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12+ People Who Broke Every Single Rule In The Book

Paddy Clarke 11 Sep 2019

Some people are born to abide by the rules, and others are born to break them. However, regardless of whether you're a downright rapscallion or not, as a species most of us love seeing other people exercising their rebellious side in one form or another.

So, please find enclosed at your discretion, 12+ people who broke ever damn rule in the book. Warning: there may be a bit of irony ahead.

1. The Black Marker Incident

Reddit | HaMMeRxxTiME

You have to kind of admire the gall here if nothing else!

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2. The Baddest Outlaw To Have Ever Lived

Reddit | Videogamer150

Sometimes I wish I were more of a rebel, I mean I will barely even try a grape from a bag in the supermarket. However, when I see stuff like this, I just can't imagine having the courage and brass neck. You're a true American hero whoever you are, never change.

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3. The Unwritten Rule Of pizza

Reddit | _MrBigglesworth_

Look, having pineapple on a pizza is bad enough, but I've learnt to deal with it. However, this abomination goes against every rule known to pizza, and I hope whoever made it is punished appropriately.

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4. The Picture Book With No Pictures

Reddit | kennypea45

Some books just re-write the rule book when it comes to literature. B. J Novak's new work will surely go down in history along the likes of Madame Bovary, To The Lighthouse, and The Sun Also Rises.

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5. The Throne Of Positivity

Reddit | Lumj

Good for you, you show that sign that public transport isn't the place for good moods. Maybe it would be if the trains in my town were ever on time!

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6. There's Only One Rule.

Reddit | poppzE

I mean, the rules of fight club are pretty clear, this is just insubordinate, although isn't insubordination and chaos also part of the rules of Fight Club?

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7. Jackie, You Rascal.

Reddit | chailfail

If only you could do this though, I'd have done miles better in chemistry!

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8. "Salute to this guy for breaking all 4 rules at the same time!"

Reddit | The_Great_Curve

Yep, that checks out, that really is every rule in the book, congratulations! You're the most efficient rule-breaker ever! Your prize is a library fine, well done.

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9. Floor 4. Do Not Remove!


Somewhere, to this day, there is a person sat in an office looking for the stapler that they clearly labelled with no knowledge that that stapler has probably travelled more of the world than they have.

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10. "I got a cease and desist for making the Crocs Gloves"

Reddit | rightcoastguy

Not only did this man break a lot of actual rules, but there are a lot of unwritten rules that he also broke, rules which no human should ever have broken. These gloves and the letter he received are now actually on display in an art gallery.

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11. "Why use one seat when you can have two! (Had to sit on the floor because of her)"

Reddit | NocturnalVI

This kind of rulebreaking is the lowest of the low. Apparently the person who posted this asked them to move their bag but the ignorant person got angry and refused.

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12. The Ultimate Rulebreakers

Reddit | Steamed-Hams

The Beatles not only broke every single rule in the book but they re-wrote the book when it came to music—well, music and where they could sit and stuff, but that bit is hardly covered because people don't like talking about it.

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13. Good Boy Breaks The Rules

Reddit | kbcomics

Look at that face. Sure, it may have the face of an angel, but deep down beats a cold, evil heart.

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14. You Need To Be Chair-ful Being A Rebel Sometimes

Reddit | omorii

Does that pun really work? I wasn't sold on it at first but then thought it could work. However, now I'm reading it back I don't think it scans. I guess I'll leave it there though, I'm being inspired by all these rebellious rule-breakers.

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15. The Rules Of The Road


In the dictionary, look up the word "Irony" and there'll just be a photo of this image.

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16. "The level of dedication for this type of anarchy is just inspiring."

Reddit | Billbeachwood

I don't know how people actually have the time for this kind of thing. I mean, I'll look at those signs every now and again and think, "I guess it'd be quite funny to put on a red suit and re-enact that image, but I'll probably never do it." How do people have the actual time in their lives to go and get a red suit and get on the subway with it for one joke, I wish I had this dedication to my ideas.

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17. "This kid has a future"

Reddit | Scorpions2510

Never stop fighting the establishment kid, they'll grind you down but you can never bow down to the capitalist machine! Or you can, it's probably easier in the long run. It's up to you.

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18. "I work at a summer camp where parents are not allowed to send their kids sweets. They are getting increasingly more sneaky so we inspect each package"

Reddit | BoxOLuv

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a child when it comes down to eating sweets.

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19. "My roommates cheese toast."

Reddit | CollinLou

I have so many questions about this, but the main one is, "Why would you do this to cheese you monster?" I don't know whether you're breaking every rule in the cheese on toast book (and yes, it's a real book!), or you're just an animal - but, either way, I kind of respect the anarchy you have created.

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20. "She had her entire family oiled up for the flight"

Reddit | HerculesMulligan26

I can barely get past security without the behinds of my eyeballs being searched, so how on Earth she got away with this is beyond me!

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