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14+ Times Nature Left Us Feeling Violated

Amy Pilkington 30 Oct 2019

Nature is really freaking cool and is often beautiful. It's is also super weird and creepy sometimes.

Obviously, I'm more inclined to enjoy the pretty neat side of nature rather than the creepy af side, but it can still be fun to marvel at the strange sometimes.

1. Be warned: There are a few parasites on this list.

Reddit | qevoh

Like this wormy one just chilling and wriggling in this toad's eye. Looks like it's done some damage to the eye itself too.

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2. Isn't motherhood beautiful?

Reddit | Jose_Monteverde

This mama centipede is curled all protectively around her babies.

Shudder So many legs...

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3. Trail cams usually only spot the really creepy stuff at night.

Reddit | TheLionsMan

But not this one. This one managed to spot a GIANT mountain lion in broad daylight. That is not a friendly-looking kitty.

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4. This is not a fake spider.

Reddit | erynhawks

It's called a Goliath Bird-Eating Spider.

Think that through for a second. It's a spider so big that it eats birds.

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5. I mean it, they are really freaking huge!

Reddit | jacobfritts

Calculated by mass and general size, they are the largest spiders in the world.

Only the giant huntsman spider beats it in leg-span.

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6. This is a snaggletooth snake eel.

Reddit | VarysIsAMermaid69

Usually, when I think about the word "snaggletooth," I picture a cute dog with a tooth peeking out from between its lips.

This may have ruined the word for me.

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7. No biggie. Just hundreds of carpenter ants during their "nuptial flight."

Reddit | Arizonaman5304

Yes, they are having the sexy times.

This may not creep you out, but I was once standing under a rotten skylight as it was removed from the ceiling and got rained on by carpenter ants. It leaves a mark.

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8. And here I thought snake teeth were fairly tame, creepy-wise.

Reddit | Ultimategrid

This emerald tree boa is proving me very wrong. I'm not sure which is worse: the weird way the upper teeth are connected or how sharp and spiny those bottom ones are.

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9. Yeah, this goat is definitely a bad omen.

Reddit | emoposer

The lighting is definitely adding to the effect, but those horns are terrifying all on their own.

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10. The Goliath Tigerfish is proving that anything with the moniker "goliath" is probably terrifying.

Reddit | [deleted]

It has been reported to attack humans on occasion and was even featured on the show River Monsters for obvious reasons.

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11. Sharks aren't known for being the cutest animals, but we usually know what to expect.

Reddit | TheSanityInspector

But the whole face of a Port Jackson shark is something to behold.

From the angry eyes to the lines of teeth down the center, I could do without ever seeing this again.

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12. Would you be surprised if I told you this pic was taken in Australia?

Reddit | LoudMoney

I thought not. The Australian coconut crab is as big as a trash can. Now that is a thing you know.

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13. Another thing you now know: whales can get lice.

Reddit | VarysIsAMermaid69

Though, being underwater creatures, the whale louse isn't actually related to the lice we think of. They are actually a crustacean.

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14. Assassins usually try to keep their profession on the down-low, but not this Assassin Bug.

Reddit | full-of-grace

Specifically, the Acanthaspis petax who stacks the dead bodies of its victims onto its back like a really morbid camouflage.

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15. Normally, it's the sharp teeth that creep us out.

Reddit | [deleted]

But the red bellied pacu is a fish with way too many human-like teeth and I think we can all agree that it's ten thousand times creepier.

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16. This may work as camouflage for other fish, but not for humans.

Reddit | carmelmarien

Stargazer fish bury themselves in sand, but the human eye is a bit more capable of spotting the NOPE than the average fish.

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17. This image came with the warning to always check before you put on gloves and they made a compelling argument.

Reddit | Iheartmyhonda1

After all, a few seconds of looking is definitely worth it to avoid the feeling of sticking your hand into a spider invasion.

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18. Geckos are usually fairly cute lizards, but this one really shatters that expectation.

Reddit | davvelott

Meet the Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko, which is one of the most appropriately named animals I've ever seen.

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19. Stag beetles can already be a little unnerving to look at before you see them fight.

Reddit | JaybeRF

And considering that the dominant one's mandibles are both crushing and sticking into the other beetle, this is definitely not just a friendly wrestling match.

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20. This hyena has a legitimate reason to look like this, but it's still pretty chilling.

