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Mexican Hot Chocolate Almond Milk Is The Sweet And Spicy Drink Of Your Winter Dreams

Marilisa Racco 21 Oct 2019

The world is going crazy for Mexican drinks these days — hello, Mexican Coke, and of course, tequila. But there's a new drink on the market inspired by the exotic flavors of Mexico. It's Blue Diamond's new Mexican Hot Chocolate Almond Milk, and it's a unique blend of sweet and spicy.

It's chocolaty goodness with a kick of red pepper.

The drink will satisfy your sweet tooth thanks to rich cocoa and cane sugar with hints of cinnamon. But the addition of red pepper also gives the drink a surprising burst of heat.

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This is the latest Latin-inspired product from Blue Diamond.

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The company has been looking south of the border for inspiration recently. “Following the momentum of our recently launched almond milk horchata, we’ve continued to draw inspiration from the Latin American community and further our commitment to our customers,” said Suzanne Hagener, Director of Brand Marketing at Blue Diamond Growers.

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Despite its name, it can be consumed hot or cold.

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For those who simply can't wait to let it cool off before drinking, Blue Diamond states on its website that despite its name, the drink can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

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It's also vegan friendly.


Due to its inherent nondairy nature, the drink is also vegan friendly. It's up to you whether you want to add (vegan) sprinkles or not.

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It's here in time to spice up your holidays.

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The drink is available in stores now and is the perfect way to add some spice to any holiday gathering.

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