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15+ People Who Are Literally The Worst

Paddy Clarke 10 Oct 2019

Are people truly born evil? It is a question that plagues humanity. However, after compiling this list I can say with certainty that, yes, some people are born evil!

From sibling rivalries to downright maliciousness when playing Uno, I have gathered here a veritable legion of doom for your evil minds to feat upon! So, prepare yourself to enter, the haunted list of wonders that is: 15+ people who are literally the worst!

Spooky sound effects!

1. Oh Sweet, Ice Cream! Dammit!

Reddit | DeliciouzWafflz

As much as I am not a fan of Neapolitan ice-cream, this is a straight up crime, and one which has a special circle of hell for those who commit it as well!

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2. "My brother changed our names on his Netflix account."

Reddit | Godoffail

I mean, I do kind of have sympathy for the brother now that I pay for my own Netflix. But, considering I am still parasitically leaching off my parents' Prime Video account I can't really be too high and mighty.

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3. "My girlfriend is the worst kind of person"

Reddit | Drackthar

What kind of monster does this? This reminds me of people in primary school who would ball up fruit winders and just eat them all in one go, animals.

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4. This Is Technically Abuse

Reddit | mushroombirdornaments

This kid has no idea the world of pain he is about to enter. It's people like this, who horde all of these cards to the end, who make the world a worse place for all of us!

God damn I hate this game but also really want to play Uno now, let me know if anyone fancies it.

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5. "My brother had to work, so he asked me to save him a little bit of everything"

Reddit | Seely2593

Truly, this is the spirit of the holidays. Screwing over each other so that you can eat as much food as physically possible until you keel over from a massive coronary event.

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6. "My sister and I had an argument and she chopped the bristles off of my toothbrush."

Twitter | gossipgriII

At least it's one of those ridiculous toothbrushes that has the little rubber ridged thing on the back so you can still keep your tongue clean!

(Seriously, toothbrush manufacturers, could you not think of any other gimmick to add to your very simple products?)

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7. "I lost a loved one today. I'm not sure which one yet, but whoever cuts cheese cake like this is dead to me."

Reddit | MrSquigles

When the success of his first eponymous game "Pac-man" died down, the star struggled to innovate. Eventually, the waning fame and celebrity lifestyle caused him to turn to drugs and alcohol. He has never looked the same since.

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8. A Little Too Honest Perhaps

Reddit | billnyeisjustok

Jesus Christ, just reading this makes me feel even older than I already am. Way to go whoever you are, your card is now bumming people out worldwide!

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9. Dammit Steve!

Reddit | Macsab

Everyone knows someone who'd say something like this. Well, everyone I know does, because this is exactly the pretentious kind of nonsense that I would probably have come out with when I got my first job. I have now been ground down by the capitalist machine.

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10. I've Made A Huge Mistake

Reddit | inheritedkarma

It's a common rule to check before you go. But, you know that the single time that you don't, this message will be there waiting for you.

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11. "My Sister Is A Vegan. Last Night She & A Few Friends Crashed & Passed Out In My Pad. She's Going To Be So Confused When She Wakes"


I admire the dedication required for this one. If I bought a burger and chips for a plan like this, no matter how funny I thought it would be, I'd just end up eating the food.

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12. "They installed a new coffee machine at work and before anyone could use it, I placed this sign on three hours of my life"

Reddit | nipse79

Oh, sure, this seems like all good fun and games until one Monday morning you hear someone screaming "CAPPUCCINO!" at the top of their lungs before they snap and launch it across the room. Then no one has coffee, and that's a world not worth living in.

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13. "My little brother did this whilst nobody else was home."

Imgur | MathewRogers

But, why? Why on Earth would anyone do this? I mean, I'm absolutely going to try it just to see what he got out of it, but still, weird.

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14. "The hero we need."


Ignoring the fact it's on the back of the car, this is a wonderful warning, and one which should be heeded by all of the small-minded people who add several minutes onto my journey to work each day. You know who you are, you immoveable dolts!

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15. "Gift Wrapped By My Asshole Mechanic Brother In Law"


Yeah you're gonna need a bit more than a pair of scissors to get into that on Christmas morning! I need to know what is inside though!

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16. "The first year my little brother gets me anything for Christmas and he gets me this"

Reddit | PoisonPanty

I'd have killed for this present! Those are Energizer MAX! They last 3x longer than your average store-bought battery! You're very lucky.

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17. "This tastes odd."

Reddit | didgeridoo

I don't think that I will ever be able to use a communal kettle again after reading this. This guy must have really hated his coworkers though, and everyone likes me! Laughs awkwardly

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18. Pictured: the moment before a child was traumatized forever.

Reddit | UStreets71

This brings me back to the good ol' days of my brother hiding in my closet with a Jigsaw mask on, waiting to scare me into oblivion the moment I decided to try and grab a sweater. Talk about nightmares.

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19. Christmas is all about telling the truth, right?

