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People Divulge The Things Everyone Needs To Hear But No One Has The Guts To Say

Paddy Clarke 22 Oct 2019

Recently, one person posed Reddit the question, "What is something most people need to hear but no one has the guts to tell people?" And, boy, did the internet answer.

Everyone has experienced that moment of, "I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel!" However, people are sadly very rarely honest about how they feel with others, even if something is making them feel uncomfortable.

So, through the anonymity of Reddit, people took to the comments to vent the things that they think everyone needs to hear, but no one has the guts to say! Please find below some of the most serious, the funniest, and even some of the weirdest!

1. Don't Be A D*ck


"Being an asshole isn’t quirky" — Stalins_Daddio

In my experience, people often need to remember that just because there's a prominent TV show character you like is a bit of a d*ck, doesn't mean that it translates well to real life.

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2. Speedy Reunions

Instagram | mamairieloue_fr

"High school was a long time ago. We haven’t aged well. In fact, we look like our parents. And I don’t remember you." — jjruns

Sticking to these key ideas. you can cut down on so much unnecessary chat with people you can't really remember!

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3. Get Out Of My House!

Unsplash | Kelsey Chance

"Please go home from the party. I hate hosting and people won't leave." — BooksRock

There is nothing quite like that moment when someone cracks open another beer, and you feel your heart sink as your bed calls you sonorously.

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4. The Truth About That Video You Find Hilarious

Instagram | uptodateidn

"'The video you’re showing me isn’t funny.' I would never say it but god I hate fake laughing for 4 minutes." — costil

I've heard this a fair few times over the years; although, that is probably because I still enjoy watching vine compilations far too much!

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5. Just Telling People No


"'No.' Some people are socially anxious and can be extremely compliant. Saying no won't hurt someones feelings most of the time." — Loxreaten

This is very true. You're entitled to say no to people if you want; also, people will often not be as bothered as you think they will be in your head.

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6. Compliment Sponging


"Stop fishing for compliments, it’s annoying" — TipToppGrantio

This is a pet peeve of practically everyone on Earth I think, so it baffles me why people still do it!

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7. Hitch Up Your Pants

Reddit | OB1FBM

"I can see your butt crack when you sit down or stand up" — SteveM19

Whenever I see this happen, I cannot help but wonder how they aren't cold? Also, is it not uncomfortable having your pants sliding down? Get a belt!

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8. People Can Change

Unsplash | Nik Shuliahin

"Who you are is not who you are doomed to be." — Louis_Farizee

It is easy to think that things will always be the same; however, if there is something about the way your life is at the moment, most of the time there will be a way to change, sometimes with the help of others — whether it be your mental health or a lifestyle choice.

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9. The Truth About Your Job

Instagram | hopping_maad

"That company you work for doesn't give a crap about you... Update your resume...pop that bad boy on indeed and move on to better places" — on-a-watch-list

Some people really do let themselves get sucked into a job that they hate. It is never too late to change, you just need to have a little faith that you can do it! (I know this sounded like a three-cheese sandwich with extra cheese, but I really believe this is true)

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10. Parenting

Instagram | juliakandrews

"Some people aren't fit to be parents." — o-hannah

This one ended up being one of the most popular comments surprisingly. The comments on this topic came a lot from childcare specialists who shared some horrific things that they had seen.

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11. Playing Videos In Public

Instagram | yuki_hiro_aogasuki_

"If we're standing in line at the post office and you absolutely MUST listen to a video on your phone, please put on head phones. No one else wants to listen to your political talk show or Jim Rome's hot take on the Brown's offensive play calls." — casino_night

This is perhaps my personal favorite, just because of the amount of times that I'm on the train and people around me will loudly play fail videos that their friends have sent them. Please God let it end!

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12. People's Breath

Instagram | mrbean

"That they have disgusting breath." — CooperMonkey180

This is actually one of those instances where I really would like someone to tell me if I was guilty of this, then I could at least raz down a Tic Tak!

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13. Stop Interrupting!

