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16+ Pics That Left Me With A Weird Feeling And A Lot Of Questions

Dan 25 Sep 2019

Just because a picture's funny doesn't mean it can't have other themes. Lurking under the initial chuckle-inducing imagery is sometimes something more. Something weird. Can you answer these unanswered questions? Because I sure can't...

1. Things are getting serious.

Reddit | maut-ka-nanga-nach

If something protest-able is dire enough to actually get introverts to leave their house and interact with the outside world, I must know what it is. Clearly it's something important.

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2. So cute.

Reddit | Tommy799

If you were on the water and got intercepted by this U.S. Navy "ship," you probably wouldn't be too concerned. You'd just want to pinch the boat's cheeks because it's so freakin' adorable.

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3. Mind blown.

Reddit | j_curic_5

It's wild to think that this guy lived his whole life thinking his vision is normal. It's like when I got my first pair of glasses and realized that the tops of buildings aren't actually blurry.

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4. So many questions.

Reddit | ProbablyNotDrew

Going to the beach and finding shark teeth is cool. Going to the beach and finding this is...disconcerting. Dentures are important. Who just leaves them on the beach and forgets about them?

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5. Thanks, Larry.

Reddit | mike_pants

Some birds can mimic human speech. Smart birds learn what these words mean and string basic sentences together. Really smart birds, like Larry Bird here, learn how to use smart devices.

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6. Tough break.

Reddit | I_Shot_Marvin

A few millennia back, this guy was surprised to find Mount Vesuvius erupting, so he turned tail and ran. Everything was going great until he got absolutely leveled in the face by a giant rock.

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7. They've arrived.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Anyone who's ever gone camping knows that trash pandas love to invade the area after the humans have gone to bed. This is fine. Just don't look outside your tent, because if you do, things start to seem less fine.

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8. Thanks.

Reddit | OneOne6unashamed

This is the considerably more destructive version of the person who pretends they're about to clean up after their dog, then puts the bag away once you're safely out of sight.

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9. Proof.

Reddit | sage_singe_88

It's hilarious to think that whatever person or robot answered this customer service complaint asked for photo evidence. Like, if the item didn't arrive, this is the only evidence you're going to get.

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10. Helpful advice.

Reddit | iiSey

The fact that someone took the effort to print up a note, then print up a few follow-ups, makes me weirdly curious about what's been going on in this bathroom on a day-to-day basis.

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11. Just why?

Reddit | GuitarGuy959

There are lots of ways to lose your phone and lots of ways to break your phone. But this, in my opinion, is unacceptable. Who could possibly think that was a good place to put their phone?

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12. Worth it?

Reddit | FusRoChris

International soccer star and all-around good guy Mo Salah looks like he's just decked this kid. In reality, the kid was so excited to see him that he ran into a pole.

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13. Day 3: cover blown.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

A couple of things here: first off, if your kid says there's a possum in their room, it's probably worth looking for. Also, how does this horrifying-looking wild animal evade parental detection for three whole days?

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14. Crappy design.

Reddit | [deleted]

Frosted glass looks great in all sorts of different applications, but this bathroom stall is the exception that proves the rule. I think the architect needs to go back to the drawing board.

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15. You might be needing this.

Reddit | czmax

Sometimes, you find the most interesting stuff in airport restrooms. For instance: someone's passport and plane tickets for a flight that left hours ago. I wonder what happened to this poor person.

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16. I'm skeptical.

Reddit | dominicjames

It's one thing for buses to fill in when train services are down, it's another thing entirely for the buses to gain sentience and try to convince us all that they're not actually buses.

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17. Considering the ways people have trained monkeys, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise to see one take a selfie.

Reddit | krisswatts

From the looks of it, though, this one definitely considers it his job. I mean, I'm pretty sure this is what I looked like on my way to work this morning.

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18. This has a first class ticket on the NOPE train, but the worst part is that someone expected a kid to play with this.

Reddit | Arminius214

Apparently, it was discovered among a bunch of other children's toys in a rough neighborhood.

Indeed, it's hard to find a rougher neighborhood than one where it's totally normal to let your kids drool all over demonic instruments.

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19. It looks like the pig is just as confused about how it got here as anyone else.

Reddit | Import

I also like the idea of thinking you won't get pulled over as long as you've got something where your tail light should be.

Maybe the laws in this area have a weirdly specific clause I wasn't aware of.

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20. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you can both get Pennywise and Momo masks, but I'm guessing one is more popular right now.

Reddit | theoddman92

Even though I've heard that IT: Chapter Two isn't as good as the first one, I'm not sure that even the parents who thought the Momo Challenge was real care about it anymore.

