11+ Vertical Gardens That Take Succulents To New Heights

Succulents are literally the best plants to take care of. They're so easy, even someone as green-thumb-challenged as myself can manage. And, there are so many ways you can plant them and arrange them.

One cool way is to display them vertically either indoors or outdoors. It's like planting a wall or a focal point everybody will admire. Check these out.

1. This Gorgeous Wall Idea


Oh my gosh, how beautiful is this? I can't get over how amazing this looks. This is literally like a piece of art. I would love to create a wall like this for my garden.

2. This Vertical Planter


If you're good working with your hands, this might be the perfect project for you. You can build a stunning vertical planter like this one for your garden. That is definitely something to see. Super cool.

3. This Wood Planter


What an interesting idea to flip a wooden planter and hang it up instead. It's pretty easy to do. You just need to make sure the plants are all secure and voilĂ ! A visual masterpiece.

4. This Heart-Shaped Idea


Oh, how sweet is this? What a beautiful way to arrange all these colorful succulents. And it's so romantic, too. I could definitely see it hanging somewhere in my garden, perhaps on a tree.

5. This Wooden Peek-A-Boo Idea


Oh my goodness, how adorable is this succulent wall idea? It's like the plants are playing peek-a-boo from the holes in the wooden frame. I never would have come up with this. It's brilliant.

6. Hanging Succulent Frame


Same as with the other idea, this one you can easily hang up. It's a bit smaller so it offers you more flexibility in picking the right location for it. How pretty is this? I love it.

7. Burlap Sack Planter


If you can find a burlap sack planter like this one you're definitely in luck. I think this is quite an awesome idea to showcase your succulents. And it's so easy to do, too. So cute.

8. Vertical Letter Planter Idea


Imagine if you could get a planter that spells out your initials. Wouldn't that be so cool? You can put them up in your garden and totally claim that space as yours. Ha, ha! Thumbs up!

9. PVC Pipe Hanging Planter


Who knew you can reuse old PVC pipe and make it into a fabulous planter like this one. Spray paint it with rustic colors like this example and voilĂ ! This is such an awesome idea.

10. Accent Wall Idea


You can easily make your succulents into the focal point of any space. This accent wall idea will do just that and more. It's so pretty and chic at the same time. Am I right?

11. Scattered Succulents


Here's a similar idea to the accent wall. What I love about this one is the fact that the succulents are scattered. You can come up with a pattern that works for you. I totally dig this.

12. This Wooden Wall Decor


Wow, how gorgeous does that look? I gotta say I'm totally impressed with this cool arrangement here. This probably took a lot of work but it was totally worth it in the end. So beautiful.

13. Succulent Frame

Instagram | @c_creations_succulent_designs

This is such a fantastic way to display your array of succulents. You can put it up anywhere you like. You could even have it showcased indoors. I really like the contrast of the brick wall behind it.

14. A Wall Of Planters

Instagram | @addytude

If you're still fond of planters, you can incorporate them into a vertical garden, too. Take a look at this stunning collection of pots and planters that were used to make a vertical garden on a fence.

Here I thought all you could do to showcase succulents is to put them in a planter and that's it.

Little did I know there are amazing ideas out there like these. I gotta start planning my game plan here.