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12-Year-Old Renovates Her Family's Home For Less Than $150

There are many things people did during their time in quarantine. Some folks got to just relax and enjoy their free time. Others got to spend time with their kids.

And then, there are those who got so bored they needed to come up with clever DIY projects. That's exactly what this 12-year-old girl did with the help of her mom.

Bea, a 12-year-old girl from the U.K., decided to help her mom with a few home reno projects and it quickly escalated.

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She enjoyed her time fixing things up so much that she ended up doing even more than she originally planned.

One of the projects the team decided to tackle was this utility room which was being used as a dumping ground for random stuff.

The ladies used existing paint and changed it up by mixing contrasting colors. I think it looks great what they did here.

At first, Bea's mom, Susie, was nervous about letting her daughter help out.

But Susie quickly realized that her daughter was really enjoying herself after all. From there, the mom gave her free reign to try various things out. In fact, Susie said Bea was even more precise than she was.

Isn't it funny how a parent might want to teach their kid a lesson by letting them tackle a project out of boredom only to be the one getting schooled?

Bea's mom realized that her daughter had a natural knack for home renos, too.

It sure seems to be the case in this scenario.

Bea, even though she was a bit shy at the start, got more confident as she went along and the ideas just started flowing. She was even giving her mom advice on how to do a few things, ha, ha!

Bea is now fully capable to use various tools such as the handsaw, spirit level, electric drill, sander, and tile cutter.

Wow, that's more than I even know how to use. I say good for her and way to go!

Just check out how gorgeous this room turned out after it was all finished and done.

I gotta say I absolutely love this cool vibe and aesthetic here. This is one sweet room to be able to enjoy in the house.

Didn't Bea do a marvelous job with this tile?

This was part of a project the ladies took on to renovate their outdoor patio/garden. I'm surprised she even had the patience to do it all. Most kids her age definitely wouldn't, I'm sure.

How awesome is this story of a daughter who totally embraced her family's home reno projects?

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And if you can believe it they were able to get it all done for only around $150 as most materials were recycled. Wow, that sounds amazing to me.

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