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Lovable Wombat Gets Stuck After Raiding Animal Rescue's Food Bins Too Often

mason.zimmer 8 Oct 2019

When we graduate from school, there are a lot of complicated feelings that come with it. On one hand, there's the excitement of going out into the world and the comfort of knowing that we're finally done with homework.

But on the other hand, we formed some powerful friendships that are suddenly a lot harder to keep and there's always something we'll miss no matter how much school stressed us out.

While I obviously can't speak to the inner feelings of animals, I wouldn't be surprised if moving on from an animal rescue carries a similarly bittersweet tone. And we definitely don't need to ask which part of that life one wombat misses.

A few years ago, Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Hospital in New South Wales Australia had a particularly charming resident.

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As The Dodo reported, Mr. Magoo the wombat arrived after his mother was hit by a car and he remained there until he became healthy and strong enough to return to the wild.

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Normally, that's where the story would end, but Mr. Magoo regularly comes back to visit.

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More specifically, he comes back to visit the food bins so he can help himself to a satisfying meal.

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For workers, the sight of him popping out of the bin with food all over his face has become a common sight.

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Even though they may shake their heads at how high he makes the feed bill, he's still a very welcome sight on the premises.

As the wombat rescue's owner, Roz Holme told The Dodo, "He is a gentle soul."

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Although it used to be no problem for Mr. Magoo to climb back out of the bin once he was done, recent visits have made it clear how often he likes doing this.

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That's because he's a lot more likely to get stuck in the bin nowadays and wait for Holme or one of her employees to lift him out.

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After Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Hospital's followers across social media started taking a shine to Mr. Magoo, he's essentially become their unofficial mascot.

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And so, whenever staff want to send a message to the public, they usually do so by morphing a photo of Mr. Magoo into a video and speaking through him with a squeaky voice.

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While Mr. Magoo may be the wombat rescue's most frequent visitor, workers have noticed that other previous residents are also returning lately.

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This is because the drought that is affecting parts of Australia right now has made it difficult for these wombats to find food in the wild and much like Mr. Magoo, they're realizing they can find it back there.

In response, Holme said they're welcoming these animals back and will continue to feed them as long as needed.

h/t: The Dodo

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