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Times It Really Paid Off To Be Paying Attention

I have a confession: I'm not an observant person. I misplace my keys every day, I miss subtle jokes in TV shows and movies, and, most importantly, I don't pick up on the random subtleties of day-to-day life.

At least I can enjoy the pics taken by people who actually are observant.

Smooth peel.

Reddit | drevil6999

There must be some combination of ideal packing snow and black magic at work here to make the snow peel off the wall in this way.

These chips are on fire.

Reddit | loafers_glory

This metal bowl acted as a mirror and actually set these chips on fire. That would be an embarrassing way to burn your house down.

Chatty rock.

Reddit | James12252006

Imagine trying to disconnect from your phone and get back to nature, only to see a rock that looks just like a texting conversation bubble.

Pinhole reflection.

Reddit | parsethiac

This is the inside of a trailer. Thanks to a small hole, an image of the outside world, flipped upside-down, is visible on the inside.

Happens to the best of us.

This Scooby-Doo mug is so old that Shaggy's hair has gone gray over the years. Ah well, at least he still has hair.


Reddit | mgvisan

Every perfectly-captured snowflake here seems to be unique, which proves that the old adage about snowflakes seems to be true.

Level up.

Reddit | Murderhands

This Japanese 7-Eleven stamps its buns with little Super Mario-themed doodles. I wish North American 7-Elevens were more fun.

Tattletale beads.

Reddit | stremer1

I love these stick-on indicator things on large packages. If anyone's careless and drops it, the evidence will be preserved

Only one in the world.

Reddit | Arkayb33

Thanks to local laws, this McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona is the only McDonald's in the world that features a turquoise version of the golden arches.


Somehow, an industrial mixer managed to miss this single egg yolk as it was making dough. I like this yolk's spirit.

Square drops.

The fibres in this trampoline map have a weird way of catching water not into round puddles, but square drops.

Like a hat for the mountain.

Reddit | booboootheclown

These are lenticular clouds, as seen over a mountain range in New Mexico. You can see how the altitude of the mountains affects their shape.

Mini me.

Reddit | thewittlemermaid

This is a cool-looking house in its own right, but my favorite part is the fact that there's a miniature version on a tree stump to serve as a birdhouse.

I choose you.

Reddit | Hamsammichd

Pikachu will always be the O.G. Pokemon so it stands to reason that if a Pokemon fan makes snow art, it's probably going to feature Pikachu.

Sweet 'stache.

Reddit | tampontapas

I really appreciate how this horse can grow a more impressive mustache than I can. Add a monocle and the look would be complete.

Seeing double.

Reddit | tedsuRR

I really like how this dog is so loved that their owner made a wheel cover featuring their cranky little face.

Highly specific.

Reddit | jumpstart02

This bumper sticker absolutely has to be true, because otherwise, that would be a super weird and specialized thing to make up.

Almost missed you.

Reddit | Soul_Blanka

If this person wasn't observant, they could have stepped on this itty bitty frog and probably never even noticed it.


Reddit | witch_trial

This Miller Lite ad isn't an example of bad design, it's an example of advertisers trolling us. Don't give in. Don't copy the whole URL.

Someone left the cake out in the rain.

Reddit | 1136678

I might be dating myself here, but the song MacArthur Park by Richard Harris totally predicted this whole thing happening.