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10+ People Who Hacked Their Ikea Furniture

It's amazing what certain people can come up with when they look at basic furniture. It really takes a creative mind to be able to transform something plain into a marvelous creative vision. This is exactly what these people did with just ordinary Ikea pieces.

Check out the before and after pictures to see exactly what I mean. If only I could do this.

1. This Beautifying Transformation


Check out how these people transformed a simple Ikea BESTA storage unit from pretty drab to fancy AF. OMG, this looks super chic and pretty.

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2. This Simple Armchair Solution

Reddit | Scripto23

This plain Ikea KOARP armchair that went for only $170 got a simple, but labor-intensive, upgrade to now be valued close to $1700. Whoa!

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3. This Adorable Kitchen Upgrade

Reddit | u/rach2310

If you can believe it, this isn't an actual kitchen. It's an upcycled Ikea toy kitchen that's now ready for a toddler's Christmas present. Impressive.

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4. This Marble Table Makeover

Reddit | rebeccastonephoto

OMG, I've always wanted a marble table. This plastic DOCKSTA table got turned into this beauty using spray paint, table epoxy, and a blow torch.

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5. This Dining Room Set

Reddit | LindaDinner

This JOKKMOKK Dining set got a bit of a facelift with enchanted DecoArt paint and Minwax wood stain in Jacobean. That's a great look.

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6. This Bed Frame

Reddit | jmicho123

This person wanted to give their Ikea MALM bed frame a country-style makeover. So they glued wood pieces to the boards and then painted them.

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7. This Animal Habitat

Reddit | missuslindy

This BILLY bookcase got turned on its side. Then, it got capita legs underneath and an observator brace on the back to become this awesome animal habitat.

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8. This Room Separator Idea

Imgur | juno1331

Somebody actually had a brilliant idea of turning their Ikea BILLY bookcase into a room separator. Now they have a living room and a bedroom.

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9. This Baby Changing Station Remodel

Reddit | DrSmus

If you're especially crafty, this baby changing station remodel using an Ikea MALM dresser should be a piece of cake.

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10. This Chest Makeover

Reddit | christieevee

This super cool vintage chest makeover was inspired by a West Elm dresser which retails for $1000. This version cost around $179 plus the stain cost. Nice.

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11. This Stand-Up Desk Hack

Reddit | koibyto

Wow, somebody turned their Ikea BEKVÄM utility step into a stand-up desk using BJÄRNUM folding hooks. That's such a fun and creative idea. Isn't it?

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12. This Rad Entertainment Unit

Reddit | u/OriginalSiri

This multipurpose entertainment unit was created using various Ikea KALLAX shelving units. All for the low cost of $680 and a day's worth of time. Awesome.

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13. Can I Get An Upgrade?

Instagram | @louandhan

This one is a small upgrade, but it packs a big punch.

It's amazing what a little paint job does to spruce something up!

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14. Hidden Compartments

Reddit | Brothengar

This creative individual transformed the FRITIDS toy storage bench into a kitty litter compartment.

When guests are over, they don't have to see it!

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15. Built-In Terrarium

Reddit | iris201196

This one requires a bit of work, but it's so pretty and adds an easy pop of freshness to the LACK table.

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16. Hold My Lightsaber

Reddit | mullexwing

You could use the VARIERA plastic bag dispenser for lightsabers, or umbrellas. Whichever, it's a great organization hack!

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17. DIY Royalty

Instagram | @lomenar

From RAST dresser to absolutely RAD dresser.

This DIY requires a bit of work, but the end result is so regal.

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18. Coffee Table, Who?

Instagram | @le.maison.de.vine

Goodbye VITSJO coffee table and hello luxe bench!

This looks like something you would find at West Elm or Pottery Barn!

Love it.

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19. Makeup Brush Holders

Ikea | Instagram

IKEA's SUNNERSTA containers are great for kitchen utensils, but also for keeping your makeup brush collection nice and tidy, and within reach.

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20. Just A Little Paint

Instagram | @lsmithy1988

Sometimes all you need is a little paint to wake up your furniture.

This one adds a nice depth and "hygge" feeling.

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21. This Pretty Step Stool

Instagram | @emilycharlotte21

The BEKVÄM is great on its own, but a little staining action and stamped design really takes it up a few notches.

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22. This Wild Upcycle

Reddit | designtraveler

This person converted a small BILLY bookshelf into a rat cage.

My mind is blown.

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23. This Dresser Upgrade

Reddit | alyssatriesart

Looks like this Ikea KALLAX inserts dresser got quite the transformation. I absolutely love how it looks so modern and fancy here with the white paint.

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Honestly, looking at these creative furniture projects makes me wish I was more handy.


But I gotta leave this type of work to my handyman dad, I'm afraid.

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