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'Child' Caught Smoking In Soccer Stadium Revealed To Be A 36-Year-Old Man

As we get older, how much we show our age in our faces can often have some benefits and drawbacks.

Although many consider a youthful face a blessing, it also ensures that the person wearing it will probably be carded until they turn 40.

It all depends on how you look at it.

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But while a babyface may normally just earn people some suspicious looks from the bouncers, it led one man in Turkey to become a viral sensation.

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On Sunday, the Turkish soccer teams Bursaspor and Fenerbahce decided to hold a friendly game for charity.

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As The Sun reported, the proceeds from these two popular teams going head-to-head went on to support organizations helping children deal with Down Syndrome, autism, and leukemia.

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Which is an awesome cause and a great excuse for a friendly match.

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Since the match was put together to help children, it only made sense for the cameras to show scenes of youngsters enjoying the game.

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However, the innocent scene took a surprising turn when one of the children apparently started smoking a cigarette.

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As The Sun reported, this drew an immediate and massive response from fans on social media, who soon worked to try and identify the child out of concern for his well-being.

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But what they soon learned was that they needn't worry because the person they caught smoking wasn't a child at all.

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It's a little clearer in a second photo posted by Instagram user @yureginikoyortaya.

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Rather than two young boys enjoying the game, it was a father and son.


In fact, the Bursaspor fan was actually a 36-year-old man who had brought his son to the game.

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So we can all take a deep breath and laugh at ourselves for the confusion.

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I mean, he really does look like a kid in the original image.

He must get carded all the time.

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Although this man is far less likely to be in trouble with his mother than we once thought, his actions may cause some trouble with the law.

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According to the BBC, it's illegal to smoke in public places in Turkey and this law was specifically written to include soccer stadiums.

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Which is reasonable and the punishment isn't so bad.

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In all likelihood, the man will just have to pay a fine ranging from 50-70 Turkish lira, which is the equivalent of between $9 and $12.

h/t: The Sun

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