28 Fashion Designs That Definitely Raised A Few Eyebrows

Sometimes, fashion designers have some pretty out-there ideas. Sure, a dress made entirely out of rock candy and upcycled fishing nets might sound strange to us, but that's fashion, baby.

However, there is a difference between haute couture and a design that is a straight-up hot mess. Sadly, these designs fall in that second category. Don't say I didn't warn you!

This shirt is unreadable.

Reddit | Sir_Dingus_III

It took me forever to not only figure out how to read it, but what it actually said. For the record, it's:

"Nonfiction is the perfect antidote for modern dilemmas."

And good graphic design is the perfect antidote for shirts like this.

Sorry, Kanye.

Kanye West

This has to be one of the ugliest shirts I've ever seen. It looks like something someone made in MS Paint as a joke, but somehow Kanye West was selling it for $100.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

No one needs this much denim.

This is not a denim jacket tied around the model's waist. It is, in fact, a skirt with the sleeves of a denim jacket sewn directly onto it.

No one asked for this.

Yoda is not okay right now.

Reddit | the-most-jelly

The fact that this is officially branded merchandise is...chilling. Who wants to wear this? And why? It's like they took the idea of baby Yoda and said, "Let's make him big and stretchy."


What doesn't kill fire makes you?

Reddit | u/anon29x

Graphic designers of the world, I am begging you to stop putting words in the wrong order just for the aesthetic. You will get roasted to hell and back on the internet.

I would wear this.

Instagram | @miyagawada

Is there a reason that the zipper is there? No. Does it somehow make sense to me? Yeah. I don't know why. I just vibe with that tiny, useless zipper on a level none of us understand.

Having said that, it's ugly. We can all agree on that.

Who did this?

Reddit | con5id3rati0n

Whoever did this, you know what you did. You made a deliberate choice here. I don't respect it or understand it, but...no, that's the end of my thought, actually. I don't respect or understand it, period.

I bet these aren't medical grade.

So, I gotta wonder if Amal Clooney's sister is okay. She's the brains behind these masks, and apparently she's selling them for upwards of $30.

You would have to pay me $30 to even try one of those on.

This is TRAGIC.

Reddit | ArialCCAA

Maybe you could get away with it if it was another color...maybe. But that huge brown circle right smack in the middle? Yeah, there's no going back from this dress. It's so bad. Bless the woman wearing it, though.

Sometimes fashion just goes too far.

Reddit | padapi

Hair, but make it fashion? This so did not need to happen. Not even Lady Gaga would have worn this at the height of her hair bow phase, and she once wore a meat dress.

We as a species maybe shouldn't have access to denim anymore.

Sometimes we do beautiful things with it...but sometimes we create total abominations.

No one needs denim slides. And I know at least one person reading this is thinking, "I could be into denim slides..."

No. Do not even think about it. You do not need denim slides.

All eyes on you.

Reddit | ArieCat

Ah yes, I've always wanted a dress whose sole purpose was to emphasize my butt crack. If I don't look like I have a permanent wedgie, then what's the point?

This is just a bad idea.

Reddit | LodlopSeputhChakk

As LodlopSeputhChakk pointed out on Reddit: what happens if you don't see the front of the dress?

This just feels like a Forever 21 design. Some tea, some shade intended. Oops.

These leggings clearly collaborated with the dress in #12.

Reddit | iamphl

Listen, here's the harsh truth: ruching is almost never a good idea. At most, it should be used at the waist. You know where it doesn't belong? Anywhere near your butt.

Graphic design is K-Mart's passion.

Reddit | u/PronouncedLikeRosie

First of all, it took me way too long to realize this fleece dress says "snow way." Second of all, who is this dress for? People who often look down at their clothes when they want something to read?

This dress really works its butt off.

Reddit | articulateantagonist

I, too, would like to spend my special day wondering why people were laughing literally behind my back! I can't believe an actual designer saw fit to have tulle placed there.

I have no idea what this is trying to be.

Reddit | SuperSacks

Is it a dress? Is it a jumpsuit? Is it pants? I have no idea, but I know what it's not: fashionable.

This feels like something a YouTuber would wear for a week to do a video about.

Surprise! Nicholas Cage!

Reddit | radishjelly

Okay. So these are definitely going to raise eyebrows. If you pull at these leggings, you might be able to raise his eyebrows.

I have no notes on these leggings. I'm not one to question art.

Even the Joker would hate these pants.

Reddit | ThePrisonSoap

Hey, no shame in wearing whatever nerd stuff you want. But the design of those pants...how did no one think that through? His whole face is warped and his eyes are on the butt. Wow.

There's a good reason these are on sale.

Reddit | ladymodjo

I mean, who wouldn't want to look like they had one of the worst period accidents I've ever seen? Oh, no one? Yeah, that checks out. Let's not buy these leggings. Ever.

Whoever designed these HAD to be clowning around.

Reddit | SuqueMyCoque

Um? Why were these even made? Not only are they baggy in the crotch (for some reason), but they're so sheer that you can see the model's butt. Who are these pants even for?

Maybe brown prints don't belong on pants.

Reddit | space_pdf

My favorite part of this is the Instagram-like pose, indicating that this outfit was supposed to serve. Girl...your pants look like they've been pooped on over and over. I'm so sorry.

When your horse obsession goes way too far.

Reddit | yourdogwackaf

I don't care how much you love horses, there is no way you're getting away with wearing these. The horse hair on the crotch is such a bad choice.

Also, the horse on that tank top is terrifying. Everything about this horse merch is terrifying.

Well, that's one way to get away with wearing chaps in public.

Reddit | _xParagon

How do you get up in the morning and decide to put on color-block camouflage pants with a circle butt/chaps moment? What in the hell was this designer thinking, and why?

Good lord.

Reddit | Yung_chode69

And you can't even claim this was on purpose, because the pattern overlaps so messily. Everything about this is tragic with a capital "t." Also, while we're here? I hate the color of these.

These are gonna get a few double takes.

Reddit | Suraidu

I like how bold this design is. It straight-up asks, "Hey, do you wanna look like you pooped all over the pants you're wearing? Then buy these pants."

I will not.

I can't believe someone bought this on purpose.

Reddit | RabiesPositive

Like...who is the target audience for a dress like this? People who are super into apocalypse fashion? People who want to look like they did a swan dive into a mud puddle?

I'll never get the answers to my questions. That will haunt me.

This zipper sure is invisible.

Reddit | ubaldejason

Um. So, what happened here? It clearly had a normal zipper for most of the skirt, and then what? It's like someone lost their mind halfway through sewing it.