Reddit | Biosample

As you might be able to tell, something came along and damaged its right eye, thus giving it this eerie new look.

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21. This wasp looks even freakier than usual thanks to a parasitic fungus.

Reddit | KrakenHybrid

That fungus is called cordyceps and aside from the nightmarish appearance, it also causes its host's muscle-controlling nerves to die so the fungus can take over and force the host to do its bidding.

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22. Although cordyceps are famous for controlling ants, their list of potential hosts is a lot longer than that.

Reddit | champagnehabibi9898

For instance, here we see a tarantula being controlled by the fungus. As if a regular tarantula didn't already look intimidating enough.

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23. This sinister-looking creature is known as a binturong, which is also known as a bearcat.

Reddit | Higashikawa

Despite the name, it's actually not related to either bears or cats, but rather to raccoon-looking mammals known as civets.

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24. Apparently, people who are tricked into seeing someone's "real-life unicorn" are often shown this.

Reddit | plainprogram

This isn't some undiscovered species of cow, but rather a regular one born with an unusual defect.

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25. I get the feeling that this person wishes they crawled into a different cave.

Reddit | rockingchairnyc

To be fair to the rampaging bear, I'd probably get pretty grumpy if my months-long slumber was interrupted by some goober too.

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26. This mushroom is sometimes called an Elfin Saddle, but I think its other name fits it a little better.

Reddit | pinkMist25

Considering how dark and bleak this mushroom looks, Helvella Lacunosa feels somehow more appropriate.

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27. While this isn't the deadly black mold it may resemble, what we're actually looking at isn't much more pleasant.

Reddit | OiMateImArgentinian

It's not such a big deal when a couple of ants get into the house, but here we see a massive nest of them that actually managed to wear a hole into this corner.

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28. This is a side of kangaroos that I never would've guessed existed.

Reddit | JokerfaceHD

Part of me wants to think that this one is unusually jacked, but it may just be the first time I've seen one flex their muscles like this.

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29. The issue here isn't that someone came across a gnarly-looking wolf eel.

Reddit | UWphoto

Nope, the issue is that this person just came across the head of one. That means somebody saw this fearsome creature and thought, "Mmm, that looks good."

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30. It would normally be hard to find a creepy picture of limestone, but here we are.

Reddit | xerxes7777

Yeah, apparently, the sediment can pile on in such an impressive way that the limestone can end up swallowing up this human skull.

So now this sight gets to be in our nightmares.

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31. This may not look like a pleasant experience, but it probably is for them.

Reddit | CharismaticBiscuit

Believe it or not, this is what earthworms look like as they impregnate each other. And since worms have male and female organs, any of them can potentially be impregnated.

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32. Unfortunately, a poor two-month-old kitten had to get this monster extracted from it.

Reddit | GoKysPlease

You may have heard some disturbing stories about bot flies laying eggs in people, but this is what the resulting larvae can sometimes look like.

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33. This furry patch on the wall might be even worse than it looks.

Reddit | Ratboy102

While nobody wants something they can't identify to start growing in their house, it might be better than finding out the mysterious growth was hundreds if not thousands of little spiders all along.

Yup, that's what's going on here.

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34. This fella may look like someone fed a gremlin after midnight, but it actually has a pretty cute name.

Reddit | Tacoman2018

This long-fingered lemur with the large ears is known as an aye-aye. So it's an agreeable little guy, at least.

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35. It's kind of hard to make out what's going on here, but that might be a good thing.

Reddit | Hayce_

That's because we're looking at a tarantula that's just caught a baby possum and is now dragging it around the Amazon Rain Forest.

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36. Remember when you were a kid and earthworms were just weird squishy things that appeared after a storm?

Reddit | A_Lukewarm_Lizard

Meet the giant Gippsland earthworm. If you guessed that this is another native of Australia, congratulations, you get a cookie.

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37. Meet Cymothoa exigua, better known as the tongue-eating louse.

Reddit | MonsoonShivelin

Yeah, you read that right. This mildly-Pokemon-looking parasite eats the fish's tongue and simply takes its place.

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38. Okay, let's add Frilled Sharks to the list of things with crazy teeth.

Reddit | Jose_Monteverde

Really, there comes a point where it feels like overkill. Literally.

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39. This looks like something Lovecraft might have thought up.

Reddit | misanthrophile1

This is a star-nosed mole. It's blind, but can smell under water. The tentacles around its nose also help detect prey.

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