People Think Travis Scott Isn't Stormi's Father, And Kylie Jenner Just Responded

Diply 15 May 2018

There's an old saying that goes "idle hands are the devil's playthings." Applied to the 21st century, it'd probably be more like, "bored people on Twitter will come up with the most ludicrous conspiracies."

At least, that's what appears to have happened with Kylie Jenner and her bodyguard, Tim Chung.

Recently, the Twitterati began speculating that Tim Chung was the real father of Kylie's daughter, Stormi Webster.

Twitter | @Yfm

The theory began with an innocent paparazzi photo of Kylie and Chung, and then quickly turned into an online obsession.

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A few people even went so far as to hope that Chung was the father of Stormi, rather than Travis Scott.

Twitter | @taylorleeparksx

Y'all really love to stir the pot, don't you?

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Apparently, the rumors became too much for Tim Chung, and he decided to respond on Instagram.

Instagram | @timmm.c

"I am a very private person and would normally never answer to gossip and stories that are so ridiculous they are laughable," wrote Chung.

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Evidently, Chung felt that the record needed to be set straight.

Instagram | @timmm.c

"Out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, their daughter together, and their families, I would like to set the record straight," continued Chung.

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"There is no story here," said Chung.

Instagram | @timmm.c

"And I ask that the media no longer include me in any narrative that is incredibly disrespectful to their family," he concluded.

As a media outlet, we can totally respect that ...after we report on his public statement, of course.

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Chung wasn't the only one to comment on the conspiracy. 

Getty | Taylor Hill

In what seems like a subtle response to the situation, Kylie posted a photo of herself and Travis Scott at the Met Gala, captioning it, "Stormi’s Parents ?."

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Kylie may have used that caption just in case anybody cough* Twitter *cough had been speculating otherwise.

YouTube | E! Entertainment

But despite both Chung's and Kylie's response, some people still aren't convinced that Travis Scott is Stormi's real father.

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What can we say, though? The internet feeds on conspiracy, even in the face of public statements.

Twitter | @XxCawleymegan

Sometimes, you just gotta let people have their opinions — no matter how wild they are — and then politely ignore them.

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Overall, we think this paternity drama became far more serious than it was ever intended to be. |

First of all, it only started because people were thristing over Tim Chung.

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And sure, people conjured up some crazy ideas about Chung looking similar to Stormi.

Twitter | @Kaia76861559

But we seriously doubt that these people would bet their lives on Chung being Stormi's father.

It was just bored people saying things on Twitter, not a serious accusation.

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And while Chung may have felt his statement to be necessary, it still feels a tad dramatic to us. 

News Cult | News Cult

As far as we can tell, it was widely understood that this story was pure gossip.

It was really just the internet having some fun at the expense of Kylie Jenner — which obviously isn't a good thing, but isn't a new thing, either.

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So, alright, the record has officially been "set straight."

Xpose Online | Xpose Online

However, we find it difficult to believe that anyone truly had their bets placed on this rumor in the first place.

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