Chris Evans Accused Of 'Robbing' John Krasinski Of Captain America Role

Jake Bean 22 Oct 2019

Why is everyone being a catty little b-word?

First, Jared Leto tries to get Joker canceled, and now Jim Halpert is being very bitter about Captain America?

Jim Halpert has had a pretty good career.


I mean, not everyone can go from a Sales Rep at Dunder Mifflin to the Assistant to the Regional Manager, to the Assistant Regional Manager, to the Regional Manager, to the President of New Acquisitions at Athleap.

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And uh... apparently he's done some acting as well?


They never covered this in The Office documentary, but Jim's been in some movies since his show ended.

He was in A Quiet Place, and did you know he was almost Captain America as well?

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As evidenced by this tweet:

Apparently he's doing something for charity, and he tweeted at Chris Evans to give him (and possibly Pam) some money.

He also mentioned that this was revenge for the time Chris Evans stole the Captain America role for him.

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Of course, Chris Evans responded.

Because when Jim "Freaking" Halpert calls, you answer darn it.

I'm assuming he must've donated, and that's good. Always nice to give some money to a good cause!

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