Woman Shares Hilarious Story About How She Thought Her Dog's Nose Fell Off

Amy Pilkington 10 Oct 2019

You may be tempted to scoff at Jade Murray and her story about panicking over something that clearly wasn't what she thought it was, but come on, you know you've done something similar.

This isn't much different than seeing a coat rack out of the corner of your eye and thinking it's an intruder.

Reddit | TheeFrogGamer

Sometimes our panic mode beats our logic sensors to the punch and usually, it just ends up funny.

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Dogs are adorable, goofy, lovable members of our families, so of course we worry about their well-being.


Dogs also tend to have the same self-preservation instincts as a toddler — which is to say, basically none.

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So we try to be hyper vigilant when something seems like it could be wrong with them.

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And considering the adventures they often get up to, it's not like that's impossible.

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Meet Lenny. Jade was taking care of him for her mom and they were having a nice, casual play.

Facebook | Jade Murray

In her Facebook post, she explained that she spotted something weird on the carpet and acted quickly.

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She let Lenny outside to keep him away from whatever it might be.

Reddit | Vacis

And once she was sure he wouldn't be around to try and eat it, she went back to investigate.

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What she found was a shiny black object in the distinct shape of an animal's nose.

Facebook | Jade Murray

That's when the panic defeated the logic.

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And her reaction managed to be both wholesome and hilarious.

Reddit | momojojo121

"I started freaking out thinking he’s never going to sniff piss again on his walks and I know he loves doing that, I was thinking he must be in pain, I was also thinking how on earth am I going to tell my mum that whilst in my care - the dogs nose has managed to fall off."

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After freaking out, she raised the courage to touch it and discovered that, duh, it was plastic.

Giphy | Boomerang Official

The nose was actually part of one of Lenny's toys.

It was likely missed when the carnage of the toy's destruction was tidied up.

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This is why I've stopped buying toys with plastic noses or eyes.

Reddit | LAK132

It's too easy to tear them out and the aftermath is never pretty.

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"Lennys nose is in full working order and completely attached to his face, where it should be."


Sure, there were some comments calling Jade dumb for the mistake, but there's a reason it resonated with so many people that it went viral.

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Besides being funny, it's more relatable than many of us care to admit.

Reddit | PatatjeOorlog

After all, if you try to say that you're perfectly logical at all times, you're not likely to find a lot of people who believe you.

h/t: Facebook | Jade Murray

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