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Subway Worker Takes Picture Of Drunk Woman's Bizarre Subway Order

When it comes to my Subway order, I'm a pretty simple, no-nonsense kind of customer.

I like to stick to the basics, never really ordering anything that would raise eyebrows or make someone question the existence of my taste buds.

And I've certainly never ordered anything that's compelled the sandwich artist to actually stop and capture photographic evidence of my fast-food misstep.


But then again, I've never gone to Subway drunk, and intoxicated-me is basically a completely different person with completely different tastes.

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One woman stumbled her way into a Subway location after having one-too-many alcoholic beverages.

According to LADBible, 20-year-old Anna had spent several hours enjoying a boozy pub crawl in Leeds called Otley Run.

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She was hankering for a tasty sandwich.


But it was what she decided to fill that sandwich with that compelled the baffled employee to snap a picture.

Yeah, it was that weird.

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The tipsy vegetarian said she had actually never been to a Subway before, and had to ask the employee how it worked.

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I'm sure the explanation went something like this: "Order whatever you want, add whatever you want, get it toasted or not toasted, it's your world."

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So Anna did just that.

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"I only wanted a cheese and cucumber sandwich which made them laugh and they kept offering me more fillings or sauces. Then I saw the olives so was like, 'Those too, please.'"

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No no, you read that right: she added olives to her cheese and cucumber sandwich, because what even are taste buds?

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Understandably, the unusual order was enough to compel the Subway employee to ask if he could take a picture, which Anna agreed to.

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She took a picture of her own, capturing the moment the stunned employee photographed her bizarre sandwich.

Anna uploaded her pic to Twitter and captioned it, "First time in Subway and the worker took a picture of my order... Am I doing this wrong?"

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Unsurprisingly, the hilarious post went viral, racking up over 90,000 likes from people equally shocked by the simplicity, yet absurdity of her order.


"This the worst sandwich I’ve ever seen," one user wrote, while another added, "He is taking evidence for when you become a serial killer."

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Subway even tweeted a response to Anna, though I'm not sure I entirely agree with them on this one.

"Masterpiece"? Really? You sure about that? To each their own, I guess, but there has to be a limit, right?

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Personally, I think this Twitter user said it best: "Just get a don't need that bread in ya life."

Twitter | @EmJames97

Girl, save yourself the judgement: skip the bread next time and order a darn salad. No one judges a salad.

h/t: LADBible

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