A moving truck that advertises electronic and office moving... and marriage counseling.
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20 People Who Snuck Something Past The Defense

I absolutely live for the random little Easter eggs people sneak into the strangest, most unexpected places. The bottom of a mug, a clothes tag, the side of a truck. Stuff like that.

It feels like the people who sneak these things into production or wherever else could make really good secret agents. I mean, how else would you explain how things like the pictures in this list exist?

"Walked past this hundreds of times and never noticed."

A plaque on a large stone that reads, "In 1832 on this spot nothing happened."
reddit | KilforeClout

The most necessarily unnecessary plaque in existence, I'd say. And also weirdly ironic; sure, nothing happened in that spot in 1832, but it feels like something happened there in 2022 (someone found the plaque).

"Slurpy Miso Ramen noodles."

Cooking instructions for instant ramen, which includes the instruction to "slurp like you've never slurped before."
reddit | CaptSinkShip

I mean, the instructions really aren't wrong. You can't eat instant ramen (or even regular ramen) without slurping like you've never slurped before. To the point where they don't even actually have to tell you how to do it.

"Found this on the tag of a sweater I ordered."

The tag for a piece of clothing that instructs the wearer to just give it to their mom to wash.
reddit | XblaDeZNL

This clothing company definitely knows its market, which I guess is young people who don't know how to do their own laundry (or maybe who don't know how to wash delicates). Poor mom, though!

"Easter egg on a non-alcoholic bottle."

A warning label on non-alcoholic beer that says the "sturgeon general" approves this drink for operating machinery and for "preggos."
reddit | ucumberandsinap

There's a lot of weirdness going on here. But it's great to know that if you're pregnant and operating heavy machinery on the moon, you can still drink this stuff.

...I also hate that I read "sturgeon general" and thought nothing of it at first.

Someone graffitied Mario underneath this bridge.

An image of Mario running with money that was graffitied under a bridge.
reddit | 06_p

This feels like one of those things you'd walk or drive by hundreds of times, and only notice it once. And then you're sitting there wondering if it was always there, or if somebody graffitied it recently.

"The bottom of my new mug!"

The bottom of a mug that says, "for best results, use other side."
reddit | GiraffeGoddess2

I like the phrasing of this. "For best results, use the other side." It implies that you could pour coffee/tea/whatever else onto the bottom side of this mug, but it wouldn't work as well.

This strangely passive-aggressive phrasing.

The bottom of a pre-popped popcorn bag that reads, "clearly this popcorn has been enlarged to show texture."
reddit | kpod67

This is giving off a vaguely threatening vibe. It was probably written by some poor worker who's had to field plenty of calls that complain about the "misleading" size of the popcorn on the bag.

I still laughed, though.

They got you there.

A wooden sign that reads, "in case of fire, raise this flap." The board underneath the first flap reads, "Not now stupid! In case of fire."
reddit | AndreiGamer07

I have to say, I've never been called stupid by a piece of wood before. Life really is full of new things to discover.

I love the implication that, in case of fire, the flap would probably just burn up, anyway.

Funky little street crossing guys.

A crossing light that shows a person standing, and a person walking. Both have stickers on their heads and hands.
reddit | ydiagrace849

I love it when people put random little stickers on the walking (and standing) guys at crossings. Sure, the stickers do absolutely nothing, but that doesn't mean they aren't fun!

"The inside of my kids’ toothpaste box is a coloring page."

The inside of a box, which has been unfolded and flattened to reveal a unicorn drawing.
reddit | filmhamster

This is both incredibly cute, and such a smart idea! Sure, this box is recyclable, but it can also be reused as a fun little coloring page. Just because!

"Just thought this was clever, its the back for greeting/b-day cards."

A yellow placeholder card in a store's card section that reads, "Pick a card any card! But not this card. It's sold out."
reddit | Will-Helm96

I can confidently say that I've never seen a sold-out card section in the store before. But it's really nice to know that placeholders exist in case that ever happens.

"Graffiti in a bathroom stall."

Writing on the door of a bathroom stall around the lock, reading, "Poo with friends," and "Poo alone."
reddit | RandomGuy5937

I usually make a point of not looking at bathroom graffiti, but this one is actually really funny. I... hope no one takes the advice on there and poos with their friends, though.

"Inside my Figs nursing scrubs."

Faded lettering on a garment that reads, "Just saving lives NBD."
reddit | BumbleJacks

I love the fact that the lettering is worn, which means that OP's been using those scrubs for a little while. It's probably a really nice message for a nurse to find after working so hard!

"Found this in my boyfriend's jacket."

A tag on a jacket that says it'll treat the user right by keeping them warm when their girlfriend is cold-hearted.
reddit | definitelySheik

I think the funniest part about this is the fact that OP (who is a girl) found this. Hopefully she isn't going to start being cold-hearted thanks to this snarky little message!

"Reference to Robert Frost."

A sign indicating the intersection of two streets, including  Less Traveled Rd.
reddit | 1iszt

The real question is, is it the Less Traveled Road, or "the road less traveled"?

Based on the fact that it's a private road, I guess the name is actually pretty accurate... unless they have a lot of parties over there or something.

"Rules are made to be broken."

A seagull drinking out of a water bin that reads, "dogs only, no seagulls."
reddit | machococks

Well, the jokes on whoever wrote that. After all, seagulls can't read! Or maybe they can, and they're actually way smarter than we give them credit for. If that's the case, we're in big trouble...

"Sure hope zombies can read."

A license plate that reads, "EAT MY." The slogan on the plate is, "Family first."
reddit | Pathosx

Seagulls may not be able to read, but zombies probably can. They were people at one point, after all.

Either way, I'm glad I'm not part of this person's family. I'd hate to be thrown under the zombie bus like that.

"The elevator button that leads to the burger restaurant's floor... is a little burger."

An elevator button that has a burger symbol on it.
reddit | Nox_Dei

All this is making me think about is how cool it would be to have a little burger icon on my doorbell. No, I don't live in a restaurant, but it would still be really fun, I think.

Geese are a menace to society!

A page in a book about the Canada goose. Under "range," is says, "Everywhere. They could be inside your house right now."
reddit | Ops31337

You might find this incredibly funny, but it's also a good reminder that Canada geese are probably the most evil, vicious animals in the world. I wouldn't put figuring out how to pick locks and enter houses past them.

"Movers that have a heart."

A moving truck company that advertises electronic and office moving "...and marriage counseling."
reddit | TheFakeMichael

I guess moving can be a pretty big stress on your marriage... or maybe you're moving because your marriage isn't going very well. Either way, this company can help you with one or the other. Which is nice, I think.