Still, it's hard not to imagine what their kids would look like. It's rewarding to not imagine that, but it's hard.

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21. Wow, I am not sure what Santa thinks is going to happen while he makes his rounds this year.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Thinking about it another way, imagine how sure he'd have to be that you're staying on the nice list for him to give you this.

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22. It looks like somebody discovered the animals' secret hangout.

Reddit | formenonly

If we knew what that thing was in the background, it would make it a lot easier to tell whether the raccoons go on literal piggy rides at a playground or a farm.

I guess that's just the photographer's little secret. Jerk.

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23. I'm still not 100% sure, but that actually seems to be a real alligator.

Reddit | canonreeder

But you know what? Rather than wonder how it got this job, I'd make sure I was as friendly with it as possible.

Because when the petty office politics arise, it's better to have this guy on your side than on Larry in accounting's side. Yeah, try calling a pointless meeting now, Larry.

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24. You'd think such an everyday object wouldn't be worth noticing, but this one is raising so many questions.

Reddit | aka_julie

Not only do we not have much indication as to why it's on this random stone wall, but why is it being restrained by a zip-tie?

Is there someone on the other side of it just waiting to spill all of the universe's forbidden knowledge?

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25. Although I suppose we shouldn't encourage this behavior, it's hard not to see this guy as a legend.

Reddit | CamTheChest

If nothing else, at least we could go back and tell our eight-year-old selves that they're right: You can technically drive off with a bumper car.

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26. OK, so I wasn't aware that cats could do this and I don't know how it started, but it's nice to see.

Reddit | Cats_Rulez

Just be sure to savor this moment before someone shows up to tell us they're not actually slow dancing, but just fighting really slowly.

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27. Yup, it turns out that at least one area in the Philippines has a Hello Kitty gas station.

Reddit | Mr-Klaus

I'll have to check my notes, but I think this actually does it. That cartoon cat has officially showed up on everything now.

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28. What has to happen to a melon for it to grow like this?

Reddit | moedoe15

What's kind of funny is that my dad hates both melons and cucumbers, so I can only imagine his reaction if you cut the tubular part of this off and give him one that looks like the other.

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29. I can see why someone would make this visual pun into a real piece of furniture, but does it have to look so lifelike?

Reddit | bXVIII

Maybe this wouldn't creep me out so much if whoever made this didn't give their footstool the weirdest legs they could think of.

It's a rare example of the uncanny valley that doesn't involve a face.

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30. Apparently, the uploader's aunt found this hanging out under her stove.

Reddit | danielpredator99

I was going to ask if she lived in Australia, but I guess Texas is also a believable setting for this kind of predicament.

As if the heat wasn't already bad enough.

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31. Well, I guess we now have to ask ourselves if we'd rather have our day suddenly interrupted by snakes or lions.

Reddit | The_Drug_Doctor

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I might pick snakes. At least some of those are non-venomous, whereas a lion will eventually grow up big enough to mess you up.

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32. Yup, I see nothing wrong with their choice of location for this outlet.

Reddit | CamTheChest

Not only does it make the sink seem unsafe to use, but it puts whatever device you plug in here at the mercy of your roommates.

What could possible go wrong?

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33. From the looks of it, these nails would last just long enough to make an entrance, but that's about it.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

I really hope I don't have to explain why coating your nails with something flammable and then going for this look isn't a very wise decision.

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34. Well, I'd say this person deserves a nap because climbing all the way up there must have been really hard work.

Reddit | ineednycane

So we can leave the little trivial questions like "why did you do this" or "how are you going to get down" for when they wake up.

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35. I know there's someone out there who will make literally everything into a minion, but I'm not sure it really works in this case.

Reddit | Murderhands

I suppose that if you really want your kids to get tired of the Despicable Me movies, terrifying them with a screaming fire minion might be an effective solution.

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36. History was made.

Reddit | RedRedRoad

If no one was around to witness Amy Keane's heroic act of not totally bailing, then who put up this plaque? These are the mysteries that keep me up at night.

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37. Millennial fashion is out of control.

Reddit | haloxkittie

I have no problem with most fashion choices, but binding yourself up (arms included) entirely in plastic wrap just seems impractical. It's not like it looks particularly good, either.

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38. Throwing shade.

Reddit | Rad_Tiger

It's hard not to think this was intentional on the photographer's part. I mean, they're a professional photographer. Surely they know that they could move, like, four inches to the left and avoid this happening.

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39. Buckle up.

Reddit | -ThunderGunExpress

This isn't a baby changing table. It's a baby seat, perfectly situated so you can traumatize your kid by strapping them in against their will and forcing them to watch you do your business.

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