Unsplash | Alicia Steels

"Shut up and let people finish their sentences. Stop interrupting." — tossthis34

There's very few things more annoying than when people don't let you finish your sent—

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14. Be Your Best Self


"Don't be yourself. Be your best self." — Selethe

This one just sounds like something straight out of a cheesy, anemic motivational card.

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15. When Their Kids Are Being Too Loud

Instagram |

"No, your kids running around screaming at the tops of their lungs is not cute, it is very annoying. Even more annoying is that you are not teaching them manners or how to be mindful and considerate of those around them!" — pumpkinluvhoneybunny

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16. Chewing With Your Mouth Open

Instagram |

"Chew with your mouth closed. It's considered rude to say this to someone but they really need to hear it. I'd want someone to tell me." — ohshawty

This was another incredibly popular response. Chewing with your mouth closed is something that should be ingrained from a person from a young age. No one wants to see your mushed up beetroot salad!

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17. Don't Talk During The Movie

Instagram |

"To shut the f*ck up during a movie" — ih8forcedlogins

Raises to feet and applauds, then gets told to sit down and get out of the way of the screen!

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18. Let Me Take A Selfie

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

"You are not an Instagram influencer," this person writes.

I mean, fair. A lot of people probably needed to hear this.

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19. Sleep Tight


"Nobody cares about a story about a dream you had," this person shares.

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20. Ch Ch Ch Changes

Instagram | @vertstores

"Nobody cares what color t-shirt you have," one person writes, "So hurry up and get ready."

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21. Self Respect

Instagram | @marialuisarea

"You deserve better," this person writes.

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22. The Joys Of Motherhood

Instagram | knitaboo

"Your baby looks horrible," this person writes, "But it doesn't really matter."

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23. I'm The Bad Guy

Giphy | Apple Music

"Nice guys don't finish last," this person writes.

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24. For Sale

Instagram | @marialuisarea

"You’re worth way more than you’re selling yourself out for," one person shares.

This is true. Never sell yourself short.

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25. Accountability

Instagram | @dreamingofmidsummer

"Your mental illness does not excuse you from your actions," one person writes, "You're just as accountable as the next person."

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26. Listen Up

Giphy | The Maury Show

"Stop giving unsolicited advice and making the conversation about you when someone talks about a problem they’re having," one person writes, "Learn to listen."

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27. Small Town Problems

Instagram | @theruralrecord

"Just because I know you or you’re from the same town as me doesn’t mean I have to support you, your business, or your crappy music," this person writes.

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28. Man's Best Friend

Instagram | @all4pawsrescue

"If your dog is an asshole, and it's because of you," this person writes.

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29. 10 Yard Line


"Nobody cares about your fantasy football team," one person writes, "Really, nobody cares."

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30. Coffee Shop Order

Unsplash | KAL VISUALS

"No, the hot barista who is literally young enough to be your daughter is NOT hitting on you," this person writes.

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31. The Next Eminem


"You’re not very good at rapping you should stop," this person writes.

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32. How We Really Feel About Your Workout

Instagram | garagegymlab

"Nobody cares about your workout." — kellywithayy

Can we all please finally admit to each other that no one cares how much you can bench, how long you can plank for, or how much you really wish you could eat something other than boiled chicken for once? Jesus, have a bit of fun once in a while.

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33. The Truth About Your Pyramid Scheme

Reddit | Peachapatchi

"Your MLM is just a thinly disguised pyramid scheme and it will never make you rich and you're an idiot for falling for it. You are in no way a 'small business owner'. Not for 'most people', but the people who need to hear it really need to hear it." — IWasSayingBoourner

Can't say I've ever felt the need to say this to anyone myself! But my mate assured me it wasn't a pyramid scheme, just a slightly skewed rhombus.

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34. Mental Health

Reddit | finalfinalbrand

"It’s okay to struggle with your mental health, but it’s important that you get help for it in whatever way is best for you," one person writes, "It’s not your fault but it is your responsibility."

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