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Dramatic Dog 'Faints' To Avoid Having His Nails Trimmed

Ryan Ford 18 Oct 2019

Pet ownership isn't all fun and games. There's the little matter of feeding and cleaning up after our majestic beasts to consider, which is a far less glamorous side of things. But, we have a duty to do the less savory tasks for our furry friends all the same, and they have to be done.

If they all went over like this, well, at least we'd get a laugh out of it.

One of the less enjoyable things you have to do for your pooch is the nail trim.

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Okay, it's not exactly shoveling all the poops in the backyard in the spring, but trimming nails is not fun either. If you cut too much nail off, it can bleed. Don't cut it enough, and the dog can suffer. So, it does have to be done. The pooch pedicure can't be avoided.

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Aashin Khosla takes good care of her best friend and constant companion.

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The pair make plenty of videos together that they share online on Instagram and TikTok, and it's clear that Jack here has some serious drama skills.

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He's an expressive lad and even a histrionic boy, and he doesn't care who knows.

And that has never been more clear than when Aashin recorded the two of them going through their nail trimming routine.

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See, Jack doesn't freak out about having his nails trimmed; he just faints.

Like a Southern belle, he simply collapses in a heap, resigned to the cruel world that would see the ends of nails he's gone to such lengths to grow merely scattered on the floor, discarded.

It's a performance for the ages, as adorable as it is hilarious. Check it out below, and for the full effect, turn up the volume.

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