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11+ Hilarious Pics To Be Your Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Paddy Clarke 4 Oct 2019

With summer pretty much over and Halloween fast approaching, the weather is starting to turn from sunshine and rainbows to dreariness and big coats. I, for one, am all for this, as I hate wearing shorts and much prefer being able to wrap up beyond all belief.

However, for a lot of people, the end of sunny weather is a bit of a bummer. So, without further ado, here are 11+ pics to be that much-needed sunshine on a rainy day!

1. Eye Test Results

Reddit | AtlantaBoyz

This is like when I take my nan to the hearing clinic and every time the nurse comes out to call someone in she absolutely yells it, "AGNES THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOW!"

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2. None Shall Pass

Reddit | left-shoulder-closed

Come back here! I'll bite your bloody kneecaps off!

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3. "My son just got his first pay check and ordered pizza which he paid for. This is what I found in the fridge!"

Reddit | Cjacksoncnm

How quickly they forget all you've done for them. You should have taken it out and written on the fridge, "I paid for this, ask before using!"

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4. Fluffy Cosplay

Reddit | EightyThousand_85

I thought they were real heads at first, I'm not ashamed to admit it either. This is actually a dog dressed up as fluffy from Harry Potter and The Whatever One Is The That Has The Three-Headed Dog.

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5. Truth Hurts

Reddit | AtlantaBoyz

No wonder the Burger King always looks so damn smug, waving around his terrible burgers from atop a plinth made of the bleached bones of underpaid staff.

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6. The X-Ray Machine For Naughty Babies

Reddit | ShioSeikatsu

Yep, if babies won't stay still or are particularly wriggly, they are placed into this machine which allows an x-ray of their chest to be taken without them squirming. You are welcome for this fact if you didn't know it already.

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7. Daily Dose Of Irony

Reddit | Seminole1996

This guy must have had the same instructor as my next-door neighbor, what are the odds?

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8. "I really believe this to be the greatest selfie ever."

Reddit | Golaso93

Either that monkey really is attacking that phone, or that monkey is trained to pretend to snatch the phone for a selfie — and if the latter is the case, what are we doing as a species?

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9. Spy Training 101

Reddit | school-yeeter

Or, perhaps your dog just likes to stare at mirrors and you happen to be in the way? Not everything is about you y'know!

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10. "Never be afraid to share your ideas"

Reddit | szekeres81

That's true, and did you know that there are now no less than 6 Sharknado films! The last one was called The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, and apparently Neil deGrasse Tyson is in it, so anything is possible.

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11. What Look Do You Want?

Reddit | thechanchanman111

Oh, you know, just make me look fresh and part of your 5-a-day.

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12. Unusual Events Theme Starts Playing

Reddit | BlueeFall

Yes, what with Halloween just around the corner, you too can dress up as Startled Mother, Aged Police-Dude, or any of the Unusual Events Gang.

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13. Now With 20% More Reality!

Reddit | lalarock1

Or, you could attach a camera to the front of your artificial reality headset and then stream it into the headset so that you can experience reality in higher definition.

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14. "At my old high school they let the seniors paint their parking spot. This one is my favorite"

Reddit | andrewalmond10

I bet the janitor was thrilled with this idea, having to paint over someone's nonsense ever year or so.

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15. Whatever The Hell Is Going On Here

Reddit | White0101

I don't know whether it's meant to be Elvis or what, all I know is I'm glad I saw it today.

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16. "Helping each other out."

Reddit | Original_Sundae

"Take a cute one, okay?"

"Alright, now get one of me! But make sure I look pensive."

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17. "High school yearbook quote"


Aaron, the lovechild of Andrew Garfield and literally anyone from the Kingsman film franchise going a bit abstract with his quote here.

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18. "Our AirBnB had a translucent bathroom door."

Reddit | goodluck_canuck

See? Parenthood is downright terrifying.

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19. "Festivals are awesome."

Reddit | daviess

Ah yes, the perfect dad and son bonding time. Who needs to play catch anymore?

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20. "I've lost my trash can."

Reddit | decide-and-go-be-it

Tag yourself, I'm "In the neighbor's yard."

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21. "My wife does planks around the house and I come home to this absolute unit of a son."

Reddit | trentluv

This is funny until you remember that you're being outshined by a baby.

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22. Mini Battleship

Reddit | Tommy799

DOES size matter in this context?

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23. "This is my favorite mug. I got it at a thrift store and have no idea who these people are."

Reddit | stinkycrow666

"We Are Family" plays softly in the background.

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24. I mean, he's got a point.

Reddit | ChuckyChucks420blzit

Never change kid. Never change.

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25. "My 4 year old niece can't read and bought me this birthday card because it featured 'a cute dog with a party hat.'"

Reddit | Bubbaloosh

It's the thought that counts, right?

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26. "My blind friend got engaged yesterday....he’s pretty sure."

Reddit | DownwindDonkey

What's that saying? Love is blind? That's true in this case.

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27. "Spotted in Springfield, Ohio"

Reddit | spunknugget

Honk twice if someone's been impaled.

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28. Every Family Gathering Ever

Reddit | degrudv

This book should be titled "Things I tell to my parents LITERALLY every time I see them."

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29. "Some cop in my hometown winning Halloween."

Reddit | Skwerilleee

Wait...he's dressed up? Didn't notice.

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30. "This baby looks like he’s ready to pour you a pint at his pub."

Reddit | robwallace7

He also looks like he's about to pull out a pocket watch and begin to narrate a Charles Dickens novel.

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31. "I bought my grandad a HUGE tub of his favourite chocolates and he emailed me this photo to tell me that he had finally finished them."

Reddit | salsachops

Teaching your grandpa how to meme is like the reverse of "passing down ancient arcane knowledge through generations."

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32. "My sister accidentally caught this Pikes Peak proposal on camera."

Reddit | xar42

I'm sure that they're doing SWIMMINGLY.

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33. "I took a picture of the moment my two kids realised all the donuts at the party had been eaten while they were off playing on the swings."

Reddit | sahie

Same kid. SAME.

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34. Hits A Little Too Close To Home

Reddit | ShadesOfHiu

I'm not bitter, no way. Not at all. Nope. Not me. Can't relate.

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35. Ah Well, Better Luck Next Time.

Reddit | PapaNicholsUSA

Wouldn't that have been convenient?

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36. "We went to the beach to find shark teeth, so when my daughter yelled 'I found teeth!' this was the last thing I was expecting."

Reddit | Waffle2006

THIS is why every kid is afraid of the dentist.

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37. "Sign outside my chiro’s office today!"

Reddit | jajames03

And the second rule of passive-aggressive club is — well actually, if you were listening the first time I wouldn't have had to say it again quite frankly.

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38. Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen

Reddit | ElGringoPicante77

I love a good unexpected mean girls reference, and on a worksite would be the last place I'd expect to see one!

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39. "My daughter smiling only after her first ever school photos came in."

Reddit | Shkmstr

They're some stern passport-looking photos she's taken there. No one likes getting their school photo though, it's a really weird dynamic, some old fella trying to make you look happy while he hates himself deep down, it's strange.

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