These Animal-Inspired Desserts Are Too Cute To Eat

Did you do anything cool when you were 16? I remember just being a regular teenager and doing typical teenage stuff. But when Jose of @naturally.jo was 16 he started making colorful food creations using ingredients that are purely vegan.

Now, two years later his Instagram following is a massive 1.6-million people. And it's easy to see why because his food pics are amazing.

I've been following Jose for about a year now and I have to tell you his food pics always stop me in my tracks and make me smile.

No kidding.

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I've been stepping up my food photography skills but when I realized Jose was actually only 18 it definitely put my skills to shame.

LOL! He's like a wizard.

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The way he makes cakes look is not only delicious but also fun.

It's almost too pretty to consider eating it. Hee, hee. I dare you to not like his designs.

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His food styling chops are so good he makes every piece of cake or creation look like a work of art.

Even the cat is mesmerized.

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If somebody handed me chocolate-covered strawberries that looked like this, I would probably just frame them and hang them up on the wall instead of eating them.

They're too cute!

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He's not only showing people all over the world that food can be fun and playful, but also that you can use good and wholesome ingredients to make it.

I love the colors and creativity.

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If you could get your hands of one of these super creative and spooky ice cream pops would you actually eat one?

I would, albeit, reluctantly, lol.

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OMG, how adorable are these pupcakes?

They're masterfully crafted and I bet they're also really delicious. They would be perfect for a wedding or some other occasion for sure.

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Jose also runs a YouTube channel where he shows people how he makes such amazing and elaborate food creations.

I've already learned a thing or two from him.

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His smoothie bowls are now literally becoming legendary.

I look at them in awe every time. And I want to learn how to make one like this myself.

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I dunno where Jose's love for food came from.

Was it from his parents, or school, or somewhere else? But regardless, this young man is doing something right here.

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Who wouldn't want to gaze upon these super cute flamingo donuts?

If I wasn't already obsessed enough with flamingos this totally puts me over the top. Am I right?

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This would definitely be me if I was able to get my hands on one of Jose's fantastic cake creations.

I would eat it until I couldn't eat anymore. Ha, ha!

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The sheer talent of this young man blows me away every time I look at one of his food pictures.


He gives me the inspiration to keep growing my skills.

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