16 People Who Think They’re Brilliant But It Just Ain’t So

Diply 27 Apr 2018

We love smart folks. They're fun to listen to, and they become even more fun when you need a study buddy!

However, there are smart people and then there's the people who just think they're smart. And if we're being honest, there's nothing quite as funny as seeing them get theirs!

Just keep scrolling to see "brilliant" people who actually aren't that smart!

1. So is this chic or just sneak?

Reddit | JoeinJapan

We know what it's like to have instant regret after getting home with an unnecessary fashion purchase. However, we don't think anyone is falling for the "sell literal string for twenty bucks" trick!

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2. Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Reddit | DankeyLord

We understand better than most people that you want to write a catchy headline. However, the desire to make people read your words shouldn't leave people wondering if you know what words like "submarine" mean!

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3. They've got themselves a pH "doh"

Reddit | KyleRichXV

Every former chemistry student knows this isn't how pH works, but we admire the grift that consists of "how good are we? So good that no one can measure it!"

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4. Maybe we've been using "hiding" wrong all this time

Reddit | jray64

While we ourselves never hid a dipping habit from our folks, we're pretty sure that telling the entire world about it is a bad way to keep it hidden!

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5. On Wednesdays, we wear irony

Reddit | HeyoSlick

The great paradox of our modern age is that when you stay off your phone for a whole two seconds, you must then use your phone in order to brag about it to everyone that you know!

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6. When geography strikes back

Reddit | Tyler06GwanOx

We wish we could somehow connect this lady with Christopher Columbus, because neither of them seems to have a good handle on what India actually is!

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7. That's generally how it works, yeah

Reddit | MustyChed

This reporter understands the rule that every good story needs really specific details. However, there's another really important rule they overlooked: words mean things!

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8. The unintentional savage

Reddit | E-RaticArtist

It's true that we cry whenever Marley and Me is on, but neither Owen Wilson nor the Statue of Liberty deserve the unintentional shade of this meme!

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9. But the plan was totally iron-clad

Reddit | liam_money97

This went from a smart lifehack to a good way to ruin your clothes really quickly. However, this is a great reminder that our high school teachers weren't lying when they said their lessons would help us in the real world!

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10. Do you even Photoshop, bro?

Reddit | Agent4898

Next time, maybe he could cut how the middle man and just Photoshop his head on a super buff body? We're just saying there's easier ways to do this kind of thing.

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11. The love of food is the most honest love

Reddit | ROFLisk

Hey, we're not judging the love you feel...but you better wash those dirty hands before you go touching those hot dogs!

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12. Did they get it out of a fortune cookie?

Reddit | thewillmoss

Is it too late for our modern self to tell our younger self that we should really stop reading internet headlines?

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13. Wait, are we letting blind people drive?

Reddit | CrispyMiner

We're not quite sure why this guy is having trouble seeing the seatbelts, but we're pretty nervous thinking about what else he won't see when he's behind the wheel!

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14. Not the brightest sun

Reddit | deliteplays

We're not sure if this is just a really bad story about a photo or it is actually a really compelling argument for better public school funding!

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15. Actually, "misunderstood" was the name of the scientist

Reddit | Aussiewhiskeydiver

Look, we slept through our English classes quite a bit, but it looks like the main thing "misunderstood" by The Sun is classic literature!

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16. Maybe just don't answer?

Reddit | 07Stocka

Come on, people, life isn't like a Jeopardy game: you don't have to be in a race to blurt out the first bad answer that comes to mind!

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