A man taking a picture in a mirror, showing the bald patch in his hair.
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20 Times The Worst Part Of Leaving The House Was Dealing With People

Other people can be... the worst, let's face it. Perfect strangers, roommates, even people in your own family can make you want to completely give up on humanity every once in a while.

I'm sure these people had it worse than most of us, though. Their interactions with others seem a little more than just mildly infuriating, if you know what I mean.

"My roommate scratched the heck out of an expensive knife that was gifted to me by cleaning it with a steel wool."

Scratches on the side of a knife's blade.
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Not only is it a good quality knife, but it was a gift, too. I'm sure the roommate meant well, but you just don't touch someone else's knives.

"My brother, who doesn't do anything around the house, just threw out my snacks because I wouldn't cook for him."

A box of snacks thrown into a garbage can.
reddit | Skulliken_

Man, I really feel bad for whoever might marry that brother in the future. Hopefully he'll get his entitlement sorted out before then.

"This small car has been blocking our 3 parking spots for 3 days now."

A small car parked sideways in a driveway.
reddit | PleasantPhysics7982

Something tells me one of OP's neighbors doesn't have a lot of spatial awareness. Though... I'd probably do something about it before the three-day mark.

"Whoever scorched the earth and wrote sorry to my neighbor."

 burnt shrub with a sign next to it that reads, "Sorry :("
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How... does that even happen? And the fact that the person who did it just said "sorry" like that was going to do anything. I swear, some people have all the nerve.

"Someone decided to lock my bike for me."

Two bike locks intertwined with one another.
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I think the worst part about this is that there's nothing you can do until the other person comes back. But like, talk about that person being the most inconsiderate cyclist on the planet.

"Sister got ice cream, left it out, then put it back in the freezer with the scooper still in it."

A tub of ice cream that's half full and has a scooper inside of it.
reddit | ThYLeoShow

Ah, siblings. They're family, and yet so difficult to live with. Why do I feel like the sister would find a way to blame OP for this...?

"My dad likes to eat toaster strudels but not the frosting that comes with them."

A freezer shelf that's full of icing packets.
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"He has put every one he didn't use in the top freezer shelf where they've been accumulating for around 2 and a half years."

Why not... just throw them out. Is that really so hard?

"How to claim Gym equipment."

A gym equipment seat with teeth marks in it, with a caption that reads, "I'm not going to this gym anymore."
reddit | Abhirup_0

I don't want to know why somebody thought it was a good idea to bite a gym seat. But... there it is. Don't you just love it when a few weirdos ruin it for everyone else?

"No worries, delivery guy. Lots of plants grow this way in nature."

A box that was clearly place upside down, with a label that reads, "Live plants."
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Yeah, you can definitely tell when the delivery guy reads the labels on a box versus when they don't. I guess this guy was just in a hurry?

"Found this note under my car windshield wiper from a frequent Karen at my work who insists that I’m parked in the sidewalk…we don’t have a sidewalk."

A hastily written note that says, "You are parked way too far into the sidewalk."
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There are some people out there who get mad at you for the smallest, most nonsensical reasons. All you can do is shrug and ignore them.

The "new office rule."

An "office rule" that says somebody has to work 10 extra minutes after 6 per minute they are late.
reddit | Jaded-Dot-5239

Yeah... I'd be quitting my job in a hurry if they tried to enforce a rule like this. Being a minute or two late isn't that important in the grand scheme of things. But keeping somebody 10, 20, 30 minutes late because of it is criminal.

"One of my cousins thought it was a good idea to make instant cold Fanta by freezing it in the freezer. Somehow, it blew up in the freezer and left a sticky, orange mess."

Orange liquid pooling at the bottom of a freezer.
reddit | no_u8071

I really hope the cousin offers to help clean. After all, it's their mess.

"This tiny load of my neighbor’s laundry has been in the dryer for 3 weeks. I don’t have their number and they’re never home."

Damp clothing inside of a dryer.
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Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want to be touching someone else's clothes. But I'd also probably try to move it myself. Leaving your laundry in a shared machine is downright inconsiderate!

"Someone spilled a 20 gallon barrel of paint [in] the road. My car now has a white underbelly and is nice and speckled...."

A car with white paint speckles along the bottom and wheel.
reddit | TheLoneMinon

Don't you just love it when someone else's blunder messes up your car? I'm sure that person isn't going to pay for the removal, either.

"Can you not sit on the table?"

A woman sitting on a table in an empty restaurant.
reddit | Tori_117

See, if this isn't something you'd do at home, it shouldn't be something you do in public. And if you do sit on your tables at home, you should probably stop doing that.

"My neighbor is an idiot. Hacked a huge portion of my front lawn down to dirt because he 'thought the property line was at the tree.'"

A dead, mowed patch of grass next to a green lawn. Orange lines on the picture indicate where the property line between yards is.
reddit | emragozz

"There's a permanent fence line and patio area that clearly line the property and he's lived here for 2 years and has never done this before."

We all have that one neighbor that makes us want to go off the grid every now and then.

"Being casually asked if I am willing to cheat by an old friend from high school."

A Snapchat exchange where a guy asks a girl if she's willing to cheat with him.
reddit | Chowdergrrl

I mean, OP's first mistake was talking to a guy on Snapchat. But still, the "Lol" at the end really doesn't make this any less of an uncomfortable read.

"I guess no entertainment for my wife on this flight..."

A cover on an airplane seat that blocks the screen for the person on the seat behind it.
reddit | grimsical

I swear, there needs to be a special no-fly list for people who lack consideration for others. Your comfort on a plane shouldn't also inconvenience the people around you. Like, that's just basic decency.

"Nobody should be allowed to sit on the chicken."

A man in a grocery store sitting on the refrigerated chicken, with a caption that reads "This dude is sitting on the raw chicken."
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That's pretty gross. Even if it is packaged, why would you want to sit directly on raw chicken? What happens if somebody actually wanted to grab some? Would he get up, or pass chicken to them?

"Got a haircut 3 days before my wedding..."

A man taking a picture in a mirror, showing the bald patch in the back of his head.
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Whoever cut this dude's hair did a pretty bad job. And of course, he wouldn't notice until someone pointed it out to him. I guess this guy is gonna have to wear a hat to his wedding or something.