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15+ Satisfyingly Perfect Things People Made Happen

There are definitely times when it's fully appropriate to raise your arms in victory. Usually, it involves years and years of practice and finally breaking through to achieve a long-desired goal. Accomplishment takes time!

But it's important to remember that perfection is an ideal that you chase, not something you can expect to reach all the time. It's an aspiration, not an expectation. But hey, when you do achieve it, by all means celebrate. We're celebrating right alongside all these folks who have something worthy of a high five.

Golden perfection.

Reddit | z00ped

Bread is already one of the most amazing foods ever invented, but seldom do you see a home baker produce loaves that could be in a TV commercial like these.

Ugh, guess we're all going to start off hungry here.


Reddit | fho15

You sometimes see layered drinks like this in fancy bars and that's always cool, but how often do you see seven-tiered tea?

Because yes, that's tea. No idea how it tastes but what I wouldn't give to try a sip.

Excuse me?

Reddit | koikapor

May as well check out this dessert treat, amirite? Glad this person got a picture of their towering ice cream cone.

Credit to the soft serve wizard who whipped it up, too — they must have practiced a lot to be able to twist that out without it falling over.

Speaking of swirly goodness...

Reddit | Will7838

This spiral on a beach is definitely not your typical sand castle. And all it required to make was patience and a pair of feet. That's right, the uploader of this pic stamped it all out by walking counter-clockwise.

No word on whether they played with that giant Rubik's cube in the background afterward, though.


Reddit | Trevor917

In the movies, there's always a drill sergeant who orders a new recruit to polish their boots so well they could brush their teeth in it, right?

Well, the person who polished their car sure took that idea to heart. What a shine job!

So appetizing.

Okay, just because bread is so good and the difficulty level on this one had to be high, one more carbo-licious offering: braided challah bread.

Look at the shine! This bread can challah at me any day.

Some pane-staking work.

When are blankets art? When you make them like this, I suppose, which the uploader described as a stained glass quilt.

I totally see it, too. It's definitely good enough to hang on the wall, or curl up under.

Where was this prof when I was in school?

I have no idea if the prof who filled up this whiteboard used a ruler or not, but I do know that I couldn't manage such neat work even with one. However, apparently he does plan everything well in advance so he doesn't have to erase work to make things fit.

Well, she won't be a doctor with handwriting like that.

Twitter | @kirstinferguson

I have a hard enough time staying within the lines when I'm dead sober, and here this person is writing straight up calligraphy free-hand?

The craziest part, of course, is that this handwriting was produced by a Year 8 student from Nepal. Prakriti Malla was recognized for having the most beautiful handwriting in the world, and that's clearly well earned.

Everything's adding up nicely.

Reddit | jwalksallday

At best, I think I've gotten the zeroes to line up at the pump for the money part, but never for the fuel amount.

Getting them to both hit nice, round numbers is absolutely worth taking a pic because that just never happens.

Your mileage may vary.

Reddit | _B4Z

I've had the car's mileage read 123,456 before, and yes, got a picture of it because it only happens once.

But this person planned ahead for the big day and set their trip counter to fill in the rest of the sequence. Well done.

Installation level: 9000.

Reddit | Sapulinjing

My goodness, the folks who installed this marble staircase are true artisans. I know, "artisan" is a word that gets thrown around way too much these days.

But when you can maintain the seam in the marble across a flight of stairs, you've earned that title.

Breakfast is served.

Reddit | CarissaAnn88

Nothing says you're starting your day off right quite like having your eggs perfectly match the shape of the croissant you're putting them on.

Every bite gets a bit of the good stuff. Now if only the cheese matched up too!

Worth the wait.

Reddit | Benglassco

"Waited 24hrs for the perfect conditions to create this," the uploader of this pic explained. "Named it 'Rocky Mountain Rainbow Express.'"

Well done, you can frame that and put it up on your wall with pride.

Greatness squared.

Reddit | keeganhall

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a black-and-white photo of one of the all-time great moments in sports, but it's a drawing.

The uploader said it took them 250 hours to complete and I believe it. Just stunning work.


Reddit | Defcon_7

It's decidedly welcome that this TV was designed with cable management in mind — and that it works so well.

How often do good intentions in product design just end up making fools of us all? Not this time.

"Every kernel popped. This has NEVER happened to me."

Reddit | EladrielNokk

Me neither so I get it. And it just goes to show that it can be done. Guess I'll just have to keep trying. Oh no, more movies and popcorn. If I have to.

Winning gold.

Reddit | FishingGod42

Okay, so it's not exactly an Olympic gold but I'd give first prize to this pancake in just about any contest. It's so perfect, maple syrup and butter would almost do it a disservice. Almost.

Like it was made for that.

Reddit | nagligivaget

You can't ask for a much more perfect fit for an entire case of Red Bull than this fridge shelf.

Now, I just hope that will all last the uploader a long, long time because wow, that's a lot of go-juice right there.

Such clarity!

Reddit | poxopox

It's like a pane of glass but this is an ice cube.

I don't know how you get the little white bubbles to not cloud up ice cubes, but this person managed it and it's gorgeous.