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12+ Coincidences That Are Too Good To Ignore

Ryan Ford 18 Oct 2019

Just about every TV detective out there will at one point cynically utter the line, "I don't believe in coincidences."

Sure, coincidences might be too convenient in a murder mystery on TV, but coincidences are a fact of life. They do happen from time to time. But they do give a bit of pause when they happen, don't they?

1. When the packaging picture looks like it could have been shot in your yard.

Reddit | Helkas

That's not just a similar pool, that's identical, right down to the tiling job. Crazy.

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2. That could have been worse.

Reddit | oldtrader1

Reading a paragraph about the flight you happen to be on, British Airways Flight 16 out of Sydney, not crashing is definitely preferable to the alternative.

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3. Just when you thought you could have a decent, incident-free breakfast.

Reddit | hesback_inpogform

What are the odds you'd find another egg inside? Is that a bonus egg, or just too weird to eat? Not sure I would take a chance that there's yet another one inside that, like a Russian nesting doll.

But still, no thanks from me.

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4. That's no puppy.

Reddit | p480n

I know, it looks like there's a smaller version of this dog curled up next to him, but it's just his paw. How odd that it looks just like him!

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5. A perfect gray scale.

Reddit | KKBrawler

As chance would have it, the drivers of these cars managed to park them in a row that perfectly goes from lightest to darkest.

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6. Lucky fisherman, unlucky fish.

Reddit | JeepLife

I guess every fish that ends up on a hook is unlucky, but this one is doubly so since it managed to survive a swipe from a bear first.

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7. When the shorts match the chair.

Reddit | Adamblancher

I don't care much to discuss who wore it better — let's just say that they're both stylin' and leave it at that, shall we?

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8. And the shoes match the carpet?

Reddit | victoriousship

Okay, that's weird. I've never seen shoes with designs like that, but they blend in like they were made from the same cloth.

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9. And then there's this carpet.

Reddit | Sneegles

Pretty sure that the carpet won't float, but also pretty sure that that's Pennywise from IT in the pattern.

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10. Was this rock predisposed to looking like a heart when it froze?

Reddit | sozazac

And for a frozen rock, it's surprisingly close to an anatomically correct heart, not a Valentine's chocolate box heart.

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11. Here are the three tallest buildings in Chicago being struck by lightning at the same time.

Reddit | dhruveishp

Yes, the tallest buildings are going to attract lightning. Of course they will. But for them to be struck at the same time seems highly unlikely.

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12. Meme star Grumpy Cat's death was announced to the world on May 17th.

Reddit | XxDJ-DavidxX

The text on this Grumpy Cat desk calendar for the very next day? "Have fun without me." Talk about prophetic!

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13. Nope, that's not a new planet in the sky, obviously.

Reddit | Baconlessness

Pretty cool how the reflection of a steering wheel coincidentally lines up with the sky to create that scene, though.

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14. This coincidence could make the nurse feel old, but it's too sweet to be annoyed by that little fact.

Reddit | abdilatifysh

You see, she and her colleague just realized that she was the nurse that cared for baby him 28 years ago.

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15. If you're the type to believe in conspiracies and subliminal messaging, this can't possibly make you feel better.

Reddit | Pupperz77 ​

The fact that the specific sentence happened to line up with the newspaper fold is probably a coincidence... or is it?

It could also the result of the layout designer having some fun.

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16. I can't decide whether or not learning these people know each other would make it better.

Reddit | Friendorphobia

On one hand, this is totally the sort of vanity plate silliness my family would get up to, but it's more fun if they're complete strangers.

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17. Two fortunes, one after the other.

Reddit | mac_de_marco

I suppose you can't argue that the fortune was wrong, but the "love" in question isn't likely to be what the guy hoped for.

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18. There is an awful lot of mustard yellow in this photo.

Reddit | mo0_mo0

And I like mustard yellow.

Thankfully, you can tell this isn't straight out of a Wes Anderson movie because one of the vehicles is only a 2-door, and the rims are different.

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19. When the faux woodgrain on your phone case matches the faux grain on a library desk, be careful not to lose it.

Reddit | iamnotchris

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the same image of wood grain has been used for decades.

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20. This dragonfly's bright coloring happens to match the shorts of the person it landed on.

Reddit | GeneralBlumpkin

I hate to ruin the moment, but it may be confused and trying to mate with the shorts.

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21. This is probably nirvana for bird watchers.

Reddit | I_drink_your_tears

Just having a curious bird come to visit would be a special moment, but to have it be the exact bird you're reading about is priceless.

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22. These puppies can help you learn to count!

Reddit | ArkadiusBear

These doggos had better be named something like Uno, Dos, and Tres or similar.

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23. Don't bother to buy any more lottery tickets, because you've officially used up all of your luck.

Reddit | superhero112

I love the second pic of the guy just looking down at it in shock. Like, what are the odds?

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24. Speaking of giving up of the lottery...

Reddit | itslqb

Ouch. That had to hurt more every time the next number was drawn.

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25. "C is for cookie!"

Reddit | norcal530

I wonder if these guys know each other or if they ever realized how perfectly their hoodies worked together.

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26. It's probably not uncommon for fishermen to catch lost wallets.

Reddit | -F1ngo

But it's probably incredibly UNcommon for it to be their own wallet, lost 20 years earlier.

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27. Oh look! A camper in its natural habitat!

Reddit | omboski ​

Of course, the rest of the image doesn't match, but the way those mountains line up is highly satisfying.

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28. While going through some old photos, this guy found one from the airshow when he discovered he wanted to be a pilot.

Imgur | RockYourOwnium

Then he realized that he had been piloting the exact same aircraft for the last month. Fate!

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29. Two strangers with similar shirts is one thing, but four?

Reddit | superfab96

Though, if it was going to happen with any pattern, black and white stripes seems pretty likely.

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30. Well, this is awkward.

Reddit | Give_Us_Moth_People

Any other number in that job notification would be fine, but not seven. Seven is bad.

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31. When your brother shows up dressed like your daughter's birthday present.


Personally, I think this proves that the brother has great style. How could he not when the doll he matches is labeled "Fashionista"?

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32. I've have plenty of double-yolk eggs in my lifetime.

Reddit | caitmak

But four yolks in a single egg is ridiculous. And totally throws off the flavor and texture profile.

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33. And that's not a ghost in the chair.

Reddit | ScummyMoney

Again, a reflection managed to line up perfectly to make it look like a ghostly person was perched in that chair.

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34. The smiley faces add to the irony.

Reddit | tricky3737

Part of me really hopes that some bored teenager at the fortune cookie manufacturing plant did this on purpose for the lols.

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35. The default router password probably combines two random dictionary words and some numbers.

Reddit | JasonSpeenus

But in this case, it happened to perfectly fit the new owner of the router, who has heterochromia.

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36. Same plate, different states.

Reddit | Morty_Goldman

Considering that they are both dark luxury cars, I wonder if Roy owns both and registered them in separate states on purpose.

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37. A bird with impeccable timing.

Reddit | kmakky

The car triggered the speed camera, but at the same moment the bird was in the perfect spot to hide the plates.

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38. This woman's dress matches both cars.

Reddit | Koopatroopa_7

Do you think she noticed the other car as she got into hers? My guess would be no.

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39. I wonder if these two are part of the same group or something.

Reddit | Croutoninspace

Otherwise, it's a huge coincidence that he'd be wearing a shirt with the same lizard design that she has tattooed on her shoulder.

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