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16 Terrifying Things People Stumbled Upon Deep In The Woods

People love going on little walks in the woods. It's a nice way to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of the world while getting some fresh air and taking in nature.

People tend to forget, though, that some weird crap goes down in the woods, and if you happen to stumble upon it, you're pretty much on your own.

Check out these slightly horrifying things people have stumbled upon deep in the woods.

OK. "I knew they lived in the woods... but still... Me and the dog did a double take," wrote Applepica.

Reddit | Applepica

I would do more than a double take, I would run. Who dresses up and plays Smurfs just for themselves?

Imagine stumbling upon this intricately woven branch tunnel. Do you go through it? Do you avoid it because it looks like a trap?

Reddit | Horrorshow13

I say avoid. How does one person make that?

This story is horrifying.

Reddit | TongueCave

"Went for a hike in the mountains of NC and saw this...stuff...growing all along the side of a trail. Poked it with a stick and it spurted white stuff at me," said a Reddit user that uploaded this photo.

I know reception is usually pretty bad out in the woods, but WTF is happening here??

Imgur | DavidGreenComic

This seems like convincing evidence that phone booths are time machines — the owner could easily be nearby.

Just when you think you're going on a peaceful, innocent hike, you find this.

Reddit | moon_jock

"An epic, secluded Malibu hike ended in what looks like a walled-off, high-security Scientology compound," wrote moon_jock.

I know some people make the woods their home, but who in their right mind would take the time to hang up this beautiful chandelier from a tree?

Reddit | rosevann

Again, seems like a messed up trap.

This radiant blue fungus Gman902 found consuming a branch in the forest.

Reddit | Gman902

First of all, I had no idea fungus came in blue. It's almost as if the fungus knows I love blue and it's luring me in.

"This tree I found hiking looks like a forest monster watching over you," wrote another Reddit user.


This is the kinda thing that will prevent me from going on a walk ever again.

After seeing this, I probably would run.

Reddit | Cake3384

"I moved from the suburbs into the country. I decided to roam the woods in my backyard when I come across this," wrote Cake3384.

OK, how did that mannequin-like thing even get that high up in a tree?!

Reddit | thehayden512

How can you really be scared of a green Slenderman dabbing, though? I'd just dab back and continue my hike.

Why on Earth would anyone attempt to pass through this?!

Reddit | TheTryHarder

I'm guessing this is some form of spider or caterpillar nest, but it's kind of hard to tell. I'd rather run away and forget I ever saw it.

"Found something that looked like a coffin in the woods today," wrote Tafsern. Uh, ya you did.

Reddit | Tafsern

The fact that it's empty raises way more questions than answers. I'd say a 911 call is in order.

Does this horrifying little bug someone found on a hike not look like it's wearing Bowie makeup?

Reddit | C0R3YM4N

But honestly, this triangle around the eye (or whatever that is) makes this thing that much more terrifying.

So you're strolling through the woods and you see beads hanging from a tree. OK, whatever not a big deal. Until you see that there's a tiny door going into the damn tree!

Reddit | LaneO79

I'd knock.

Horrorshow13 wrote, "My girlfriend's mother found this in a field while she was out for a walk in the Czech Republic. Scarecrow perhaps? This thing gave me shivers..."


You're not the only one. Hopefully this was on 16x zoom so she didn't get too close.

Now we have this face that looks a lot like the mask from Scream in the side of a tree.

Imgur | RobinPeterson

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This tree that's growing above a door to nothingness.

Reddit | brewless

"A tree growing above a door that no longer exists, I did notice it grew off another tree it seems, but still no door or roof in the gap," wrote reddit user brewless.

Relics from a happy baby.

Reddit | bquirky247

This toy head was found out in the forest by reddit user bquirky247. To be fair, it's only creepy as hell because of the moldy, muddy aspect of it all.

Just a huge bone, in the middle of the woods. The usual.

Reddit | interlukin

Apparently, it belongs to a cow or deer, but WHO CAN REALLY BE SURE?!

An eerie abandoned house in the woods... or IS it?!

Reddit | zz870

This abandoned house was photographed by reddit user zz870 and a friend, and it looks creepy on its own. But when you zoom in on the doorway… Nope! Bye!

This mask, just taking a little swim.

Reddit | sanka

The only way to find out if you'll get possessed wearing this thing is to put it on. You can go first.

A warning carved into a wood sign.

Reddit | Milani16

Reddit user Milani16 stumbled across this ominous sign near a river. There's so much I don't like about this, but the worst part is that it's numbered. Where's the #2 sign?!

Last but not least, whatever... this is.

Reddit | Mizzer902

You know what, I think that's enough wandering in the woods for one day. This is probably just a scarecrow, but it's also a scarehuman, 'cause I am out of here.