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17+ People Who Have Definitely Had Enough

Paddy Clarke 11 Sep 2019

There are things in life that are designed to test us, things such as junk mail, people stealing your food at work, and the fact that Hollywood still allows that insufferable, quaintly guffawing Eddie Redmayne to star in movies, just to name a few.

However, sometimes people have just had enough, and when that happens, the internet is always there to revel in it. So, please enjoy 17+ people who have definitely had enough!

1. "My neighbor got fed up. I don't blame him."

Reddit | jewel_ofthenile

While I think this is a great way to get back at someone leaving their dog's excrement on your lawn, it does require you keeping a bucket of feces until its big enough to make a point. Still, worth it I guess?

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2. Cracks Fingers

Reddit | chaul3anger

I'd loved to have heard how bad the last person to play it was, cause they were clearly bad enough to make someone think, "Right, that's it, I'm not paid enough to listen to that."

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3. "It's been hot in my hometown. One gas station has had enough."

Reddit | blink0r

The fact that a shop even has to put this kind of sign up is distressing. I think if this happened even once in a shop I was working at, that would be one time too many!

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4. Parking Fiends Beware

Reddit | NYNews

I can sympathize with this one, there really are few things more annoying than people who park inconsiderately!

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5. "Mom had enough with questions about her twins!"

Reddit | jnafa

The faces the twins are pulling makes it look like their in on the joke! My personal favorite extract is the explanation for why she has both hands full. It's understandable!

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6. Rubbish Criminals

Reddit | athanmcc1

It's bold, direct, and gets straight to the point, everything you look for in a good ol' fashioned warning note!

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7. Do Not Use!

Reddit | hauxbi

I think they understand it perfectly well, they're just choosing to ignore it.

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8. "I got fed up with the flies in this room, decided to leave this one as a warning"

Reddit | namwobeht

Maybe as opposed to constructing intricate little crime scenes for the flies, you should use that time finding out what it is that's attracting the flies into the room? Nah, actually, this looks like more fun, keep doing you!

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9. "My coworker finally had enough."

Reddit | Rabidzeus

It really is one of the sweetest ways to quit. I wouldn't fancy eating any of it though in case of laxatives, or worse!

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10. "Someone in my building has had enough of this garbage."

Reddit | dorkknight

What I like about this one is that the letter is so angry, and yet they took the time to make and label their neighbors an "Eeeewy Garbage Pushing Stick", how considerate!

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11. "One of our dental assistants is fed up with a dentist stealing our supplies for his other office."

Reddit | UltraViolet3

I mean, is anyone really surprised that dentists are thieves? Have you seen how much they charge? Glad to see someone finally calling them out!

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12. "Husband was fed up of kids losing the remote!!"

Reddit | Dekota-parker

It's a pretty good idea, I can't think of how much time I spend looking for the remote in our house. However, it's still wooden on a wooden floor, at least paint it red or something!

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13. "My friend sent me this while at the DMV. This guy got fed up with waiting so he ordered a pizza."

Reddit | hibarihime

I think this could be perhaps the most relatable feeling on the planet. Who likes queuing, aside from the British?

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14. "Man gets fed up with his PC not working properly, shoots it 8 times with a handgun."

Reddit | Desinent

When your computer is running slow and crashing all the time it is severely annoying. And, while I may have threatened to smash my laptop once or twice, I can't say that I've ever gone this far.

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15. "Looks like someone finally got fed up"

Reddit | FrankFeTched

So, apparently it's fine to get the lift to the first floor, but get it to the second floor and you're the devil?

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16. The Store Is Closed When I Say It Is

Reddit | inexion

Dear Lord, I've had some jobs in the past where I wish this had been the case! The person who owns this museum really is a hero.

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17. When You've Had Enough Of Stupidity

Reddit | SadisticJokerTM

If you wanted to know who wrote that, you'd just need to go in and look for the employee who has the least will to live left in their eyes.

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18. They Must Really Like Tamale.

Reddit | jerkstor

Getting people coming to your door all the time is very annoying. However, it is clearly more annoying when there's one person coming with something you actually want so you have to keep answering the door in case it's the tamale lady!

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19. A picture worth a thousand passive aggressive words.

Reddit | natanfillionisagod

To be fair, I know the struggle of never being able to find the right picture because something like "cake" is somehow just too obscure. You want just a regular picture of cake? Nah, you're getting this photo series of a deconstructed wedding cake that looks nothing at all like anything you'd ever want to eat.

