12+ People Who Put Their Foot In Their Mouth And Embarrassed Themselves

Unfortunately, no matter how smooth and thoughtful we are, we're going to end up saying something that embarrasses us.

Whether it's something we should've saved for another person or something we should've just kept to ourselves, it only takes one look at the other person's reaction to realize that we seriously messed up.

But if there's any good part about this unfortunate fact of life, it's that it happens to enough of us that we can all understand how it feels. So any time we embarrass ourselves, it can help to remember that the people who saw us have likely done something just as humiliating in their own lives.

And if that still doesn't keep what you said from haunting you seven years later while you're trying to sleep, compare it to these unfortunate slip-ups.

1. This guy wasn't being too weird at first, but it didn't take him long to reveal what he really had in mind.

Reddit | steampunkaxl

And since his next question was about her feet, it seems she was right to treat this mouth comment with suspicion.

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2. Why is it that whenever we send something to the wrong person, we always land on the worst possible case scenario?


That said, I have to admit that I'm kind of curious to know what group this could have been intended for.

Also, "queef chapel" is a new one for me.

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3. It's always hard to watch someone keep digging when they've already failed to impress.

Reddit | Business_Cat719

For the record, I'm sure this person doesn't actually going around murdering people, but this is definitely a situation that makes that denial sound as hard to believe as possible.

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4. No, I'm going to guess that she didn't find it very funny.

Reddit | Protoman_Eats_Babies

He sends a couple of messages in apology after this, but they're only met with silence. Yeah, that's never a good sign.

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5. This person learned that it's usually a good idea to make sure a car isn't yours before you put the idea of keying it in people's heads.

Reddit | ktool

The "Oh my God. NO!" once they realize it's their car is pretty priceless, but their follow-up messages definitely seem contrite enough.

It sounded like an honest mistake, but it's definitely a hard lesson in not being so quick to judge.

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6. Oh wow, I'm sure these associates feel very appreciated with such a heartfelt message.

Reddit | vajayjayjay

There's something about an employer that doesn't bother to check on what your name is that really warms the cockles of the heart. There were totally no form letters used here!

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7. By now, it's probably safe to assume that any place you're trying to apply to is also on Twitter.

Reddit | genuinehappyguy

So this person's noble and bizarrely worded sacrifice now gives us an opportunity not to let potential employers and schools know how much we apparently want to treat them like baby birds.

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8. Sadly, even if this software didn't display the link's preview, there wouldn't be any way of saving this one.

Reddit | kashijones

Naturally, fate picked the raciest possible link to accidentally send to dad. As if we didn't have enough evidence that fate enjoys really cruel pranks.

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9. This isn't the most embarrassing situation in the world, but it's still not fun to feel dumb.

Reddit | ssCacatuidae

That said, I think I can get behind the idea of just calling a bass guitar a "Seinfeld instrument" from here on out.

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10. I don't know about y'all, but I think it's actually worse to send something that's way meaner than necessary than something intended for your partner to your mom.

Reddit | BlueTides2

I guess it's like choosing between whether you'd rather be set on fire or frozen solid, but I think I like ice a lot better than I like feeling like a jerk because I overreacted to someone's camo joke.

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11. OK, I take it back. This situation is much worse than being needlessly aggressive about how much you can lift.

Reddit | pandaemon666

There's a difference between an embarrassing statement that makes us decide that's enough internet for today and one that makes abandoning society for life in a remote cafe seem like a good idea.

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12. Hopefully, I'm not being too optimistic in thinking that taking this L will help this person realize the truth.

Reddit | snippsville

I suppose there's no good reason to continue contributing to a public health crisis, but wounded pride seems like a particularly bad one.

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13. To be fair, this seems like a good question to ask a doctor. Just not that doctor.

Reddit | Chappssss

It's totally not like this was something they wanted as few people as possible to know about, right?

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14. From the looks of it, it seems like he made this "mistake" on purpose, but it's still probably not impressing this person.

Reddit | methamp

Like, it should be obvious that he could just not send it if his "accidental" message is in the same one as the explanation.

So I'm not sure what reaction he's hoping to get besides, "Well, I'm glad you're so popular."

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15. For anyone out there who needs to hear this, this kind of message is only going to attract this kind of response.

Reddit | Jovial_Gorilla

Shockingly, people don't really like it when an attempt to make them feel special also paints the entire ethnic group they belong to in a negative light.

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16. Oh well, at least the person on the other end understood what was going on here.

Giphy, Reddit | alecp1

And if it's any consolation, I'm sure they've received much worse than "peepee poopoo" as a reply to this message.

As we've seen, people can be pretty weird sometimes.

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