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Get The Perfect Pour With Heinz's New Helpful Ketchup Bottle Labels

For years, people have struggled to pour ketchup out of Heinz's glass bottles. And for years, Heinz, the inventor of this rude design, has failed to help.

That is, until now.

It seems so simple.

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There's nothing better than heading to a local mom and pop shop to eat a hearty home cooked-style breakfast filled with scrambled eggs, buttered toast, pancakes, sausage, and bacon.

But there is a mystery that has plagued ketchup eaters for many years.

How on earth do you actually get a good pour of ketchup out of that darned glass bottle of Heinz ketchup?

It either takes an eternity to drip out, or it comes out like someone who had just eaten spicy food all night.

Finally, Heinz is stepping in after laughing from the sidelines for too long.

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They've created a label that orients straight when the bottle is slanted to the perfect-pouring degree.

Right now, it appears that these bottles will hit shelves for test only in Canada.

Instagram | @heinz_ca

I can't imagine that the testing period wouldn't go over well, so keep your eyes peeled for these helpful bottles to hit your local grocery store eventually!