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20. "Stop it."

Reddit | el_matto

Clearly this fire station was pretty fed up with the increase in kitchen fires and decided to let the good people of their own know that they all need to just "stop it." And by God, I hope everyone listened.

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21. Pettiness level: off the charts.

Reddit | bearfoxmousemushroom

This husband was feeling pretty fed up with his wife, so he decided to make the bed, but only his side. Look at those crisp lines, too. That's a clean looking bed. Still, I'd like to hazard a guess and say he's never made it before, but took the initiative to do on this day specifically just to let his wife know how pissed he really was.

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22. At least they said "thanks"?

Reddit | [deleted]

Normally I'd say this is a pretty extreme place to go to over some missing pens. But I also know the frustration of losing pens to people who don't care enough to return them. So, carry on.

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23. I'd say Debbie has a bit of a bad reputation.

Reddit | Johnny0

If your entire office has to label their food specifically to ward you off from eating it, you may have a problem, Debs.

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24. The fence speaks for itself.

Reddit | kalinabeek

Someone's neighbor took issue with their garbage cans being visible... for some reason, and demanded they be hidden. I'd say this fence does the trick quite nicely.

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25. When life gives you terrible roommates, make terrible lemonade.

Reddit | SnowBunny

Speaking as someone who has definitely had roommates eat my food, I fully support this note and its message.

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26. Number two must be feeling pretty lucky right about now.

Reddit | LetsHaveKids

Go on, take one. Let's just see what happens. I'll warn you though, it doesn't look good for you. Please decide if your complaint is worth it.

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27. This shirt feels a little stiff today... too much starch maybe?

Reddit | passiveaggressivenotes

This is definitely a little petty, but I can't say I don't admire this person for their bold inclusion of their own apartment number. Gutsy. I love it.

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28. I think it's safe to say Brian has definitely had enough.

Reddit | passiveaggressivenotes

Just in case any of his roommates weren't sure, he helpfully explained just what exactly a dishwasher is and is not. There should be no confusion now. Thanks, Bri.

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29. Yuck.

Reddit | [user deleted]

Is it just me, or is there nothing more disgusting than loose, single strands of hair? I don't know what it is, but even just the sight of it is enough to make my stomach churn. Now imagine looking at the same disgusting strand of hair for six months. No thanks.

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30. Gotchu on camera now.

Reddit | srgntpepper

Guys, just pick up after your dogs. It's so easy. Why do we still have to make signs about this?

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31. Roommate shaming.

Reddit | Lewgold

Maybe this is how all those kitchen fires started. You know, the ones that that fire station was so upset about. Hmm...

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32. When you're the only one in the office who hasn't seen GOT.

Reddit | justcosmo

Buddy, just do yourself a favor and watch the show. Not only will you be able to participate in the conversations, but you'll also be able to enjoy some excellent programming. Win-win.

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33. 2019 means passive aggressive fights via WiFi.

Reddit | captaintyborc

I imagine these neighbors aren't exactly too friendly when they come across each other in the hall anymore.

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34. When he moved in with his girlfriend, her roommate wasn't entirely onboard.

Reddit | largerthanlogic

I mean, it's not the nicest cake in the world. But it's still cake. So all in all, this isn't really that bad.

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35. Bob can't complain about it anymore.

Reddit | [user deleted]

I'd say that job is done. He wanted the fence painted? Well consider it painted.

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36. I think we knew it wasn't going to be very romantic when it started with "hey dude".

Reddit | jimmycricketmuncher

But I'll still say that ending was a bit of a surprise, and I'm sure it was for whatever "dude" was the recipient of this.

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37. Um, I genuinely hate everything about this.

Reddit | stephy7

Message received, I guess. But why did they have to be so petty and disgusting about it? I'm gagging just thinking about them arranging that hair into letters.

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38. "After over a year of complaining to the vendors, the staff at my college was fed up when the machines weren't replaced."

Reddit | Dyran3

Google translate mustn't have known what hit it when they were writing these signs out.

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39. "Someone at my work is fed up with the office creamer thief"

Reddit | pantherts

Looks like one of the signs we used to leave on the milk that went off in our Uni fridge instead of throwing it out 'cause no one wanted to touch it.

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