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We're All Winners After Seeing These Doggos Dressed Up For Halloween

Amy Pilkington 31 Oct 2019

All my friends are sharing pics of their kids dressed up for Halloween, and yeah, they're cute, but you will never convince me that a kid in a costume is cuter than a dog in one.


Of course, if your doggo is unhappy about being dressed up, then don't fight them for the photo-op, but if they don't mind or — gasp! — even like being clothed, then you better be sharing that adorableness on social media. It's the law.

1. As a lover of food, I approve of this theme.

Also, I quite enjoy the stretch of calling a cow costume a "container of milk." It's not wrong but it's also adorable in how not right it is.

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2. Are puns better in French? This one is.

Reddit | EightyThousand_85

That pom doesn't seem to mind being carried around like that. Presumably, there is foam or something inside to keep Fido from sliding down.

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3. "Mahm, why did we invite them to the party? They're such a ham."

Reddit | Radish00

That nose is incredible. I imagine it didn't last very long, but this picture is worth it.

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4. Now this is my kind of couples' costume!

Reddit | Jennandtonic29

I love how DIY is it too. Super easy to make, but absolutely awesome too.

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5. My dog would destroy that porg toy so quickly.

Sadly, my boy isn't the right color needed to make as good a Chewie as this sweetheart is.

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6. Bark Macklin, FBI and Janet Snakehowl.

Reddit | MotherOfBlackLabs

If you don't get how awesome this reference is, then please go watch Parks and Recreation. Do it now. I'll wait.

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7. Not all doggos get into character, but this little shark is happy to show some teeth.

I can't decide if these are the best they could manage from the whole photo shoot or if they're just the outtakes. I love them either way.

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8. Beep-boop beep-boop.

I'll do you a favor and not write this entire caption as R2-D2. You're welcome.

This guy seems a bit uncomfortable, but happy to pose for a few pics as long as treats are being held just off camera.

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9. Don't be sad, Delivery Doggo.

Everyone is always happy to have piping hot pizza appear at their door and if the delivery person was always as cute as you, they'd make a killing in tips.

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10. This is a nightmare I'd happily get stuck in.

Instagram | @weirdiggies

This Freddy could just wander right up close for cuddles before murdering me. I doubt I'd even mind.

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11. "Rawr! I'm a dinosaur!"

Reddit | Mo0kish

Such a bamboozle! But you can still spot a pupper's caring eyes behind those sharp and scary teeth.

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12. If your dog comes pre-costumed, just lean into it.

I thought the mop handle leash was cute, but the wet floor sign really takes it up a notch.

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13. Now this doggo GETS IT.

Instagram | @lilothepoo

Sure, the pirate costume helps, but this pooch is selling the heck out of it. That's a pirate I'm happy to let swash my buckle.

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14. "Fine, I'll sit still for a second, but there had better be treats!"

This grumpy Wonder Woman definitely deserves all the treats for being such a good model.

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15. Simple. Easy to DIY. Perfect.

Reddit | apex087

I wish I had thought of it before now because my boys are definitely Beanie Baby-esque in cuteness.

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16. If you're going to put a dog in a Superman costume, catching them mid-jump is a must.

How else are you going to prove your pooch can leap small buildings in a single bound?

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17. "Dobby is free!"

Reddit | RichHomieAntoine

Okay, admittedly, I'm one of those people that finds Dobby incredibly annoying for 95% of his time on page and screen. But this is darn cute.

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18. Toot toot!

Reddit | vbisbest

This is another one that would suit at least one of my dogs. Nothing says "I love you" like allowing a dog to fart on you in return for cuddles.

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19. This one wins for best special effects.

I love how the cat is just like "whatever" about the whole thing. It's pretty chill for a cat that's been put in clothes.

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20. I can just watch this Rambo doggo run at the camera all day.

Whoever first realized that plush arms would wiggle perfectly as a dog walks and began making costumes that utilize this fact is a genius.

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