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Woman In Hot Water After Treating Dog To Roast Dinner Every Week

One woman has recently come under fire after revealing she treats her pup to a roast beef dinner complete with all the fixings every week, LADBible reported.

UK resident Leanne Rimmer shared a snap of her springer spaniel, Bella, tucking into quite the tasty looking dish from a local pub after a particularly long walk. And of course, the people of the internet found every reason possible to complain about it.

In the original post, Rimmer said she treated Bella to the meal after a 4-mile walk and ordered the pup "extra meat."

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Some people online actually approved of the meal, with one person writing that they've always enjoyed sharing their meals with their doggos:

"Our dogs always had what we were having whether it was a Sunday roast, bolognese with mushrooms, onion and garlic or even a curry. Never did them any harm and they all lived happy, long lives."

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But then there were those who really didn't approve of Rimmer's meal choice, particularly given that it was a dog eating it.

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It seemed to be the gravy coating the meat and veg that caused the most concern among critics.

"It's the salt that's an issue," one person wrote. "Too much salt can interfere with your kidneys. Potassium levels can shoot up, and can cause kidney failure. Can happen with humans if we don't drink enough; it becomes concentrated."

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Some were even upset with the pub for agreeing to serve the pup her meal on a plate rather than in a dog-specific dish.


"I'll probably get shouted down for this, but sorry, I think it's wrong to allow your dog to eat off pub plates," one person wrote.

They went on, "Yes, our dog eats off plates in our house on occasions and yes, we take him to a local pub on lovely summer evenings and buy him a meal BUT we put it in his own collapsible dish that we take with us."

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As it turns out, this isn't the first time Bella has enjoyed a roast dinner — not by a long shot.

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Speaking to LADBible, Rimmer admitted her pup gets a hot meal every single Sunday, although she usually prepares it herself.

"That day I was stuck in traffic and we were both hungry and the only option for her was a carvery," she said.

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As for the flack she's received for the pub meal, Rimmer said she's paid it no mind.

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"I got questioned on that and took some stick but if you look there's not a lot, plus most dog foods have more salt in than anything," Rimmer said. "[Bella] has the healthiest diet ever - a little roast now and again won't kill her."

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