Sneaky Mom Hides Halloween Candy From Her Kids In Frozen Vegetable Bag

Emily McWilliams 29 Oct 2019

Who says kids get to have all the fun on Halloween? I fully plan on dipping into my son's candy stash, as I'm sure many other parents out there will with their kids' candy.

However, I might just have to borrow this mom's sneaky hack so I don't get caught.

Obviously, the best part of Halloween is the candy.

Unsplash | Dane Deaner

Yeah, pumpkins and costumes are great and all, but you can't go wrong with pure sugar.

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Many parents benefit from their kids' trick-or-treat hauls.

Unsplash | Sarah Gualtieri

But the question is, how can parents sneak candy from their kids without them knowing? One mom, Maynard Rose, took to Facebook to share her idea.

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It turns out, all you need to do is hide the candy in a frozen vegetable bag. Genius!

Facebook | Maynard Rose

"LETS SEE THE KIDS FIND THIS STASH," she said in her post.

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Online, parents were loving this snack hack.

Facebook | Kimmi Pratt

It looks like a lot of parents plan on doing this with their kids' candy. I know I am!

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Maynard's post has been shared on Facebook 58,000 times.

Facebook | Bronte Kerr

If there are more kids complaining about missing candy this year, I guess we know why!

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