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Horrifying New Trend Has People Gluing Their Lips To Make Them Bigger

Did we not learn anything from the horrifying results of the Kylie Jenner Challenge from a few years back? People were using the tops from bottles to make their lips swollen to achieve fuller lips, like Kylie Jenner, but many were left with bruised and excessively swollen, painful pouts.

Now, people are gluing their upper lip to their Cupid's bow (the area that sort of dips, right above the upper lip) to make their lips appear fuller, and while it's safer than the Kylie Challenge, it's still just as horrifying.

Can I just say this? Beauty standards are wild.

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Somehow, a collective group creates unspoken ideals surrounding what is attractive and what isn't.

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Celebrities have always been part of the formation of certain beauty standards.


We look up to them, and how they choose to dress, or wear their makeup, or look in general must be the way things should be, right?

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Kylie Jenner is the perfect example.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

A few years ago, there were massive whispers about her getting lip injections after her lips appeared to look a bit plumper, although she denied it at the time saying she was overlining her lips.

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Suddenly, everyone started wanting lip injections.

Instagram | @kirurgjiplastike

And the rates continue to rise.

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Remember when people thought they could achieve Kylie Jenner lips by sucking on the tops of bottles?

I don't know how it all started, but it somehow did and went absolutely viral all over social media.

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When doctors warned of the awful effects of doing such a thing, it seemed that the challenge waned.

However, it seems there is a new lip challenge in town.

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Just watch this video.

The new viral trend taking over the social media app TikTok has users gluing their upper lip to their Cupid's bow area to make their lips appear bigger.

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In the age of Instagram aesthetics, people seem to be doing anything to look perfect.

Twitter | @AngieRieta

But, this one ain't it.

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Twitter and TikTok users are taking eyelash glue, applying it to their 'mustache' area, and pulling up their top lip to adhere it.

Twitter | @AngieRieta

And honestly and shockingly, it's working.

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Everyone seems to be having some safe wholesome fun with it.

I'm kind of intrigued??????

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Now, it must not be super comfortable, but anything for The 'Gram, am I right?

I'd love to see a video of someone wearing this lip look all day and see how it holds up. Maybe don't try it on a first date in case your lip decide to unravel in front of your potential suitor!

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