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15+ Adorable Dogs Who Are Pawsitively Perfect In Every Single Way

Caitlyn Clancey 10 Oct 2019

Someone once told me I look like a cat person which, if I'm honest, deeply upset me.

Not because I don't like cats per se, but because my love for dogs is just so much greater. In fact, I felt like demanding to know just what exactly it is about me that made them think such a thing just so I could change it ASAP.

Like I said, I love dogs. A lot. A lot, a lot. And there's nothing I enjoy more than spending hours scouring the internet for the greatest dog content this big beautiful world has to offer.

So sit back, relax, and pull your doggo in for a much-needed cuddle because we're going to be giving our four-legged friends lots of appreciation today.

1. "Hardcore barkour."

Can we talk about how this dog didn't just scale that wall once, but twice?

Where is his YouTube channel? Where are his brand deals? Why are we not talking about this athlete?

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2. Please ignore me while I sob at a disgustingly loud volume.

Reddit | elaskows2

See this doggo? He accidentally tripped his owner during what I can only imagine was a particularly competitive game of catch, leading to said owner falling and fracturing both his tibia and fibula.

Now, this sweet, deeply apologetic pup has been waiting at the front door for hours to greet his wounded owner when he returns from the hospital.

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3. He's got the music in his soul.

This hound dog likes to bring the house down with some tail-shaking music. And honestly I would be the first in line to buy tickets to see him in concert, but only if his backup dancer comes along, too.

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4. I'd like everyone to meet Eddie the Hospital Therapy Dog.

Reddit | StuffyUnicorn

What's in the backpack, you ask? Oh, those are just his toys which he carries around with him all the time while he's helping bring joy to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

This is one VERY good boy.

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5. Do as she says and unmute the video.

Yeah, suddenly it's about 5000x better, isn't it? I'm just happy to have simultaneously supplied you with your daily dose of doggo and nostalgia, all rolled into one amazing clip.

You're most certainly welcome.

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6. Sleeping on the job.

Reddit | @Zatarra08

This handsome pup always takes care of his owner when they're sick, and apparently he only sleeps once he's sure his owner his sleeping. This picture was taken right after said owner woke up from a nap.

Watch out for that puddle at your feet, I think your heart just melted a little.

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7. The best car ride of his life.

When this boy was rescued from a "terrible situation", his rescuer got this sweet video of his reaction.

Clearly this little fella knows everything's going to be O.K. from now on, and excuse me while I go sit in the corner and cry for 10 hours.

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8. Sharing is caring.

Reddit | Binatko

This doggo recognized her owner was feeling a little blue. So, she decided to cheer them by bringing them one of her own toys, because that's usually more than enough to make her feel better.

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9. The pool will be closed today for the most ADORABLE reason.

What could be better than watching one pupper enjoy a cold swim on a hot day? Watching an entire group of puppers splash around together inside a water park that's been closed off from humans because this day is all about the dogs.

That's what.

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10. "As I was saying goodbye, my dog did this..."

Reddit | Louvin

Okay, we can talk about the precious hugging gesture all the live long day. But I would like to bring everyone's attention to this pup's face.

He has no clue how long it'll be until he sees his hooman again, and that definitely shows.

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11. Puppy's first toof.

Poppy just lost her first tooth, and I'm so very grateful her owner decided to share this news with the internet. Sure, Poppy looks a little worried, but would you if you just lost one of your canines?

I'll leave.

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12. Pictured: gratitude.

Reddit | Anaatik

As this Redditor wrote, when this dog fell into an icy pond, his dog momma didn't hesitate and jumped right in there to save him.

What you're seeing is how they slept that night, and I'd say that's one super grateful pup.

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13. I'm not sure this dog knows that isn't his baby.

Reddit | prolificaalo

I think it's safe to say the arrival of a newborn baby has definitely turned this pup into a family doggo. Check out the full gallery of all his photos because the love he has for this lil babe is just so pure.

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14. Tomato-Tomato. Doggo.

This little pupper spied a snack in the garden and decided to help himself. And I'm really not sure there's ever been a cuter sight than a lab chowing down on a tomato.

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15. Cuddle bugs.

Reddit | CrtListenCryostat

This Redditor wrote, "When she comes home from a long day at school, had a bad day, been told off, or is feeling sad, she cuddles her best friend."

What a couple of gosh-darn cuties.

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16. This is a shelter pup and don't worry, he gets his happy ending.

After a journalist went to a shelter for abandoned dogs to cover a story, he met his little fella who clung to him the entire time. He clearly didn't want him to leave.

Unsurprisingly, the journalist adopted him and took him home. Wouldn't you?!

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17. Why stick no fit though?

This lil guy is clearly confused by the phenomenon facing him: somehow he's not able to fit between these two very wide posts with his newly acquired stick in his mouth.

The math just doesn't add up.

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18. Fabuloso.

This stunning pup is working it for the cameras, and he clearly knows how to make the entire internet fall in love with him with just a few simple poses.

