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14+ Times Things Weren't Where They Belonged

Dan 12 Sep 2019

Just because everything has its place doesn't mean everything will necessarily stay in that place. As if you needed any proof, this list might be jarring enough to convince you to start putting stuff back where it belongs.

1. It grows strong.

Reddit | nO_gOdS_nO-mAsTeRs

Bamboo is a durable and fast-growing plant. You might picture it growing in a humid jungle as pandas gnaw on it, but sometimes it just straight up grows out of the carpet in an apartment building.

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2. Office with a view.

Reddit | C3ncio

When it comes to getting work done, there's nothing more freeing than leaving the office and taking in some fresh air. This mobile office might be taking things to extremes, though.

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3. No big deal, right?

Reddit | butterbar713

Sure, the warning on this container looks ominous, but that's why it's safely stowed in a containment facility, right? Oh, it was found inside the wall of someone's home. Never mind.

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4. That's not where your chompers go.

Reddit | Al-Andalusia

These dentures didn't travel that far from their usual spot, but still, they have no place here. You know you've really lost something when it takes an x-ray of your body to find it.

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5. Avid gamer.

Reddit | areddituser0816

As a kid, I used to imagine my video game console contained a world of magic and 3D polygon graphics. Either this snake thought the same thing, or this snake is an idiot.

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6. Home is where the nest is.

Reddit | _Franque_

Termites are just trying to build a happy, comfy home. It's the same thing we humans are doing, really. But when the two homes collide, things are bound to get ugly.

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7. An axe to grind.

Reddit | Gjab

The pickaxe is a wonderful tool for certain jobs. I'm just not sure why this business casual dude on the Paris Metro would need one during his rush hour commute.

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8. Astro tank.

Reddit | -Eb4i-

Everyone knows that every variant of the Chevy Astro was built like a tank, and this modification just takes things to their logical conclusion. Maybe this is where tank treads belong.

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9. There was only one obstacle.

Reddit | Muscrat

Those traffic bollards are designed to deter cars. Cars are designed to be steered around hazards like traffic bollards. But sometimes, two objects seem to have an irresistible attraction to one another.

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10. You're probably wondering how I wound up here.

Reddit | dkman22

If I look at the power lines around here there's a decent chance I'll see a few types of birds sitting on them. But wherever this is, power line fauna apparently includes adult moose.

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11. Grimace, are you okay?

Reddit | tomdcamp

Once upon a time, this Grimace statue shared its silly smile with customers in a McDonald's parking lot. Decades later, its visage now shows a thousand-yard stare as it wonders how it wound up in someone's garden.

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12. Look closely.

Reddit | 77Summit

There really isn't much more to this photo than what you see: a falcon chilling in the back of a Toyota Yaris. At least it still has its little hood on.

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13. Dish mountain.

Reddit | Awesome_Clips

In what might be the quintessential example of stuff found where it has no business existing, this dude happened upon a straight-up mountain of old dishes and cups in the Pennsylvania wilderness.

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14. Arizona's more exotic than I thought.

Reddit | Grimnjir

This isn't the greatest picture, but it's hard to fault the photographer for being a bit jittery. After all, they just saw some dude walking a full-blown zebra through the suburbs of Mesa, Arizona.

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15. Parking's getting out of hand.

Reddit | rockcrawler2112

The nice thing about rural areas is that there's always lots of free parking. But in our capitalist society, apparently nothing is sacred. How did this parking meter in the woods ever come to exist?

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16. Always ready.

Reddit | johnster1991

I don't know what kind of missile this is, or how dangerous it might be. All I know is that it probably belongs somewhere other than an Ikea parking lot.

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17. Fun?

Reddit | calalilllie

These machines have been dispensing cheap garbage to children for generations. I understand wanting to switch the prizes up a little, but does any kid want a small quantity of real animal fur?

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18. If that squid could talk.


The only explanation I can think of for this photo is that this poor squid (octopus?) attached itself to a fire hydrant in a desperate bid to find anything remotely associated with water.

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19. Rivers are a bit like highways.

Reddit | CorndogSurgeon

I'm not sure if this is intentional or if some truck driver got badly lost, wound up in a river and walked away from the trucking business forever. Either way, it's weird.

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20. What time is it, Mr. Lizard?

Reddit | blakwngbrd

Lizards are ubiquitous in certain climates, and they can get pretty much anywhere. It's hard to know what this lizard was originally seeking, but whatever it was, he's part of the clock now.

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