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14+ Times Animals Managed To Fall Asleep In The Most Awkward Positions

Amy Pilkington 24 Oct 2019

When we're kids, we seem to be able to sleep anywhere, in any position. We are more rag doll than skeleton. But as we age, we settle into our preferred sleeping positions.

Animals are more like kids, though, and sometimes we discover them in the strangest sleeping positions.

Like, how are these even comfortable?

1. "My Golden Retriever likes to sleep under the toilet."

Reddit | ImQueative

It's not that uncommon to find dogs chilling in the bathroom. I think they like the coolness of the tile floor on a warm day. But this takes it to an extreme.

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2. I can't make any list of funny sleeping positions without a cameo from Paningning.

Instagram | @therealpaningning

This chubby shih tzu puppy went viral because she sleeps on her back in random places, displaying her delightful belly.

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3. "This is Leela. She sleeps like this. It just ain't right."

Reddit | HaveAMap

Leela looks like she fell asleep mid-stretch. She also looks like a dog statue that has just been toppled over.

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4. Even reptiles get in on the awkward sleeping action.

Reddit | sir_vile

This guy looks like me after a long day at work. Almost, but not quite reaching the bed before passing out.

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5. Splat.

Reddit | Agnes_P

"He always sleeps like he fell from the 50th floor." The only thing that would make the effect even stronger is if the back legs were splayed out too.

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6. Dogs are surprisingly good at yoga.

Reddit | ConnardDeBase

We think of cats as the bendy ones, but as a dog owner myself, I can confirm that they can and will pretzel themselves.

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7. Still, cats do seem to do it more often and in more interesting ways.

Reddit | ShawnRivera00

I would think sleeping with only your head and neck to support your dangling body would be uncomfortable, but apparently not.

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8. This leopard gecko likes to sleep squished into the corner.

Reddit | xclcoold14x

I wonder if the rock was placed with the gap between it and the glass or if the gecko worked hard to shift it and create this nook.

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9. I'll leave the Redditor who shared this pic to explain it.

Reddit | JeromeTheFox

"Found my cat sleeping like this in the window between the screen and the glass. Pulled him out (in), he looked at me grumpily and squeezed himself back in (out). Sunbathing the derpy way."

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10. Blanket snoot.

Reddit | Jenks0503

This makes perfect sense to me, since I love the coziness of sleeping with my head under the covers, but hate the stale air.

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11. Butt in the air; don't care.

Reddit | atrimarco

The gap between the couch cushions is probably providing the stability needed to maintain this pose without falling over.

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12. This makes my teeth hurt.

Reddit | devic_a

This definitely falls on the weird side rather than cute. The teeth squick me out a lot.

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13. I think every puppy does this at least once.

Reddit | yayadee17

As long as it's the food bowl and not the water bowl, it's safe. Just weird and cute.

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14. This isn't that strange a pose, but the breed makes it special.

Reddit | smilkcake

That super long neck and adorable overbite really add to it. The big nose too.

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15. How you react to this depends on your opinion of hairless cats.

Reddit | ra_astons

On one hand, it's really kind of weird, but on the other hand, it allows you to get a good look at how the cat's body folds into that shape.

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16. This little dude had a good run.

Reddit | bheighkeigh

It's gone and tuckered itself out!

Admittedly, this would be me after only a few rotations of the wheel.

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17. "My boyfriend just sent me a picture of our kitten sleeping..."

Reddit | Keeliekins

This kitten is already mastering the rag doll portion of feline physics. It's only a matter of time before it pretzels.

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18. There is so much to love here.

Instagram | @therealpaningning

You've got the combination of a big bear and tiny doggo, the smooshy face and blep, and that tummy.

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19. "Our cat’s preferred sleeping position is discomfort on arm pillows."

Reddit | scampbellsoup

Sometimes you wonder if people caught the weird sleeping on camera once and are exaggerating about how often the animal does it. This one provides multiple pieces of evidence.

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20. The way this guy is just chilling also tells me this is a regular event.

Reddit | Guygan

I also love how he just casually put his sunglasses on the dog.

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