16 Pics That Prove Cookie Dough Isn't Just For Cookies

Diply 21 Mar 2018

Like basically every child, my favorite part of making cookies with my mom was tasting the cookie dough. Her go-to chocolate chip recipe was magical, and I wanted to just eat the balls of dough whole. As I got older and was less carefully watched, I definitely tried this. It was, of course, amazing.

I did, of course, get a stomachache.

Now, however, genius folks are making dough with eggs and heating up raw ingredients like flour to make it perfectly safe to eat large amounts of cookie dough. It's a better world, and these scrumptious photos are the result.

1. Okay, clearly we have to start with this.

Lil' Luna | Lil' Luna

To all the fine people who made cookie dough safe to eat with a spoon, I salute you. I also invite you over to my apartment to make me cookie dough.

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2. Why do M&Ms make cookie dough look so much better?

Happy Go Lucky | Happy Go Lucky

And why does a brownie bar with peanut butter cookie dough, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and M&Ms not exist in my kitchen at this very second?

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3. Fudge is my favorite food group.

Sugar Spun Run | Sugar Spun Run

I've been wanting to make chocolate chip cookie dough fudge for years, and this picture of fudgy goodness may have just pushed me over the edge.

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4. Please, take it in.

Baking a Moment | Baking a Moment

Gasp at the Oreo crust, let your eyes absorb the chocolate whipped cream, and imagine the silkiness of the cheesecake. Now remember that it has chunks of cookie dough and fall over, overwhelmed.

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5. Cookie dough? There's a pie for that.

Sugar Spun Run | Sugar Spun Run

There's a pie for everything, and this particular pie makes me think that just one bite would make me fly. You just have to think of a wonderful thought, right?

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6. S'mores and cookie dough are a natural fit.

Turnip the Oven | Turnip the Oven

These bars look so perfectly chewy, correcting all the issues I have with how the graham crackers in real s'mores crack and make the marshmallow and chocolate fall in the dirt.

Just me?

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7.  A little bit of salty and a whole lot of sweet.

Shugary Sweets | Shugary Sweets

Cookie dough pretzel bites are the perfect size for me to carry with me for whenever I want a snack, right?

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8. Wait, did you say deep-fried?

TipBuzz | TipBuzz

Umm, why don't they serve deep-fried cookie dough at every fairground? Balls of butter and sugar can only get better when you add tons of oil.

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9. Now this is my kind of dip.

Homemade Hooplah | Homemade Hooplah

Sorry, do you have any Mars bars to dip in? No? How about gingerbread? How can I get the most sugar per yummy bite?

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10. Cookie dough for the truly schmancy.

The Chunky Chef | The Chunky Chef

Boxes of chocolate are infamously fickle on quality, but I would be perfectly content with an entire box of these.

Please make a note to my husband that I want these hand-delivered on our anniversary.

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11. A layer of cookie dough + a layer of cheesecake + a layer of cookie dough = happiness.

Mom on Timeout | Mom on Timeout

I will be dreaming tonight of such wonderful sweetness. I guess perfection really is possible.

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12. I am sure that a single bite would be a richness overload, but I still want to try.

My Evil Twin's Kitchen | My Evil Twin's Kitchen

If I end up with a stomachache, it's my own darn fault.

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13. Breakfast of champions.

Food Faith Fitness | Food Faith Fitness

I am all here for the overnight oats trend, mostly because it means I can just stick a spoon in a jar in the morning and start eating. Cookie dough brings this to a whole new level.

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14. If heaven were frosting...

Two Sisters | Two Sisters

I didn't realize before that cupcakes were missing something, but now I know. Cookie dough frosting seems more like a seven-year-old's dream than an actual thing, but here we are.

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15. This is what you get when you level up ice cream sandwiches.

Delish | Delish

Ice cream sandwiches made of baked cookies are basically boring now. Cookie dough is the new holder of all the ice cream in my freezer.

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16. Sugar cookies are a year-round delicacy.

A Bajillion Recipes | A Bajillion Recipes

Sugar cookie dough fudge made with cream cheese, white chocolate, and sprinkles is possibly a fudge so special that it should only be eaten once in a lifetime, but I'm willing to try twice.

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