29 People Who Aren’t The Luckiest

Over the course of your life to date, do you think your luck has evened out? Have you maybe even been a little more lucky than unlucky? If so, enjoy your good fortune, because these people are dealing with the opposite problem.

Refreshing Spite.

Reddit | WesleySnopes

Maybe this restaurant just made a typo when this guy ordered a Sprite. Then again, maybe they decided to charge him an extra $2.25 solely out of spite.

Like a beacon.

Reddit | deadraibead39

The person sitting in this vantage point has just settled in for a nine-hour redeye flight. I'm sure they were looking forward to sleeping before this guy put his headphones on.

Let me know if you make it.

Reddit | swimingle

For a lot of people, summer is the best time of year. But it's easy to forget about the numerous bug-infested hellscapes you may need to traverse during the warm months.

It's part of the house now.

Reddit | RxTechMetanoia

This person left a hula hoop leaning against an outside wall. After a cable guy literally cabled it into place, it looks like it'll be staying there for awhile yet.

Looks like a custom job.

Reddit | IJustFartedOnMyGF

Someone sprayed this tree guard with orange paint. It looks good. Unfortunately for the driver of the blue car downwind of the spray site, it was a breezy day.

Not totally useless, but close.

Reddit | TranslucentTaco

This measuring cup is still semi-functional, in that it's not broken. But after one wash, the measurements washed off, kind of negating the whole point of having a measuring cup in the first place.

When the swarm mocks you.

Reddit | kabdelgaber

This person had a wasp problem, so they bought some wasp spray. Unfortunately, the wasps decided the nozzle of the can would be the perfect place to set up a new home.

Unusual problems.

Reddit | Krispeykremestar

Picture this: you're in a hurry to catch your train and just need to scan your ticket before you can hop aboard. But plans are thwarted when there's a...rotisserie chicken, for some reason, blocking the machine.

Too much seasoning.

Reddit | Silveeto

This person was eating a bowl of leftover turkey stuffing when their spoon snapped in half. Normally it would be a simple matter of getting a different spoon...if the broken spoon hadn't been full of sand.

Picnic for one.

Reddit | Jaminator97

If you're going to set up a picnic blanket, you might want to stay put. If you leave and come back, any number of strange things can happen.

F to pay respects.

Reddit | Neemo53

Whoever owns this car is having a really lousy day after returning to their vehicle to find all four tires stolen. It's too bad most cars only carry one spare.

Powder coated.

Reddit | CrucifiedTitan

This is a pot of powder-coating powder, apparently. Some poor, unfortunate soul managed to drop the whole thing on their boss' desk. Hopefully they were already looking for a new job.


Reddit | Warphim

The dad in this family photo didn't get his timing down in time for the flash. The snake in the grass, meanwhile, picked a perfect time to make its big entrance.

Serious potholes.

Reddit | notalysk

Potholes can be a major annoyance in cold-weather climates, but I've never seen anything like this. Hopefully this guy found this hole before driving his truck over it.

A decade too late.

Reddit | Juztaan

A round of spring cleaning uncovered a $50 gift card. Normally, this would be a stroke of good luck. Unfortunately, it's a gift card for everyone's favorite defunct video rental store.

You can feel the regret.

Reddit | theshaeman

In the big picture, losing your newly-bought blueberries is hardly the end of the world. But just look at this guy's face. I think he was really looking forward to eating them.

When your floor gets a little too warped.

Reddit | thepinkfluffy1211

Apparently this is the result of a burst pipe upstairs, but it also looks like it could have come from a suddenly-expanded pipe downstairs.

Time to sell the house.

Reddit | FernandoBruun

I've dropped the trash like this before, but it's always been in the garage or on the driveway. I don't know if there's any coming back from pulling this gaffe indoors.

So close.

Reddit | Voytaouta

Someone put together a difficult 2,000 piece puzzle. Unfortunately, there was a piece missing, and it stands out like a sore thumb.

The hidden chapter.

Reddit | AlphaPlutonium

Imagine getting 170 pages deep into a good book, only to find out that ten pages have been mysteriously torn out. This could really make the plot confusing.

Is this some kind of prank?

Reddit | SachiCaesar

Our plates and dishes have one job: to hold food and not break unless smashed on the floor. Evidently some dishes have a vendetta against ramen.

Spontaneous fridge yeet.

Reddit | CaptnRaz

My fridge is about 40 years old, but it still works great. This fridge looks to be of a much newer vintage, but that didn't stop it from shedding its doors.

Forever alone.

Reddit | SherpaDerpaDee

This photo from 1995 was recently posted by the (now grown up) kid in the photo. He says that it's a photo of everyone who came to his birthday party at the roller rink.

That's a doozy.

Reddit | AltF0

Everyone's dented a wall or two while manouvering a couch into a new place, but I've never seen someone so despondent that they just gave up and left the couch.

One of everything, please.

Reddit | saturatedhydrocarbon

"Apparently he's allergic to almost everything on the allergy skin test," wrote this guy's friend. "Some of it was so swollen the doctor could barely tell which was which."

Branding initiative.

Reddit | Trollface

This truck was sold by a Texas plumber to a dealership a few years back. Later, the plumber was shocked to find that his truck was being used by ISIS, complete with his name on it.

When your watch knows you're stressed.

Reddit | scottzee

The advent of smart technology allows us to monitor our mounting anxiety, in real time, as aunts, uncles and cousins gather around for another awkward dinner.

One in a million.

Reddit | [deleted]

The person who posted this described it thusly: "Got a text from a co-worker saying she was going to be late to work... Ran over a PB&J sandwich."

KFC mutiny.

Reddit | volia001

I don't know what happened here, but it must be quite a story. The only thing that's certain is that it'll be awhile before the photographer can order popcorn chicken.