Reddit | Kilteck

Personally, I'd like to think that box was expertly weighted down with something to make the reciever believe they were about to open...well, something. If you're gonna trick people, you gotta do it right after all.

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20. A hairy situation

Reddit | [deleted]

This person's sister recently cut off a pretty decent chunk of her hair. And what else is she going to do with it but place it all around the house because she just knows how badly it freaks out her big bro. Iconic.

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21. And a sticky situation.

Reddit | texastoastthemost

Funny how we literally just talked about Jigsaw and lo and behold, a terrible "game" only the king of lethal chaos could come up with.

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22. Well now this is just supremely disappointing.

Reddit | xQcKx

I don't know when it became such a "trend" for people to trick others with surprisingly well-hidden, nearly-eaten food. But here we are in 2019 and people are still opening boxes to find only severe disappointment inside.

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23. The POWER.

Reddit [deleted]

These kiddos have no idea what's about to happen to them. And if they're in the mood to stay dry, they're going to be upset. But if I know kids (and I'd like to think I do), I think it's safe to say they're probably going to have some fun with it.

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24. Foiled!

Reddit | octomomsbagina

First, the little environmentally-conscious person inside of me is screaming. But second, this is an excellent prank and I applaud their use of the "Trollface" meme because as my girl Rose once said, "It's been 84 years..."

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25. Oh, you wanna complain about my beard hairs in the sink?

Reddit | hocuslocustivelostfocus

This is what I think about your complaints. Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Good, we all understand each other.

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26. Sick beets, bro.

Reddit | willevans10199

This is what happens when you ask for beets for Christmas from a family of jokers. You get cans. And no one wants that, even if it is hilarious.

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27. Kid's got no idea what he's in for.

Reddit | ohsureyoudo

His loving sister has so kindly put a kink in the hose, and that smile says she's about .01 seconds away from letting go. Enjoy this moment while you can, little boy. It's all about to change.

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28. More family jokers.

Reddit | [deleted]

If nothing else, this list should make you feel supremely grateful your own family isn't so dedicated to their annual present-themed tricks. Or if they are, you can at least find comfort in knowing you most certainly are not the only one.

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29. Challenge = accepted.

Reddit | zooopolygo

Ever wanted to life your best Kim Possible life? Well now your roommates have given you that opportunity.

Perhaps I should have picked someone other than Kim Possible for this reference but what's done is done.

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30. Take a good look at that fella leaning against the fence in the background.

Reddit | holyravioli

He looks like another happy graduate right? Wrong. He's this celebrating woman's brother, and he graduated years ago but still decided to show up to her big day dressed in his own grad gown.

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31. This is why I have trust issues.

Reddit | Kevin3351

Take note, kiddos. If your friend (who's never done anything for you in their life) offers to grab you a big chunk of watermelon on a particularly hot day, you should most definitely be suspicious, and don't get your hopes up too high.

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32. This is why I wanted MOM to pick me up from the airport.

Reddit | Ramblindan

This brother took it upon himself to come up with a particularly funny "welcome home" sign to greet his sibling with at the airport. And I'm sure the sibling also thought it was super-duper funny, too.

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33. "Girls, where's your sister?"

Reddit | chopthebass

Meanwhile, inside the Lego tower:

"Day 61: I'm still inside this prison of no doors and no windows. I can feel a chill on the top of my head and suspect winter is coming. I miss mother and father dearly. I dream of the day when I break free of this cursed tower and we are reunited once again."

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34. Want a soda? Well, get to work.

Reddit | captainflasch

Personally, I'm impressed by the wrapping abilities on display here. How do you wrap ketchup bottles and egg cartons and soda cans so effortlessly? Tell me your secrets!

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35. This isn't even a prank, this is just a person who is LITERALLY the worst.

Reddit | Daedricgod101

I see this people on my commute everyday and it never fails to get my blood boiling. What's worse, she's taken off her shoes so now those fine people around her dealing with her selfish transit position now also have to deal with the stench of her bare feet.

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36. Well now that's just cruel.

Reddit | ohanamtatata

Look closely because this Rubix cube has been tampered with. Notice how the square in the middle there has blue on both sides? Yeah, that makes this entire thing completely unsolvable now. Thanks, Satan.

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37. "Housemates thought it would be a good idea to do this while I was asleep then leave for the day. I have a job interview in 2 hours."

Reddit | PlungerBot

"So, Mr. Johnson, can you explain why you have a bike lock around your neck?"

"I'm just gonna go ahead assume I haven't got this job."

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38. "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the worlds worst person"

Reddit | Jorarl

Aside from the fact that this man is hitting so many cliches it actually hurts to look directly at him, blocking that much of a train with what I can only assume is a collapsable didgeridoo is absolutely unforgivable.

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39. It's The Thought That Counts?

Instagram | @kalesalad

By all means give someone a framed photo of you for their birthday; however, make sure the damn thing is framed properly when you do! I mean, who framed this photo, seriously? I know nothing about framing but I know that I could do better!

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