20+ Lifehacks Worth Remembering

Amy Pilkington 26 Jan 2021

Now, I'm not saying that every single one of the lifehacks below will apply to every single person reading this. But they are worth remembering, because you never know when you or a friend will need one.

And we all know how good it feels to blow a friend's mind when they have a problem and we're the one's to MacGyver some amazing solution for them.

1. Use an ice cube tray to organize small office supplies.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

No need to go out and buy a bunch of drawer dividers just to corral all the small stuff. An ice cube tray with deep wells will keep those pins and paperclips from littering the bottom of the whole drawer.

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2. Upgrade your s'mores game with fudge-striped cookies.


The cookie and chocolate is built right in! Now, I love a classic s'more and will happily eat a billion of them, but if you aren't a hardcore s'more purist, this is a great idea for a more casual, backyard snack.

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3. Use a dryer sheet to remove tough soap scum from shower doors.

Everyday Simple

You don't even need to waste a fresh dryer sheet for this. One that's already gone through the wash will work just as well. It'll scrub away the scum and the fabric softener residue left behind will repel future soap for a while without leaving streaks on the glass.

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4. Use binder clips to keep the parchment paper from falling into your batter.

Instagram | @miek_eats

Parchment paper is a godsend when it comes to getting baked goods out of their pans cleanly, but more than once I've been pouring in batter only to have the parchment slide down the pan and crumple up. This will keep it in place.

If your clips are all metal, they can even go right into the oven. If they have plastic parts, make sure you remove them before baking.

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5. Trap wasps with an empty plastic bottle.

Complete Garden

Wasps are not the guests you want at your backyard party, but luckily, you can make a trap for next to nothing. You just need a plastic bottle, vinegar, sugar, and salt.

For the full instructions, check out the tutorial from Complete Garden.

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6. Use a coin to help when you don't have a small enough wrench.

Reddit | jamdeeper

Just wedge a coin or two into the gap between the nut you're working with and the wrench. Unfortunately, this won't help when your only wrench is too small for the job.

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7. Use an apple slicer to make potato wedges and chunky fries.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Fresh homemade fries are so much better than frozen, but it's hard to argue with the convenience of just dumping the frozen on a tray and baking them. This trick can make cutting up your own wedges far less of a hassle.

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8. Remove chlorine from your hair with Kool-Aid lemonade.

Budget Savvy Diva

If your hair has gone a bit green from a weekend at the public pool, you can get all that chlorine residue out with a bit of Kool-Aid powder mixed into your shampoo. The citric acid from the lemonade flavor will return your hair to the right color again.

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9. Use paper bags to transport coffee for the whole office.

Reddit | abubblestory

The coffees will stack inside the bag, allowing you to carry a lot more than usual. Perfect for when everyone wants a caffeine fix but no one is willing to help you carry it all back.

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10. Remove a stuck ring with a bit of lip balm.

Giphy | HULU

Rub the lip balm all over your finger and under the edge of the ring if you can manage that. It'll make your skin slick so that the ring can slide off easily.

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11. Use your charging cable as a makeshift phone hammock.

Reddit | abubblestory

If you're stuck on the bottom bunk, this is perfect for watching Netflix in bed without having to hold the phone or buy a special phone mount. Just plug your headphones in and get comfy.

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12. Clean a clogged shower head the easy way.

Wondermom Wannabe

The most common cause for a clog is hard water buildup and vinegar is the perfect tool to get rid of it. Put some in a plastic bag and then wrap the bag around your shower head to soak.

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13. Make your own chalk paint with antacids.

Instructables | ButterMyBiscuits

For small projects, you don't always want to spend the money on fancy chalk paint. Instead, buy a cheap paint sample in the color you want and mix in ground up antacid tablets. The calcium carbonate will give the paint the chalky finish you want.

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14. Easily get paper into tight binder pockets with a Post-It.

Reddit | FiendFyre_62442

Why are those plastic pockets in binders so tight? Inevitably, you end up tearing the plastic as you struggle to get your fingers under it to slide paper in and out. Instead, stick a Post-It inside the edge of the pocket and use it as a makeshift handle.

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15. Save burnt toast with your cheese grater.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Remove the bit of blackened edges by lightly running them over your grater. It'll remove the bits that taste like char, letting you enjoy your toast instead of wasting it.

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16. Fill small drywall holes with antacids and glue.

Instructables | ButterMyBiscuits

For a small hole, you don't always want to go buy a whole tub of putty to fill it. Instead, mix up a paste with crushed antacid tablets and some school glue.

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17. Don't throw away stale tortillas.

Reddit | JMJV

Make chips instead! Cut them up and bake at 350F for a few minutes until they're crispy. For extra flavor, try dusting with parmesan cheese and a bit of garlic powder before baking.

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18. Get rid of gnats with an easy trap.

Reddit | salazaa55

Put some fruit rinds into a container to attracted them, then cover the whole thing with plastic wrap. Punch a bunch of small holes into the plastic to allow them to get in. They won't be able to get out again. If you use a disposable container, you can just toss the whole thing away, bugs and all.

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19. Open a stubborn jar with duct tape.


Stick one end of a piece of duct tape to the rim of the jar and then pull the free end in the direction the lid needs to turn. Perfect for weaklings like me!

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20. Add a piece of tape to your old dial switches to remember which direction to turn them.

Reddit | williamd83

I always try to push these the wrong direction on the first try. This way, you can see at a glance which is right and won't risk breaking the dial every time you're wrong.

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21. You can freeze mashed potatoes for later.

Flickr | kevincrumbs

Most cooked potato dishes don't handle freezing well, but the butter and cream in mashed potatoes solves that problem. To reheat, thaw overnight in the fridge and then warm in the oven or a slow cooker.

Perfect for events like Thanksgiving!

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22. Use a magnet to find wall studs.

Instagram | @thebreakarea

When hanging shelves or other things off the wall, you need to make sure they're secured to the studs and not just the drywall. A strong magnet will be attracted to the nails in the studs, allowing you to find the best place for an anchor.

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23. Use ice water to dry your nail polish faster.

Instagram | @_5.minutes._

After applying your polish, dip your fingers into a bowl of cold water for one minute. Your hands will be cold, but your polish won't risk being smeared after application.

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24. Use Command Hooks to watch videos in the shower.

Instagram | @hay_filosofiya_158

Stick a trio of hooks to the wall to make a "dock" for your tablet or phone. Then slide your device into a plastic baggie to protect it from the water and you'll be able to enjoy your shows in the shower or bath.

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