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Walmart Is Selling Starburst Duos Gelatin That Will Make The Tastiest Jell-O Shots

Starburst continues to chug along in the candy world. They're not really talked about, but they're not forgotten, either. They're just mainstays in the candy kingdom.

But, that's about to change, because people are really going to start talking about how amazing their new Duos Gelatin is going to be with vodka.

You see this photo. What do you do?

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Probably pick out all the strawberry and cherry flavors.

I know you.

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Starburst remain a crowd favorite candy among both children and adults

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Specifically, the strawberry flavor 150% reigns supreme.

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Over the years, different variations of the sweet Starburst chews have been introduced to our palates, including their Duos.

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Starburst Duos chews feature two different flavors all in one chew, so it's truly a burst of flavor!

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You don't have to shove multiple Starburst chews in your mouth to create your own concoction.

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That's because it's already been done for you!

I love this level of laziness for us.

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Now, they've turned the candy's success into gelatin packs.

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Now these awesome flavor combos can come in liquid form!

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And yes, you're right. These make for the PERFECT Jell-O shots.


People will go wild over these flavors, so you might have to make a double batch, just saying!

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They come in the same two flavors as their chewy candy version, blue raspberry lemon and strawberry watermelon.

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Instagrammer @thejunkfoodaisle spotted these at Walmart, so keep your eyes peeled!

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