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17+ Photos That Show What Happens When Nature Goes Crazy

Even before our presence as a species started to affect how the natural world functions, it was always full of surprises.

Sometimes, those surprises are beautiful, like when California's seven-year drought ended with a glorious desert super bloom, and sometimes they come in the form of massive and intimidating natural disasters.

However, today we're going to talk about the ones that are simply strange. Some are creepy and some are oddly cute, but they're all unusual.

1. The shiny tiger beetle definitely seems to deserve its name.

Reddit | poopstry

Although bugs aren't everybody's favorite thing to look at, it shouldn't be too difficult to make an exception for such dazzling colors.

We might feel differently during an infestation, though.

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2. This looks like a grisly sight, but this natural process doesn't bother the deer as much as it might seem.

Reddit | AnonomousWolf

What we're looking at is a white tail deer shedding its antler velvet, which is reputed to feel itchy for the creature, but that's about it.

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3. I'm sorry to say that this deer, however, had a much worse time before this was taken.

Reddit | AKFishGuy

That appears to be its spine hanging from this tree. This was possibly done by hunters, but the way its skin is hanging suggests other animals had a part in this sight as well.

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4. This wasn't the result of Photoshop. Two-headed snakes are rare, but they have occurred.

Reddit | fromthere

Unfortunately, part of the reason why they're so rare is that having two heads comes with a lot of vulnerabilities for animals.

According to Live Science, not only do two-headed animals often struggle to agree on basic decisions, but two-headed reptiles are actually known to fight each other.

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5. This plant is appropriately called the devil's fingers and it smells about as appealing as it looks.

Reddit | ChrisLDRfan

Even though both its creepy aesthetic and its smell repels humans, they're considered pretty welcoming for insects.

So "it smells as good as it looks" is a matter of perspective.

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6. This bird kind of looks like a blind owl, but it's actually neither of those things.

Reddit | The-Grand-Wazoo

This is actually a harpy eagle and according to the San Diego Zoo, it's known to have excellent vision. You'll probably see it before you hear it, though. It doesn't say much.

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7. Believe it or not, there's a leopard in this picture.

Reddit | IReload95

It jumps out as clear as day once you know where it is, but it's very easy to mistake for a mass of rock when you don't. Of course, that's likely the effect it's going for.

If you can't see it, it's right below that point where the snow seems to slope downward. Peek-a-boo!

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8. Based on what this beluga did after this photo, it's as aware of its impressive abs as we are.

Reddit | Caesar95

As The Daily Mail reported, it was displaying its physique for a female companion before the pair cuddled up together.

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9. Even when you know what we're actually looking at here, it's still pretty hard to tell what happened.

Reddit | Draco546

A python was in the middle of trying to eat an alligator, but ended up split in half before it could finish its meal.

As National Geographic reported, theories on how this happened range from the python literally bursting from overeating to an attack from another alligator, but neither seem all that conclusive.

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10. In this case, however, it's a little clearer as to what's going on.

Reddit | NIckspin

A snake is trying to eat a very large centipede, but it's unlikely that the creepy crawler is making its job all that easy.

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11. The markings on this big spider are probably there to warn others away from it, but it looks like it's flashing a big smile.

Reddit | shame-puppy

Whether that big smile seems friendly or sinister probably depends on how much you like spiders.

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12. That kangaroo's eyes are likely just red because of the camera, but they seem to accentuate what a bad idea it would be to let it in.

Reddit | lobofett12

After all, a wild animal with feet that can definitely beat us in a fight doesn't usually make such a great house guest.

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13. This tsetse fly doesn't look very pleasant to encounter and in this case, looks are not deceiving.

Reddit | allthekos

According to the Centers For Disease Control, its bites are known to cause a parasitic disease called African sleeping sickness.

At first, it shows up as fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, and high fevers. However, it can be fatal if left untreated.

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14. This bioluminescent firefly squid is certainly beautiful, but that's not the only reason it has a lot of fans in Japan.

Reddit | ChristinaJeffers

As the BBC reported these squid are fished as a delicacy and can be enjoyed raw, grilled, stewed, or as squid tempura.

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15. This is just an ordinary tree, but it seems a little grumpy today.

Reddit | p1x3lm1k3

I'm not saying that nature is telling us exactly how it feels about the way we treat it, but it's one hell of a coincidence that it happened to form this gesture so perfectly.

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16. Somebody was lucky enough to catch a leopard moth hanging around their porch.

Reddit | WaaaaterSucks

Although moths aren't usually the prettiest creatures in the animal kingdom, there's something really satisfying about how this one looks.

It's got a flair for color coordination, what can I say?

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17. This dragonfly isn't in the middle of eating anything, but it's probably going to be hungry once it's done here.

Reddit | didntwannahaveto

That's because it just shed its larval skin and it's ready to take flight and explore the world. Yup, it's a big kid now.

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18. This starfish looks a little unusual, but that's only because it's missing a tentacle.

Reddit | Militia-Man

As for what that is in between its arms, that depends on who you ask. For our purposes, that's a crab claw. For the starfish's purposes, that's dinner.

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19. These birds just made their nest in another animal.

Reddit | agitated_ajax

We aren't sure how this dead Pike fish got stuck in a tree, but now he's serving as a perfect nesting spot.

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20. This hairless chimp who is ultra ripped.

Reddit | NulloK

It amazes me how similar the muscular structure of a chimp is to a human.

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21. I'm not sure if you've noticed it yet, but this critter has a skull on it!

Reddit | TheBishopPiece

That looks pretty intentional to me, how does it look exactly like a skull??

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22. An Emerald Tree boa with its fangs exposed.

Reddit | Ultimategrid
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23. Wow, the position of these two says it all.

Reddit | IneptNoodle

Never, ever mess with the cub.

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24. This crap that is using a doll's head as a shell. Are you serious??

Reddit | sakundes

I'm thinking this hermit crab just leveled up against its opponents given that most of them are likely scared of humans.

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25. You might wonder what's so natural about this and that probably won't change once you find out what's going on here.

Reddit | Pippadance

Unfortunately, these are the bladder stones that one very unlucky German shepherd has had to deal with. Hopefully, the prescription diet she's on now can prevent this from happening again.

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26. This catfish has managed to completely swallow an armadillo.

Reddit | poopstry

It must be weird ingesting something that is already about the same size as you.

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27. Those little blue dots are the scallop's eyes.

Reddit | CJon0428

Beautiful yet utterly terrifying at the same time.

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28. Some farmers and ranchers might recognize what's going on here, but many people will definitely wonder what they're looking at.

Reddit | Yare_Daze

To answer that, we've got a pretty close look at a horse being born. These fleshy parts seem strange, but they're there to cover the hooves so they don't hurt the mother as much on the way out.

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29. This insanely metal looking Kudu.

Reddit | LaLongueCarabine

The face also seems strangely human which is messing with me a bit actually.

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