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We're All Obsessed With Cinderblock, The Fat Cat Who Doesn't Want To Exercise

Amy Pilkington 26 Oct 2019

With all of the awfulness going on in the world, we're all looking for some light of hope, something to cheer for that isn't colored by politics or anger.

Which may be why the world has become obsessed with a chunky cat by the name of Cinder. Due to her solid appearance, she's been dubbed "Cinderblock" by her fans.

Cinder went viral after a video of her being completely unenthusiastic about a water treadmill was shared.

Between Cinder's incredible square-ness and the #relatable way she treats the idea of exercise, it's hardly a surprise that some are calling her the next great internet cat.

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The video was shared by Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington.

She's been put on a weight loss diet and the water treadmill is to help her get the exercise she needs to get fit.

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Of course, people had questions about how a cat could get so obese.

After the video was shared in the r/aww Reddit community, it gained enough of a following that someone related to the previous owners could provide context.

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Cinder's owner was their 93-yerar-old grandfather, who passed away earlier this year.

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After his death, Cinder stayed with an aunt who tried to begin the process of weight loss. When she realized that it was a more serious issue than she could solve on her own, she relinquished Cinder to the experts at the veterinary hospital.

The family always called her "Meatball", but they all love the nickname "Cinderblock" too.

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Some people also didn't understand the point of the water treadmill.

According to the vet, Cinder has arthritis and mobility issues from her weight. The water adds buoyancy so that less strain is put on her legs while she practices walking.

The current water level is only to help her get used to it, but it will eventually be increased to improve the buoyant effect.

In a follow-up video, Cinder is still vocally annoyed, but she's walking confidently. Progress!

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Cinder's journey is only just beginning, but as more and more people find out about it, her following will grow.

Reddit | Alex_Plalex

She's already got her own subreddit at r/Cinderblock and not only can you find videos of her on the @northshore_vet Instagram page, but she's now got a YouTube channel called "Cinder Gets Fit".

I'm definitely subscribed and ready to cheer Cinder on in her weight loss journey!

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