16+ Pics That Left Me Questioning Some Motives


Approaching things in good faith is a solid way to live your life. But you can't count on everyone to proceed as nobly. I don't know what these folks are getting at, but I do know that I don't trust them.

1. Stay focused.

Reddit | tamerlan_nikolaev

I don't know if these metal bars are designed to keep kids from falling asleep, or maybe just to chain them to their desks, but I'm glad I didn't have to deal with this growing up.

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2. Common courtesy.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

These firefighters want to make it easy for vehicles, and trains, to drive over their hose. I can't see how this could ever go awry.

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3. Let me think about that.

Reddit | MehNameless

So you want a fan to cool your computer. That's fine. Maybe don't power it using the computer, though, because you're generating more heat to fan the heat that's already there.

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4. I'm deeply unnerved.

Reddit | sellerday

Look, a bike's kickstand is a simple piece of metal. It doesn't have to look like anything. And if it does look like something, it doesn't have to be this creepy.

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5. Skills.

Reddit | Maelarion

Does anyone remember that, back in the 90s, there was a concerted effort to make yo-yos cool again? I mean, I barely remember, but this guy definitely does.

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6. Workstation.

Reddit | [deleted]

Apple computer towers have handy-dandy handles incorporated into them. But they work just as well when used as jury-rigged sawhorses.

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7. His face says it all.

Reddit | Stuxnet15

I know she could defend this move by saying that oil is oil, but I don't know. This seems like an adversarial move, and I question her motives.

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8. Steer clear.

Reddit | hockeymc3

Of all the ways to carry a bunch of 2x4's home, this driver chose to use their compact car. Those things are going to snare a traffic light, or maybe a low-flying aircraft.

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Reddit | crownthemariz

Plenty of people forage for mushrooms, but they tend to know what they're doing. Taking a big, hearty chomp out of any wild mushroom you see is probably a bad idea.

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10. Sandal season.

Reddit | mojavesnowfrog

I think this pic gives us new insight into the socks with sandals debate. However you feel about socks and sandals, I think everyone can agree that this is an abomination.

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11. Unoknight.

Reddit | Dplajh

I don't know what this fearsome Uno Knight's plans are, but it looks like he probably means business. Hide your wild cards.

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12. Mixing it up.

Reddit | MayorsMaxims

Are you sick of the "Live, laugh, love" motif you see in every suburban kitchen? With a pen and a paper, you too can change the meaning.

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13. Just in case.

Reddit | solo_savage117

It's always good to be prepared, but is it really necessary to disassemble a table for self defence? Who even needs a shield? Whatever happened to keeping a bat next to your bed?

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14. Playtime.

Reddit | GreedyJester

"My son found some 'stickers' in the bathroom," wrote this person, who didn't explain what the hair dryer has to do with the scene.

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15. No.

Reddit | talestitchy

Look, I love Sonic the Hedgehog. I love the color blue. But some things are just not meant to be colored blue, ever.

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16. Thanks.

Reddit | homerunchippa

Apparently this is Swedish for 'the end.' Alternatively, the Paw Patrol gang is looking to shame the person reading this book.

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17. If it works...

Reddit | sellerday

Photocopiers will copy whatever you put on them, but there are far easier ways to grab a screenshot than this method.

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18. Suuuuper weird.

Reddit | starstufft

I guess this is better than someone stealing an Amazon delivery, but this poster is right: it is super weird. Like, that must have been some doormat.

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19. Sugar buzz.

Reddit | Tobi_Lobi

If you're going to bake cookies that are full of wasps, no one's going to want to eat them. Maybe do a better job of hiding them next time.

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20. Live by the sword.

Reddit | sellerday

Biz razors can feel infuriatingly dull sometimes, but there's no way that a dull sword from the mall is going to do a better job.

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