Samsung Developed A Giant 219-Inch TV Called 'The Wall' And It's Insane

Every year, major tech companies will try their hardest to out-dazzle each other at the International Consumer Electronics Show. It's kind of like what the video games industry does at E3, but with fewer cringe-worthy attempts to be hip and trendy.

And this year, Samsung seemed to give their TV competition a run for their money, or at least for their measuring tapes.

It looks like they should've waited a year before they used the name "The Wall," because the more recent edition seems to deserve it a lot more.


That's because, as Business Insider reported, The Wall's newest incarnation clocks in at a whopping 219 inches in width.

Anyone holding an eight-player Smash Bros. party should have no trouble telling who is fighting whom with one of these.

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Normally, something like this would seem like a nightmare to try and transport anywhere.

But not only would that be surprisingly easy in this case, but a room big enough to make watching a 219-inch TV feasible wouldn't need a matching giant doorway.

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That's because the TV was developed using MicroLED technology.

Giphy | Reuben Armstrong

According to Business Insider, this means that the TV isn't made of one big screen so much as a series of small panels that can be connected to form the monster unit.

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This means that The Wall is about as flexible and adaptable a TV as you can get.


As Fortune reported, the modular setup allows users to adjust it into whatever shape they desire.

Once they do, the modules are supposed to automatically adapt to any changes made.

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Also, turning it off doesn't just mean you end up looking at a black screen.


The screen can be set to display a custom picture while it's in the "off" position, so if users want to make it look like a piece of art like the one shown above, they can.

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Or if they want to surprise people every time they turn it on, they can set your "off" position preferences a little differently.

Instagram | @samsungtv

As Business Insider reported, it's possible to make the screen blend into the background by displaying textured material. It'll be like it's wearing camouflage.

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All of these technological features make Samsung pretty confident about calling this the screen of the future.

YouTube | Samsung

Trying to predict the future is always a risky move, but it's hard to imagine a more futuristic way to experience something like this without inventing the holodeck or something.

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And that's especially important considering that we don't even know how much these TVs cost right now.

Reddit | JustyUekiTylor

So we should probably take that "consumer-friendly" talk as a hint that a 219-inch modular TV probably isn't most people's idea of "cheap."

It seems like a good guess.

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Of course, a big question that folks usually have about a TV concerns the picture quality.

And as fun as describing that sort of thing with a bunch of numbers and buzzwords is, it's probably better just to let you see it for yourself.

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