you're watering flowers!

Reddit | arlest21

Very clever, plant shop.

These are actually super pretty though lol!

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