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15+ People Who Aren't Messing Around Anymore

Ryan Ford 23 Sep 2019

Everyone has their breaking point, right? What it takes to get you there will differ from everyone else, but eventually, enough is enough. You can't just mess around forever.

For these folks, things are getting real.

1. Well played, but beware — this can only lead to escalation in the future.

Reddit | fireflowreport

"Told my daughter she could have a chocolate donut, but she has to give me half. I need to be more specific next time," wrote this parent.

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2. Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark.

Reddit | notsporadic

This poor, tired lady just nods off for a nap and she gets called out for it via Snapchat. Nasty.

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3. Now that's a dedication to traffic etiquette.


I mean, this driver isn't wrong, and the message is clear, but how many of us would be willing to put it on a decal on the back of our vehicle?

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4. Apparently, some Alaskans have had it with the lower 48 states getting all the attention.

Reddit | mepper

Frankly, if I were in Alaska (or Hawaii for that matter), I'd want a proper share of the attention, too. Can't blame them one bit.

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5. Product placement matters.

Reddit | RainbowYoshii

And it's setting up a very awkward convo between the M&M bros that I both do and do not want to hear.

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6. When your child's first birthday happens to land on Friday the 13th, you have some fun with it.

Reddit | ryanheffron

And yes, for the record, that's just a photo edit. The baby is not holding a real giant slasher flick knife.

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7. I'm sure that little corgi knows what it did.

Reddit | justshtmypnts

Even if it was just entering the race in the first place, the other one came to win — at any cost.

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8. Why do they even make six-foot beach balls if not to prank your co-workers?

Reddit | Need_no_Reddit_name

Office pranks are fun until they aren't. Can't wait to see the retaliation after this.

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9. The first real ambitious crossover brought to life.

Reddit | HackrMan420

I just love the look on Santa's face, simultaneously confused and unimpressed. But the kids are having fun!

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10. "My blind friend got engaged yesterday...he's pretty sure," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | DownwindDonkey

If you never thought engagement photos could be hilarious, heartwarming, and absolutely savage, here's proof positive otherwise.

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11. Wow, transit ads are getting bleak.

Instagram | @fokawolf

It's a bold play, let's see how it works out for them.

For the record, this is street art by U.K. based artist Foka Wolf, and it does make you think.

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12. Well, that's definitely a legit reason to have a yard sale.

Reddit | hawkfan78

Can't blame her for not taking half-measures in this case! Wash that man right out of your hair!

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13. In it to win it!

Reddit | Jmersh

Someone is in a fitness competition at work and, looking for an edge, attached their fitness tracker to the dog's collar. Points for creativity?

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14. Honestly guys, it's not that hard.

Reddit | HopsRs

And it really shouldn't be in 2019. It's not like email is a newfangled invention anymore. Get with the times!

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15. When looking for nursery decor inspiration, consider the classics.

Reddit | PrawnTyas

Maybe you want Renaissance artwork, maybe you want pop culture, and to get both, look no further than Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II.

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16. I don't think this review had the desired effect, Allie L.

Reddit | [deleted]

There are many ways to deal with bad reviews, and especially so when they're done in bad faith. This place owns them.

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17. Truth in advertising.

Reddit | Ryzasu

Where's the lie? It's all about perspective in life, right? Suddenly, donuts look like a pretty good choice to me.

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18. So that had to be an awkward call.

Reddit | dmurdah

Yeah, this guy had to put his flight's pilot on the phone because his wife wasn't buying his excuse that his flight home has been delayed 14 hours. Yikes.

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19. I wonder if this was the same flight.

Reddit | crazyg0od33

Is she stitching that for her home or for the airline after a lengthy delay? Either way, there are worse ways to pass the time in flight.

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20. It's not every day that Gran turns 90.

Reddit | bmc1969

So hey, why not set off a road flare instead of candles? Good news, her heart still works just fine!

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