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Buddy The Elf-Inspired Sugar Cookies Are Back, And We Can't Stop Smiling

Those ready to bake Pillsbury sugar cookies are a necessity during any seasonal event. They've got cookies dedicated to Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and probably others that I'm not familiar with!

Their Buddy the Elf-inspired sugar cookies are definitely a favorite, because who doesn't love Elf?

These 'Elf' ready to bake sugar cookies were a hit last year.

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Let's face it, when is Elf anything not a hit?

These classic ready to bake seasonal Pillsbury sugar cookies feature Buddy the Elf's little elf hat, and they're absolutely adorable.

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Food watchdog @snackstalker spotted them back Walmart recently.

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People were real excited about it — a whole 3,840 of them.

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These cookies have always been a classic. Remember when they came in a tube and you could cut your own?

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It's fine though. They're still just as delicious!

Someone couldn't resist having a bite before taking the shot — you have to eat them fresh out of the oven!

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All we know is that these cookies don't make us angry elves and put massive smiles on our faces.


Now, please excuse me while I pop a package of these cookies in the oven and eat them while I watch Elf .

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