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15+ Powerful Signs That Got Us Thinking

Ryan Ford 21 Oct 2019

It's easy to dismiss a lot of signs as being "too preachy" because, well, that's what most of them are for. They're trying their hardest to get a message across using very few words, which isn't easy.

The thing is, we don't have to agree with them for them to be effective. Starting a dialogue might just take a good kick in the pants!

1. There are worse ways to do it.

Reddit | hobbsarelie83

The only problem with this one is that everyone will have their own definition of what an "American worth fighting for" is, and it will almost certainly include themselves.

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2. This church took a stand.

Twitter | @ChristnNitemare

And it sure doesn't sound like any scripture I'm familiar with. Sarcasm does seem like an odd tool for a church sign, but it's pretty effective.

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3. That's an important second half there.

Reddit | klonipinchronicles

If a sign like this helps even a few people, it's well worth the effort.

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4. You don't always consider this from the other side.


But it's true, no matter where you are in the world, it's hard to blame someone for not speaking your language if it's not their native language too.

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5. Okay, this is well thought out.

Reddit | mdwaseem27

If you're going to try to send a message, it helps to be consistent, and this woman's sign at a rally for the planet is at least that.

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6. That sure gets your attention.

Reddit | Elevenscompanion

Honestly, neither Amazon burning would be ideal. I mean, the online retailer is definitely problematic in many ways, but fire is not the answer.

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7. Can any single platform contain you, though?

Reddit | dumutter

Personally, I think y'all are all model-worthy in your own ways, but it's definitely not a good thing to rely on other people's perceptions, which is really the point of this sign.

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8. Speaking of Instagram...

Reddit | BulljiveBots

This guy added an important sign to his food truck after too many influencers tried to leverage their followers to get free meals. Nothing doing here.

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9. Now there's a radical idea.

Reddit | soggyburrito

Not exactly in the spirit of forgiveness to wish harm upon people, but you have to appreciate the creativity, if nothing else.

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10. Metaphorical punches are not being pulled here.

Twitter | @ClevelandEvert

Hypocrisy is firmly in the crosshairs here, and there are a lot of folks out there who won't want to hear it. Here's hoping they do, though.

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11. Well, it's not wrong.

Reddit | The_Great_Pope_V2

It's true, a one-sided war isn't a war, but oppression. I feel like there's at least an undergrad poli sci paper to be written on this topic.

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12. This is loaded with history.

Twitter | @EmmettTillTalks

The sign marking the spot where Emmett Till's body was found has now been replaced for the third time.

This fourth sign was made to be bulletproof because the previous three signs were shot up so much.

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13. Don't lose sight of the big picture.

Reddit | TheKillerRabbit

Yes, we all enjoy the details of a good romance, but that's exactly where you forget that Romeo & Juliet is actually a tragedy.

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14. Clever both on the surface and between the lines.

Imgur | tsetil

The interesting part is that doughnuts look awesome and are always tempting when you see someone else eating one — interesting subtext there.

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15. I need one of these at home.

Reddit | jbartho

Just like losing sight of the big picture, it's easy to get caught up in the small details of daily life and forget to take a breath once in a while.

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16. Super effective.

Reddit | Cjbro4509

If it takes a Pikachu meme to get a message across, then that Pikachu meme will be put to work.

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17. In small towns in the Bible Belt, signs like this aren't uncommon.

Twitter | @Gr33nFairy

It seems harmless to a degree, but any time that words, and especially someone's creativity, get sanitized like this it should give us pause.

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18. Too accurate.

Reddit | CHEER_E_O

This was spotted outside a knitting store and as sales tactics go, it's not exactly the worst pitch I've heard.

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19. Well, that's actually a helpful explainer.

Reddit | psgenius

This sign spotted at a Brexit march is nothing if not relateable. Also, English teachers will appreciate it as an effective example of an analogy.

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20. Signs can bet art, too — or art can be a sign.

Reddit | Totallybadass

Mind you, I expect someone living on the streets would be quite happy to take both the coins and large scale systemic change.

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21. I don't know if this is the right usage, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

Reddit | KajaIsForeverAlone

Seat belts do save lives, and if it takes using a teen's lingo to at least get someone's attention and get them to wear one, so be it.

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22. Taking their message to a wide audience.

Reddit | ---O__O---

The NBA has been caught up in Hong Kong's democracy push thanks to its deal with mainland China, and these fans were kicked out of a game in Philadelphia for their pro-Hong Kong signs.

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23. "Nearly every day this elderly woman stands with this sign up, facing the traffic," wrote the uploarder.

Reddit | YouFooledMe

You have to respect her dedication to getting her message out there, on bright green attention-grabbing paper, no less.

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24. This sign caught many eyes at a protest in Chile.

Reddit | Oneroom02

It translates to "My student debt is so high it isn't worth it to shoot me," which really brings home what the protests are all about.

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25. This protest sign is pretty relateable too.

Reddit | TheRandomShot

I mean, you couldn't set Breaking Bad in many western nations other than America because of the whole universal health care thing.

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26. "My 8 year old daughter asked if she could put a sign in the yard..." wrote the uploader of this image.

Reddit | TheDanDierdorf

And don't we all need to listen to our inner 8-year-olds sometimes, especially if they're trying to tell us wholesome things like this?

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27. This will get some tongues wagging.

Reddit | doreymefahkedurmom

I mean, as long as you do good and kind things, you're helping the world out, right? So does it matter that much if you thump a Bible or not?

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28. This laundromat put up a sign that will make a huge difference to someone.

Reddit | FormerAge0

One of the biggest barriers to employment is easily overlooked or taken for granted by a lot of people: a clean, neat presentation. And with a simple act of kindness, it can be overcome.

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29. This sign is an inspiring response to a need in the community.

Reddit | alanblah

Dignity is so easy to provide sometimes, but still, hats off to this Little Caesars location for actually taking action.

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30. Likewise, this store in Dallas is helping to keep homeless people in the community warm.

Reddit | ChamplooAttitude

So much better than those "take a penny, leave a penny" trays, and will make a huge impact for people so often left out in the cold.

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31. I'm sure this caused some sparks.

Reddit | HouseOfSchnauzer

But it's technically true — although maybe it's best not to bring up all the suffering Jesus went through at the end there.

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32. And this church's sign must have led to an interesting exchange the following Sunday.

Reddit | gangbangkang

Sounds like a good sentiment to me, and given that churches have been targets of mass shooters, it's easy to see where they're coming from.

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33. Okay, this one is an oldie but a goodie.

Imgur | iglew

This might sound like granola goodness, but conservation is a worthy goal for everyone.

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34. Running a small business takes a toll.

Reddit | darkestsoul

So hopefully this dry cleaner's regulars won't be too sad about the store being closed for a couple of days. Seems like a more than worthwhile reason.

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35. Hang these in every doctor's office — the science is clear, vaccines work and they save lives.

Reddit | Warnackle

And nobody is turning down the lollipop either, right? Because I'll take yours if you don't want it.

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