Ya gonna go far, kid.

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19. The best boy.

You want all of your best friends to share in the big moments of your life, don't you?

This happy pup shared in its hoomans' joy in the best way possible, and talk about adorable. Check out that bow tie!

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20. Just princesses being princesses.

Nala here does some special work as an autism service dog, helping her owner navigate life and letting her enjoy days at DisneyWorld.

But Nala gets her turn with the princesses, too!

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21. What a happy loaf.

I cannot get enough of Lenny sliding down this hill on his back, the way he just lets it happen and the look of sheer ecstasy as he runs back up the hill. It's just so pure.

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22. Everybody needs a doggy for a pillow.

Reddit | bellavanlan

Are these two going to be best friends for life? It seems like destiny, doesn't it?

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23. This class was super effective.

Reddit | wyo_dude

"I'm a middle school teacher," wrote this Redditor. "My dog escaped my house and figured out the way to school today. Everyone liked that."

Where were these classes when I was in school?

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24. Did somebody say "walk"?

Because Bronson here is ready to go. Like, right now. Everybody out of the way, Bronson is coming!

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25. Mornings when you don't have to wake up are the best.

Reddit | jester33455

"My golden used to come in to my husband and I’s room first thing in the morning to snuggle, it appears we have been replaced," wrote this Redditor.

That's the thing with dogs, there's always more love to go around.

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26. A most joyful reunion.

"I was at my booth at Pike Place Market and two couples (who didn't know each other) were walking towards each other with identical dogs," wrote Pam Corwin on YouTube. "Suddenly, the dogs ran towards each other and went totally crazy. I went over to watch because it was so adorable, and as I stood there soaking up the love, the couples figured out that the dogs are siblings and came over on the same plane to be adopted from Russia a year ago! The dogs recognized each other!

"They even had identifying tattoos that confirmed it. This joyful reunion went on for over a half an hour, in fact they were still at it when I left the market.(I heard the couples exchanging phone numbers, so now they can have play dates, which made me very happy)"


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27. It's nice to be missed.

Reddit | skiba27

"My dog when I finally get home from work," wrote this Redditor. Hope this owner got to use the bathroom first, because it looks like they've been claimed and won't be going anywhere for a while.

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28. There's missed and then there's missed, though.

A day at work is bad enough. But check out how excited these best friends are to be reunited after six months apart!

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29. Then again, sometimes the sitter is a little too good.

Reddit | necele

"I just came back from a week long holiday and my dog doesn’t want to leave my papa (his babysitter/favourite person)," wrote this Redditor. And he doesn't even have the decency to look guilty!

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30. The prettiest dog there ever was.

This sweet girl is Bassie, and she just might be the most beautiful, most photogenic dog on this side of the internet. Look at her in that flower crown.

She's living her best life possible and we couldn't be happier for her.

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31. He's got some spring in his step now!

If there was any doubt about how happy this little fellow is about being adopted, it's put to rest by the way he literally jumps for joy.

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32. Is there anything more unifying than a love of dogs?

Reddit | SpermaSpons

"My friend lives above a punk bar and sent us this pic of her dog and the regulars," wrote this Redditor. Nothing brings people together like the power of the pooch!

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33. Having some thoughts on ways to improve public transit.

Starting with a snoot to boop along the way. It's a shame this good boy had to sneak on, but he doesn't seem to be too unhappy with the situation.

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34. A dog just knows.

Imgur | okayyymovingon

"I have no doubt in my mind my dog knows I'm pregnant," this woman wrote.

The way this dog is cradling their owner's expectant belly, resting their head against it protectively. I'm positive they know exactly what's going on. And that's what makes this photo so wonderful.

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35. He's just loving being loved.

Poor Willie spent seven years on a chain. Now that he's got a foster mom, he doesn't like to be alone at home anymore, so he's become a workplace mascot - and an excellent one, too. Just look at the wags! The tail tells the tale!

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36. Better than any pirate parrot!

Reddit | its_scooby

"This is Floyd. He was born with Cerebral Hypoplasia which means he can't walk too well," wrote this Redditor. "Today we found out he fits in my 75 Liter hiking pack, so we got to take him on his first hike! He seemed to really enjoy it."

What a handsome lad Floyd is!

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37. I think they're going to be okay together.

Reddit | CrunchieJoker

"Wanted to get a kitten but was worried the dog wouldn't like it. Flash forward 3 days later," wrote this Redditor. Yep, pretty confident that the dog likes it.

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38. Is there anything about this puppy that isn't appealing?

Reddit | jphoto0

I don't even need a touching backstory here. It's a puppy napping on a banana!

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39. I don't think dog dad here even minds.

Reddit | kalrizzien

"At 13, Diesel occasionally needs help finishing walks," wrote this Redditor. "It's become his favorite part of the day."

Notice that walks haven't stopped at all, because Diesel deserves this.

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